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Twin Daughters for Dogs

Dee Dixon lay nakedly on her bed, feeling horny for a fat dog- cock.

"Hulk! Come here, boy! Dee needs your prick!" she called, running her fingers up and down her juicing pussy-slit.

Seconds later, the big black Doberman Pinscher bounded into the bedroom which Dee shared with her twin sister, Kim. The animal barked excitedly as he saw his mistress sprawled on her bed without one stitch of clothing on. This was a dog who had been specially trained by the twin girls to perform various sexual acts with them. Hulk knew exactly what was expected of him how.

"Come on, Hulk! Get up here!" Dee cried impatiently.

The Doberman jumped up onto the bed and quickly moved into the position which had become so familiar to him. He put his hindlegs on either side of the teenager's body and then placed his dark front paws onto the headboard.

"Mmm, Hulk, I'm so hot today!" Dee groaned as she reached up and stroked the black fur that sheathed the animal's cock.

Dee thought about all the human lovers she and her twin sister had had. They both agreed that, even though they did like to be fucked by a human cock now and then, most of the boys just cared about their own pleasure. They just wanted to fuck hard and fast until they came, not caring whether their partner came or not.

But Hulk and the twin girls all really loved each other. And there was something about that special bond they enjoyed which made the Doberman the most patient and thoughtful of lovers.

Best of all, each bestial fuck session just seemed to strengthen the loving bond between Hulk and the twins. Also, each session made them all even more aware of what pleased them sexually. That made each of their fucks that much more thrilling.

Dee licked her lips hungrily as she stroked her dog's prick. She saw the hard, red meat slide out of the furry sheath and the exciting sight made her lick her lips even more. Neither she nor her sister, Kim, knew any males who knew their sexual appetites as well as Hulk did.

"Ohh, Hulk," Dee sighed as she eagerly lifted her face toward his long, pink cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked the long, thick cock.

"Mmmm, good," she murmured, smacking her lips. As always, Hulk's prick tasted sweet yet tangy to the girl. She had always loved the taste of dog-cock, especially Hulk's.

She moaned hornily as she worked her wet tongue all around his cock. Then, with a deep sigh of contentment and anticipation, she took the fat dog-prick into her mouth and started to suck on it.

Hulk whined and stood very still, obviously enjoying the way his randy mistress was sucking his cock.

The young teenager whined as she sucked on the fat cock throbbing between her lips. Dee felt totally wanton whenever she made it with her dog. She felt like a hot bitch in heat.

She sucked Hulk's cock harder. She loved to feel his prick in her mouth. There were even times when she awoke in the middle of the night, at first feeling disoriented and not knowing why she awakened, but knowing only that she needed something very badly. And then she always eventually realized that what she needed was to feel Hulk's prick deep inside her mouth. She needed to taste its tangy sweetness. She needed to feel the dog-cock hardening and swelling between her lips, pulsing against her inner cheeks. And, at those times, she would awaken Hulk, who always slept at the foot of either her bed or Kim's and she would suck him off.

Those late-night, dog-cock-sucking sessions almost always turned into full-scale fucks between Dee and Hulk. And, most of the time, Kim awoke, too, and joined in. both of the girls would fuck with Hulk and then the twin sisters would eat each other's pussy.

Hulk was not the only dog whose sexual favors the twins enjoyed. The Dixons owned a dog kennel, which was situated well behind the large family house, and many were the times after school when Dee and Kim got it on with the dogs.

When Dee had sucked Hulk's cock to absolute hardness and stiffness, she slid her moist lips off.

"Hulk, get ready," she said.

Hulk whimpered with anticipation as he moved away from the young girl, stepping carefully over her naked body. Then he stood there on the bed, his large bulk quivering with lust as he watched Dee raising herself up and turning so she was on her hands and knees.

"Fuck me, Hulk!" she cried.

The black Doberman eagerly took his position behind the horny teenager. He carefully moved up her back as she spread her sexy thighs as wide as possible. Now, her wet, hot pussy was completely open to him.

With an excited bark, Hulk curled his front paws around Dee's body in a tender but firm way. Then, panting with doggy delight, he jabbed his cock deep into her cunt, just as he had done so many times in the past.

The long, thick dog-cock deep in Dee's pussy sent tremors of bestial lust through her. She trembled all over with pleasure as her beloved Doberman held her close and fucked his cock into her again and again.

"Ohhh, yessss," she whimpered to her big, strong, dog lover. "Fuck me, Hulk! You always fuck me sooo good! I love it when you fuck your big hard cock into my pussy, Hulk!"

She felt his doggy drool on her back. It felt hot and yet soothing.

God! Dee thought excitedly. Kim and I really taught this dog how to fuck! Hulk is one terrific lover! She groaned and twisted under the animal's savage fucking.

Hulk whimpered with lust and fucked on, drooling and giving his mistress just what she needed.

"Ooh, yeah, keep fucking me, Hulk! Make me come! Then I want you to fill my little pussy all up with your doggy-cum!" Dee cried, thrusting her ass back to capture every single inch of the Dobie's prick inside her. His fat cock stretched her cuntwalls, and she gasped with pleasure as his heavy doggy balls slapped wetly against her crack.

"Ohhh, fucking yes, Hulk!" Dee groaned. "This is just what I love! It's what I fucking love!"

The animal kept his front paws curled around his mistress's body. She whimpered when she felt his claws digging gently into the mounds of her budding tits.

Hulked fucked Dee fast and deep. His balls slapped her each time he fucked into her. The youngster felt a fire in her loins that was burning hotter with each second.

She humped back at him, rubbing her back against his furry chest, and helping him to fuck the full length of his prick into her pussy. She tightened her cuntmuscles against the sides of the thick dog-cock, making the dogie bark with bestial pleasure.

Now, the dog began to plunge his prick a little faster and harder into Dee's quivering pussy. She could feel his pre-cum leaking inside her and mingling lewdly with her cunt juices.

"Fuck me harder now, Hulk!" she moaned. "I want to be fucked harder!"

The animal whimpered excitedly and savagely fucked his cock into the girl just as hard as he could. He was fucking her so hard and fast now that his cock was but a stiffened blur. Dee's strong cuntwalls tightly clasped the hard dog-cock, and she moaned with pleasure as she felt her little pussy completely filling up with cockmeat on each inward plunge.

Each time Hulk fucked into Dee's pussy, his cock made a wet, squishing sound, sloshing through the mixture of his pre-cum and her cuntjuices. That sound merged with the loud slapping noises his balls made as they smacked against her.

Dee felt wilder by the Second. She could no longer control her body. She lifted her ass up high and shoved back time and again, fucking back at the rutting Doberman.

"Oooh, Hulk, I want it to last!" she groaned. "But it's making me crazy! I want to come! I want you to come! Ohhh, shiiit, it feels sooooo good! It feels soooo fucking good!"

Ripples of animalistic pleasure shuddered through her loins. Her pussyjulces flowed from her tight, dog-cock-stuffed cunthole, drenching Hulk's rutting prick.

The Doberman fucked the teenager still harder. His prick swelled and thickened inside her, pushing a little painfully against the tensed walls of her pussy.

Hulk's throbbing cock sent shivers all through Dee's body. She felt his furry underbelly pressing down against her back and she moaned, enjoying the sensation. It thrilled her to be crouched beneath such a strong, powerful dog, especially when his prick was fucking in and Out of her pussy.

"Come on, Hulk, fuck me harder! God, I love it when you fuck me like this!" she whimpered.

She groaned with bestial ecstasy and continued to move her ass back toward him, wishing at the moment that she really were a dog, a bitch in heat, the way she felt she was.

Hulk expertly pulled his prick out of the girl's pussy until only his pointed cockhead was in the grip of her sucking pussylips. Then, with a loud bark, the strong Dobie fucked his cock all the way back into her.

Dee trembled and moaned when she felt the fat dog-cock going deep into her cunt, filling her all up and smacking against the back wall of her pussy.

She was gasping for breath when the dog pulled almost his entire prick out of her again, then slammed back into her. His cum- laden balls smacked against her with each stroke.

Again, Dee felt the dog's claws scratching at her tits. Dee shifted her position slightly. She reached up with one hand and pushed one of her tits into the dog's paw in such a way that his claws came into direct contact with her nipple.

"Ohhh, yesss, Hulk, scratch my nip!" Dee cried excitedly as she felt her nipple stiffening and pulsing beneath the Doberman's clutching paw.

Hulk obediently clawed at his mistress' nipple with his sharp nails. The dog had been trained not to claw too hard at the girl's sensitive nipples and now he scratched Dee's nip just enough to make her tingle all over.

"Ooh, good boy, Hulk! Now do my other nip!" Dee cried as she used one hand to shove her other tit beneath Hulk's other embracing paw.

"Yessss," she hissed between clenched teeth as she felt his sharp claws digging gently into her tit-flesh, raking tenderly yet excitedly across the surface of her swollen nipple.

Hulk pounded his dog-prick into Dee's tight pussy a little harder, whimpering loudly and drooling all over her back. He stuck his long doggy tongue out and ran the wet thing all over Dee's shoulders.

"Ahhh, that's neat!" Dee said with a little giggle. She turned her face toward one shoulder and was pleased to feel Hulk's hot rough tongue washing over that part of her face, making her shudder with ecstasy.

The dog-fucking teenager shivered violently and gasped each time she felt her dog's fat prick sliding into her aching cunt. Her pussy-juices were running hotly down the backs of her thighs and she was humping her ass back lewdly.

Again and again, Hulk fucked his fat cock into his mistress' demanding pussy, jamming deep and making her groan with bestial pleasure.

She lifted her ass up high and slammed back at the Doberman.

"Give it tome, Hulk!" she cried, her tits jiggling and pulsing beneath the animal's clutching, squeezing paws. "Yesss, just like that, Hulk! Awwww, shiit, I'm gonna come soon, Hulk! Get ready! I love the way this feels, you gorgeous Dobie!"

The black Doberman fucked his mistress' cunt frantically ~ow as she rammed her asscheeks back toward him. More and more doggy pre-cum leaked into Dee's pussy with each inward thrust.

"Awwww, Hulk, it's gonna happen! Shit, this feels soooo fuuuuucking good!" Dee cried.

Intense ripples of orgasmic pleasure exploded deep in Dee's pussy Her girl-cum exploded out of her fuckhole and flooded the dog's cock. He fucked her even harder when she came. His prick expanded against the shuddering walls of her cunt.

"Commmiiinnnngg!" Dee shrieked as the peak of her climax pounded through her, releasing more and more juice which seeped from her pussy and ran down her thighs, pooling onto her bed below.

The Doberman barked excitedly when he felt his mistress' cunt orgasming so violently against his prick. He gripped her tighter with his paws as he rammed his cock into her as brutally as possible. The first spurts of his thick doggy cum began to spray into her cunt.

"Unnhhh, aaaarghhhh, yesssss, I can feel you coming inside me! Keep coming, Hulk! Gimme all your cum! I love the way it feels! Ohhhh, you're shooting so much cum inside me, Hulk! More! More! I want it all!"

The Doberman kept fucking his cock in and out of Dee's pussy even after the last of her orgasmic spasms shook her body. She tightened her cuntwalls, embracing her dog's prick.

Hulk fucked into her one last time. He sloshed his cock around inside her. Then he pulled out of her, leaving a lewd trail of pre cum along her thighs.

Suddenly, Kim Dixon dashed into the bedroom and she grinned down at her twin sister.

"Jesus, all that noise you were making! Good thing Mom and Dad aren't home!" Kim said, her eyes widening hungrily as her gaze swept over her sister's body.

"Wanna join us? The way you're looking at me, you must be pretty horny!" Dee said with a laugh.

"Yeah, I'll say!" Kim responded as she reached out and fondled her twin's tits. "But Hulk's cock has gone soft. So he's no good to us right now. Mom and Dad won't be home for a long time yet. Let's go on out to the kennel and see if we can find a dog with a hard- on!"

"All right!" Dee cried, springing up from the bed and pausing only long enough to scoop up her clothes before following her sister out of the house and to the dog kennels in the back. Dee somehow managed to throw on her shorts and halter top as she moved quickly behind her sister.

Back in the twin's bedroom, Hulk yawned noisily and curled up on the bed, glad for the chance to take a long nap. Fortunately, the Doberman was not the jealous type.

The animal was not getting any younger, and, lately, the long fuck sessions he enjoyed with the girls tired him more than ever before. He yawned again and rested his furry head on his paws, glad the twins had the kennel dogs to help relieve their relentless lust.

Chapter 2

The Dixon's dog kennels had a good-sized room in the front which was partitioned off from the actual kennels in the back where the dogs stayed. In this front area, there were a counter, a couple of wooden benches, the cash register, several plaques, photos and awards.

At that moment, the floor in this room was strewn with the teenagers' discarded clothes. Kim was on one of the benches, which was wide enough to support her as she lay there on her back.

Sitting directly on Kim's flushed face was her twin sister, Dee. Kim's nose was pressing be tween her sister's asscheeks. She could feel her sister's body heat and there were little trickles of pussyjuice which had run in between Dee's asscheeks and which were now flooding Kim's nose.

Kim struggled to breathe, but she didn't mind the slight discomfort. Lying on her back with her twin sister sitting on her face was one of her favorite positions.

Now, Dee squirmed about, pressing her cunt on her twin's nose and moistly puckered lips. She grunted as she pressed her naked cunt hard against Kim's waiting mouth. Dee's cuntlips spread lewdly to the sides as Kim pressed little wet kisses against the pulsing cuntflesh.

"Mmmm, yessss, Sis," Dee moaned happily, writhing slightly on her sister's face.

Kim ran her tongue all over the exposed cunt meat, soaking it with her saliva which mingled with Dee's thick juices.

"Wow! That's great!" Dee cried. Her nipples were stiff, and they throbbed with desire as she felt her twin sister's lips and tongue moving over her naked cuntmeat.

Dee raised her hands and gripped her own tits, digging her sharp fingernails into her trembling tits. She moaned again, enjoying the way her nips pulsed obscenely against her fingers.

Kim broke out in a sexual sweat as she tongued and kissed her sister's tasty little cunt. Her back and ass were sticky with the wetness of her sweat. The hot liquid oiled her flesh, making her clenched asscheeks slippery and slick. The young girl was extremely aroused and she panted with pleasure, her labored breaths making Dee's pussyflesh quiver all the more.

But it was not only the incestuous thrill of licking her twin's pussy which was making Kim so hot and horny. It was Dancer who was making the young Kim feel half-mad with lust and ecstasy. It was Dancer, the Irish Setter who had been let out of his kennel cage by the twins only moments earlier. It was Dancer, the glossy, long-haired dog with the long, floppy ears and the long snout who was crouched at the end of the bench opposite where Dee squatted over Kim's face. It was Dancer the dog who had his head resting on the bench between Kim's spread thighs, his snout nosing into her cunt.

His cold wet nose, pressed against the girl's heated cuntlips, was more than enough to drive her wild with animalistic lust. Kim had been turned on ever since she had heard her sister's cries of pleasure coming from their bedroom. And now, with Dee's pussy pressed against her mouth, and Dancer's doggy nose wriggling all over her pussy, Kim was half out of her mind.

Dancer's doggy tongue unfurled, flopping down on Kim's naked cunt. The young girl shuddered with excitement as she felt the rough surface of the Irish Setter's tongue playing over her trembling cuntmeat. Her fuck juice flowed thickly, and she rocked back and forth, humping her cunt up against the dog's licking tongue.

Dancer's tongue seemed to be licking in time with Kim's tongue, which was still swishing all over Dee's raw cuntmeat.

"Ohhhh, good, good," Dee sighed, clawing at her own tits again as she felt her sister's tongue and lips moving all over her cunt, more and more urgently. Dee pressed her fingertips hard into her own titmounds, near the nipples, making the twin buds jut out stiffly. The nips were both swollen with lust and she could feel them pulsing violently against her digging fingertips. Now, Dee raked her sharp nails across the blood-engorged buds, and her entire body shuddered against Kim's sucking face.

Dancer whined as he lapped up Kim's tasty cuntjuices. Kim's cunt was wet with the lewd mixture of his doggy saliva and her own thick fuck juices. The Irish Setter now worked the full length of his long, pink tongue right up into Kim's tight cunthole.

"Unnnhhh," Kim groaned against Dee's juicy pussy. Kim worked her own tongue up into her twin sister's fuckhole, fucking in and out just the way Dancer was tongue-fucking her with his tongue.

Dancer whined with excitement. He continually fucked Kim's cunthole with his tongue. The animal shuddered with pleasure when he felt Kim's strong cuntmuscles squeezing his tongue. At the same time, Dee worked her own cuntmuscles against the sides of Kim's thrusting tongue.

Suddenly, Kim came.

As young Kim cried out loudly, Dee pressed her pussy even tighter against her sister's face. Dee knew just what she was doing, for the twins had practiced this little sexual trick before.

Kim continued to hump her pussy back at Dancer's tongue, letting him spear her cunthole again and again. Waves of bestial pleasure washed through Kim's loins, and she groaned again and again, the loud sounds seemingly reverberating off the walls of Dee's twitching cunt.

Pussyjuice flowed out of Kim's orgasming pussy and into Dancer's mouth. The Irish Setter whimpered as he swallowed it down, hoping for more. And there was more. A lot more.

Finally, Kim's cunt became too sensitive to let Dancer continue to lick her there. She roll ed back on her ass, bending her legs at the knees, lifting her legs and warding the aroused dog off with her feet.

Dancer whined and persisted in pushing his snout forward, ducking under Kim's feet, prod ding her juicy cunt with his cold nose.

"Dancer, stop!" Dee called, trying to help her sister. But the teenager's voice lacked any authority since she was breathless from having her own cunt licked and tongue-fucked.

Finally, the dog sidled away, his red hard-on throbbing beneath his furry belly. He sat down nearby and hungrily eyed the two girls, his long, pink tongue flopping out of his mouth.

Dee changed position slightly on top of her sister's face. Dee moaned as she pressed her naked ass against Kim's mouth.

Kim felt smothered in her sister's hot ass flesh. Kim pressed passionate little wet kisses on the trembling cheeks. Then Kim pressed the flat of her tongue against Dee's ass, licking it all over. Kim pushed, trying to work her nose and her face right into Kim's ass-crack.

"Wait, Sis! I've got a great idea," Dee cried suddenly, grinning She rose and turned, reversing her position. Now she was sitting with her ass pressed against Kim's face, Dee facing Kim's feet.

Dee reached behind, gripping her own asscheeks and hauling them apart, exposing her pink puckered asshole.

Kim's mouth watered as she breathed in the heady aroma of her sister's naked asshole. Kim stuck out her tongue.

"Yesssss, God, yessss!" Dee shrieked when her asshole was speared by Kim's tongue.

Kim thrust the full length of her wet tongue in and out of Dee's asshole. As Kim tongue fucked her twin's ass, Dee tightened her assmuscles around the invading tongue, moaning with pleasure all the while.

The inside of Dee's asshole felt hot, tight, and sticky to Kim's tongue, and Kim groaned at the lewd sensation. Kim knew that she had not had time to make her sister come before her own orgasm had taken possession of her. But now Kim knew that she would be able to give Dee a climax, for Dee always came hard when her little shit-chute was rimmed out.

For long moments, Kim worked her tongue like a tiny cock, thrusting in and out of Dee's clasping asshole. And, all the while, Dancer the dog sat nearby, panting with lust as he watched the incestuous action taking place on the bench.

Dee squirmed, shifting her weight from one side of her ass to the other to bring all parts into reach of Kim's mouth and tongue.

"Unnghhh, ohhh, it feels sooo fuckin' good, Kim!" Dee yelled, shuddering with lust and pleasure Dee stared at Dancer's cock, which seemed to be swelling, as the animal watched.

Kim felt happily smothered in ass-flesh. Her breaths whistled noisily through her mouth as she sucked in gasps of air. She plunged the full length of her tongue harder and deeper, licking at her sister's bowels.

"Commmiiinnngg! Ohhh, God, yesss, Sis, you're making me come hard!" Dee suddenly cried. Her ass and cunt both exploded in a gigantic orgasm which took her breath away. Cuntjuice flowed from her spasming cunt, trickling into the crack between her asscheeks and running into Kim's mouth.

Kim moaned happily as she drank down her sister's juices.

Still watching it all, the big Irish Setter whined excitedly. He got up, his ears back, his mouth lolling open, his long, pink tongue hanging out.

"Come here, Dancer," Dee breathily commanded. "Come on, boy, we need you now!"

The dog scurried across the floor to face Dee. Young Dee was still having her tight little asshole tongue-fucked by her twin sister, leaving her cunt empty. Dee's pussy felt hot, wet, and steamy, and she longed to have her cunt filled with dog-tongue.

Dancer sat on his hindlegs in front of Dee. Gasping and moaning softly, Dee reached out and scratched the animal between his ears. Then she urged his head between her legs. She groaned excitedly as she felt his wet nose prodding her tight cuntlips.

The girl's pussy-scent poured out of her cunt, wafting into the dog's flared nostrils. He whined with desire, nuzzling Dee's cunt hungrily. His fat dog-cock stiffened and grew.

"Come and get it!" Dee cried.

Dancer stuck his tongue out and slapped Dee's wet pussy.

"Ohhh, yesss," Dee moaned.

"Unnnggghhh," Kim moaned beneath her sister's ass. Kim guessed what was going on between Dancer and Dee, and that knowledge, coupled with the thrill of tongue-fucking her sister's juicy asshole, aroused Kim beyond belief. As she continued to shove her tongue in and out of Dee's bunghole, Kim knew that her own orgasm was not far away. She could hear the wet sounds Dancer's tongue was making as it licked Dee's pussy.

"Ohh, God, this is heaven!" Dee cried loudly. She humped her ass down harder against her sister's eating mouth. Then she humped for ward, shoving her cunt up against Dancer's tongue. More and more juice poured from her fuckhole, drenching Dancer's snout. Dee was getting it from both ends now - a tongue in her ass and a tongue in her cunt - and she thrilled to the dual sensation.

Dancer whimpered. He discovered that the harder and faster he licked Dee's cunt, the more juice poured into his mouth. And he did love the taste of the teenager's cuntsauce. He drank it all down hard and fast, licking her pussy frenzedly now.

Dee screamed with excitement. She felt as if she were melting with animalistic pleasure. She clawed and pawed at her heaving tits as she felt her sister stroking in and out of her asshole with her slick tongue. And she gurgled and sobbed with pleasure as she felt Dancer's tongue shoving into her cunthole, fucking in and out.

Dancer crammed the full length of his doggy tongue up Dee's aching cunthole, licking at the back wall of her pussy. And Dee came.

"Oooh! Both of you! You're making me come!" Dee screeched. She felt her sister's tongue against her asswalls, and felt the dog's tongue deep in her pussyhole. Streams of her twin's pussyjuice flowed into Kim's mouth as the sticky sauce dribbled between the cheeks of Dee's ass. The taste of her sister's thick girl-cum and the feel of the other girl bouncing up an down on her face orgasmically were all it took to trigger Kim's own climax.

"Unnghhh, urrrmmm," Kim groaned beneath Dee's quivering ass- cheeks as her own orgasm pounded through her loins.

When her orgasm ended, Dee slid off of her sister's face and sat down on the other end of the bench, panting hard. Dee grinned gratefully at Kim, who returned her grin.

"Watch this, Sis," Kim chirped brightly as she knelt on the floor, over the bench at the opposite end.

Kim had her arms on one side of the bench, and her legs on the other side. In short, she was kneeling across the bench with her ass and cunt turned up invitingiy.

She spread her knees wide, opening her thighs, exposing her creamy cunt to the Irish Setter, who was sitting nearby, his cock hard and hot. The dog was feverish for a good fuck, and Kim planned to give it to him.

"Mmm," Kim moaned softly. She felt her tits nudging against the side of the bench. The way she was kneeling made her stiff nipples jut way out.

Her arms went down on the other side of the bench, her palms pressing against the hard floor.

Resting on the other end of the bench, Dee was helping to hold the bench steady, keeping it balanced and preventing it from tipping over.

Whining and whimpering, Dancer moved forward.

"Hurry, Dancer, get up here and fuck me," Kim urged, licking her lips excitedly. She eyed the massive hard-on the animal was sporting. She ached to feel every last inch of that meaty cock inside her pussy.

Dancer yipped with canine arousal and raised his snout, nuzzling the girl's naked ass. He sniffed and began to breathe faster and harsher.

Kim giggled, then gasped. She felt the Irish Setter's tongue washing over her asscheeks, the backs of her thighs, her wet cunt.

Dancer nimbly leaped up on his hind legs, placing his upper body across Kim's back, pushing her down against the bench.

"Oof!" Kim groaned.

The dog's heavy weight pressed the girl down, knocking the wind out of her. But the feel of his furry underbelly against her naked flesh aroused her, too. She welcomed the thrilling feel of him on top of her.

The dog's fat cock thrust forward, humping against Kim's asscheeks.

"Not there!" Kim cried, and she heard Dee giggle. She could tell by the sound of her twin's laugh that Dee was growing hornier as she watched the obscene goings-on.

Kim tilted her ass more. She groaned as she felt Dancer's dog- cock sliding down her asscheeks, then pressing against her cunt.

Dancer humped into her, squashing her cuntlips.

"Ooh!" Kim groaned, feeling her pussy growing wetter.

Kim reached behind, took hold of the animal's prick, and pushed its cockhead into the proper position. She quickly pulled her hand out of the way when Dancer thrust into her.

"Yesss!" she gasped, her cuntlips spreading open.

The fat dog-cock was working into the girl's cunt an inch at a time. Kim's pussy was too tight for him to penetrate it all at once.

Kim groaned and gurgled as she felt more and more of the dog- cock working its way deep into her cunt.

"Way to go, Dancer! Yeah, fuck her! Fuck her hot little pussy good and hard," Dee said from the other end of the bench. Dee's own little cunt was oozing out more and more fuck juice, and she moaned right along with her twin sister, vicariously aroused.

Kim's cunt was slick with fuck juices, as well as doggy saliva, but still Dancer had his work cut out for him to shove the full length of his cock into her. It took six or seven humping thrusts for Dancer to stretch her pussywalls enough and to work his cock into her all the way. And each of his thrusts brought forth another excited squeal from the young dog fucking girl.

Kim's moans changed into deep sighs when the dog began to really fuck her.

"Ohh, yesss, Dancer, fuck meeee good," Kim cried lewdly. She took the full length of his prick into her. She felt his fat cockhead striking the back wall of her pussy.

While the dog fucked the teenager, his snout hung open. Fat steamy drops of doggy saliva fell on Dee's back, making her shiver with delight.

"God, it's good, it's sooo goddamned good!" Dee cried, tears of pleasure streaming from her eyes as the fat dog-cock fucked in and out of her. She clenched her cuntmuscles against the thick prick, never wanting to let the cock slide out of her pussy again. But she loosened her muscle-hold on the dog-cock, letting Dancer pull almost all the way out. Then he fucked back into her, harder than ever.

"It sure looks good, that's for sure," Dee responded. She moved one hand between her legs and began to play with her turned- on pussy while she watched her twin sister being fucked by the Irish Setter.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the dog came. He tossed his furry head back and howled piercingly. The sound raised the hairs on the back of Kim's neck and made her pussy convulse around his cock. The dog's howl faded away and became a series of whimpers as he unloaded his balls into Kim's shuddering pussy.

"Oh, God, Sis! He's coming inside me now, I can feel it! Good God ... so much cum, and it's so hot . . . so creamy . . . it's filling me all up . . . it's making. me come!"

Kim's thick girl-cum mingled obscenely with Dancer's doggy- cum. The lewd mixture back ed up in the teenager's pussy, running thickly down the backs of her thighs and splashing onto the floor below.

"Ooh, good!" Dee cried from her end of the bench. Astonishingly she was coming with Kim and Dancer. Cuntjuice ran from between her bloated cuntlips, soaking her hand.

Dancer howled again and the piercing sound mingled with the orgasmic shrieks of the twin sisters as they came along with him. The cries filled the building and excited the other dogs.

A chorus of howling arose, the sounds coming from all the dogs penned up in the kennels. Kim turned her head to one side and returned Dee's excited grin.

Dancer flopped down on Kim's back, his eyes glazed, his breathless panting mixing with the whines and howls from the other side of the wall which separated the front room of the kennel from the cages themselves.

"All those dogs sound really horny, Sis," Kim said.

"Yeah, I know. Guess you and I should do something about that. Think we can handle 'em all?" Dee asked.

"Sure! Just so we take them on one at a time!" Kim responded and the twins giggled together.

So they fucked all dogs.

Chapter 3

The very next afternoon found the twins back in the anteroom of the kennel building. They had selected a beautiful beagle to fuck.

At this very moment, the aroused beagle, Leroy, was sitting on his haunches next to the teenaged girls. Saliva was dripping from his lolling tongue as he watched Dee and Kim writhing against each other on an old mattress they had discovered in a shed next to the kennel.

The beagle's hardening prick quivered and dripped with pre- cum, protruding several inches out of its furry cocksheath. He whimpered, hoping it would be his turn soon. He longed to taste the cuntjuice which he could smell from the girls' pussies.

His ears were pricked, thrilling to the sounds the two girls were making as they moaned and sighed in each other's arms. Dee, squirming beneath her twin sister, sucked on Kim's lips and tongue, tasting her sister's sweet saliva. Their tongues rubbed together.

"God, I'm getting so horny with that gorgeous dog watching us. Did you see the size of his cock?" Dee cried, sliding her hands up and down Kim's back.

"I'll say! It's a beaut! Knowing he's sitting right there watching us and waiting for his turn is a turn-on for sure! Let's rub our clits together!"

Kim grabbed the folded blanket they had found with the mattress. She folded it even more to make a sort of pillow. Then she shoved it under Dee's naked ass, raising the girl's hips so the twins could more easily plaster their juicy cunts together.

Dee pulled her bent legs up to her tits, forcing her cunt to open up more. She spread her legs as widely as she could in her knees-to-chest position. Then she reached forward between her legs and spread Kim's cuntlips apart with her thumbs. Kim had lain over her sister in a hands-and-knees push-up position, and now she thrust her crotch forward and down, neatly guiding her wet, wide- spread cuntlips against Dee's open pussy.

The two teenaged clits were hard, and they hardened still more as they rubbed against each other. The twins shivered, feeling a shared electric bolt of lust shoot through their naked bodies.

Kim pressed downward while Dee wriggled her ass and shoved her pussy upward. The twin's sizzling, drooling cunts rubbed obscenely against each other, their clits fucking at one another, their inflamed cuntmeat stroking together.

Dee wrapped her hands around her sister's asscheeks and hugged the other girl's loins to her own. She strained upward.

Both of the twins were panting harshly, their hearts pounding wildly, their eyes rolling back in their heads.

"Oooh, I'm coming already, Kim!" bee cried. Her ass jerked up and down as she came. Her raw, orgasming cunt rubbed harder against her sister's wide-spread pussy. Their juicy cuntmeat made lewd squishing sounds when their bloated cuntlips sucked at each other.

Leroy the beagle barked excitedly. His red cock flexed out of its sheath, and wriggled lewdly. He watched Dee's hot girl-cum dribbling from her spasming pussy and trickling down her pink asscrack. The dog shoved his snout into the air, his nostrils sniffing urgently.

"I'm commmiinnnggg tooooo!" Kim cried suddenly, humping down violently against her twin's twitching pussy. The two soaking pussies spasmed together, their clits hard and stiff and red.

Finally, their orgasms ended and they collapsed into each other's arms. They lay there for long moments, breathing hard, their faces flush ed. They kissed each other and stroked one another's bodies.

Dee groaned as she felt her sister's long, hard clit twitching between her own pussylips. Dee pushed her hands between their bodies and clutched her twin sister's tits, squeezing.

"Mmm, good," Kim moaned.

When Dee finally released Kim's tits, Kim slid down and sucked on Dee's left nipple, feeling the stiffened bud throb.

"Oh, God, that's great! But you'd better stop now or we'll get going again and we don't wanna leave poor old Leroy out of things." Dee giggled as she gently pushed her sister's head away from her tits.

"Yeah, you're right! Look at that beagle's hard-on," Kim said with a little giggle of her own. She turned her head slightly and eyed Leroy's huge, hard cock.

Dee turned her head, too, and her little cunt throbbed at the sight of the animal's red, glossy dog-prick. As Dee watched, Kim rolled off and crawled along the floor. Then Kim's head was under Leroy's belly, her nose just inches from his twitching cock.

"Jeeesus, what a turn-on!" Kim groaned when she looked up at the tempting dog-cock.

"Yeah, I'll say! Do it, Sis! Lick that dog's cock!" Dee cried excitedly.

Kim felt more cuntjuice dribbling out of her pulsing pussy. She licked her lips in anticipation of the dog-cum she was determined to have.

Leroy barked excitedly, his tongue hanging out of his slack mouth.

With a lewd groan of lust, Kim opened her mouth and sucked the beagle's stiff prick be tween her hungry lips.

Leroy let out a sharp yelp.

Dee began to finger-fuck her own pussy.

Kim tightened her lips around the pulsing dog-prick and sucked hard.

Leroy's furry flanks shivered with doggy delight as he felt the randy teenager sucking his hard-on.

"Yeah, Sis, Yeah, suck him off!" bee cried, busily fingerfucking her pussy and strumming her clit with her thumb. From where she lay, Dee could see the beagle's cock throbbing hard between her twin sister's lips.

Kim moaned with pleasure. She continued to suck on the dog's stiff prick. She bobbed her head up and down and took more of Leroy's cock into her mouth, sucking so hard that she hollowed her cheeks inward.

The increased suction around his cock made Leroy bark loudly. His entire doggy body shuddered with lust. He fixed his gaze on Dee's pussy.

Leroy humped downward, and Kim finally managed to suck the entire length of his twitching prick into her mouth. She bobbed her head violently, sucking the cock right down to the hairy base.

"Ummm," Kim groaned, thrilled to finally feel the whole dog- cock inside her mouth.

Dee's mouth hung open, her fingers buried up her own pussy. She rubbed the back of her cunt with her fingertips as she rubbed her clit with her stroking thumb. She loved the sight of her twin with her mouth completely stuffed with dog-cock. The lewd sight made her mouth water and her pussy drool.

"Shoot, Leroy, shoot your stuff! Kim needs it in her mouth! She needs to taste it!' Dee cried. She thrust another finger into her cunt. She was finger-fucking her aching little cunthole with three fingers now and her little pussy was growing wetter and hotter with each passing second.

Kim moaned, sounding like a dog herself as she continued to suck Leroy's hard cock. She could feel the meaty cock throbbing against her inner cheeks. She hollowed her cheeks in ward again, creating a powerful suction against the jerking dog-prick. She sucked harder and faster, twisting her head from side to side. She was giving Leroy's cock a twisting and sliding treat along with the steady sucking motions.

Leroy thrust his snout in the air and whined. At the same time, he lifted his furry ass off the floor and humped his loins with rapid motions at Kim's flushed face. His entire body shuddered and so did the teenager's as she felt her mouth suddenly filling to overflowing with the dog's cum.

"Ooohhhfff," Kim moaned as she struggled to swallow it all down. There was simply too much of the dog-spunk. Jizz burbled lewdly out of the corners of her mouth.

"God, that looks good!" Dee cried as she tore her fingers out of her cunt and scooted across the floor to where her sister was still swallowing dog-cum. Dee stuck her tongue out and licked up the spilled dog-jizz from her twin sister's mouth and chin.

Kim slid her mouth off the dog's cock.

"You little bitch," Kim said.

The animal sat there, looking expectantly from one twin to the other.

"Mmm, you've got great-tasting cum, Leroy," Dee said huskily. She smacked her lips together and reached out, patting the animal on his head.

"Hey, look, I don't think he's finished coming! I pulled my mouth away too soon!" Kim cried excitedly. She pointed to the dog's rock-hard cock.

"I think you're right!" Dee gasped. Strings of dog-cum still leaked from the dog's prick.

With a squeal of delight, Dee lowered her head and wrapped her lips around Leroy's cock. She sucked hard, determined to eat as much dog-cum as was left.

Leroy barked excitedly, and continued to shoot his load into Dee's sucking mouth and down her throat.

"All riiight!" Kim cried with a grin. She leaned closer. Kim liked the sight of dog-cum dribbling from the corners of her sister's mouth.

Kim stuck her tongue out and licked up the spilled jism from her twin's sucking face.

The dog's orgasming prick trembled between Dee's sucking lips, squirting more and more spunk. He panted harshly and humped downward, his furry flanks shuddering with doggy lust.

"Oh, wow, what a trip!" Kim groaned. She watched the dog-prick suddenly slide all the way out of her sister's mouth and spurt a stream of hot jism onto Dee's face.

At that moment, while her twin watched her, Dee came. She groaned loudly, bucking her loins back and forth and rolling about on the floor. She reached out for Leroy's prick again and licked all over. Then she burrowed her nose down under the animal's loins and sucked on his now-empty balls.

"Jeeesus, talk about horny!" Kim cried. The sight of her sister acting so depraved triggered Kim's own orgasm.

"Commmiiinnnm! Oh, God, yesss, I'm coming now too!" Kim announced loudly, rolling on the floor next to her still-orgasming sister. Leroy looked from one to the other, his eyes filled with expression. The dog had never seen humans acting this way.

Buckets of girl-cum ran from the twins' Pussies, dribbling down their quaking thighs. Their developing tits shook and jiggled lewdly on their chests. Kim and Dee turned toward each other and looked into each other's eyes as their orgasms peaked.

"God, but I love you," Dee murmured, her flushed face streaked with Leroy's sticky dog cum. Dee reached out and wrapped her arms around her twin sister, pulling Kim against her trembling body. Their lips came together in a passionate kiss, their tongues locking. They could taste Leroy's cum on each other's tongue. They sighed as their orgasms finally subsided.

"Mm, I love you too, Sis, you know that," Kim said softly, stroking her Sister's face with gentle fingertips.

"Yeah, I know. You and I are the same, Sis. We're both crazy about dogs and about each other," Dee said.

The two teenagers lay in each other's arms for a few more minutes, the smell of dog-cum heavy in the air about them. Kim suddenly rolled over on top of her twin, forcing her legs wide apart.

The ever-watchful dog sprang forward, taking the twin sisters by surprise. The beagle yelped several times as he sprang between the spread legs of the two girls and shoved his snout at their juicy crotches.

"Oooh, what a good doggy!" Kim cried.

"Yeah, good boy, Leroy! Eat our pussies!" Dee yelled, trembling.

The animal's long, pink tongue lapped along the swollen cuntlips of the twin pussies. He swallowed their girl-cum down, whining with pleasure. Then he rammed his tongue between first one pair of pussylips, then the other, lashing at their clits. He felt the teenagers' clits pusling violently against his lapping tongue, and his own body shook with excitement.

Both Dee and Kim gasped at the thrilling sensation of the hot, wet dog-tongue licking furiously at their exposed cunts. They felt their clits hardening with renewed lust. And they felt their cuntflesh swelling and pulsing with desire.

At the same time, as if on cue, Dee and Kim spread their legs even wider, allowing Leroy's tongue to wash fully up and down their ass-cracks.

"Ooh, good!" Kim groaned. She felt the beagle's tongue thrusting into her asshole. The dog fucked Kim's asshole for a few seconds.

"Yeoww!" Dee cried when she suddenly felt her own asshole being fucked by the thick, rough dog-tongue.

After tongue-fucking Dee's shit-chute for a few seconds, Leroy pulled his tongue out and again swept up and down both of the nakedly exposed pussies, making the twins shake and shudder with animalistic pleasure.

With their legs spread apart, both Dee and Kim offered their gaping cunts to the dog's slurping tongue. He was able to lick deeply into their sizzling pussies, nearly at the same time.

"Oh, God, Dee, I can't stand it! It feels too fucking good!" Kim cried.

"I know! I know!" Dee yelled.

Kim wriggled on top of her twin, licking Dee's face. Their mouths met, and they lost themselves in long tongue-kisses.

Dee clawed at her sister's back, clinging to the other girl. Dee grew hornier and hornier, badly, even desperately needing to come. She humped her furry cuntmound against Kim's twin mound.

Both of the teenagers were half-mad now. The beagle's relentlessly slurping, fucking tongue was driving them to the brink of insanity. They squealed and screamed and clutched each other tightly.

They writhed violently as Leroy thrust the full length of his dog-tongue first into one cunthole and then the other. The animal seemed to sense just when one of the girls was about to come. At that point, he would pull his tongue out of one cunt and ram into the other pussyhole. In this way, he kept both of the twins right on the brink of orgasm without letting them come. Whether his behavior was deliberate or not, the beagle was proving himself to be one of the best dog-lovers the Dixon twins had ever had.

"Ohhh, God, I need to come!t' Dee cried. She felt the dog's tongue penetrating her pussyhole deeply. The rough tongue scraped deliciously against the walls of her pussy and fucked in and out of her.

"I know! So do I! This bastard dog won't let us come!" Kim wailed as Leroy pulled his tongue out of Dee's pussy and slid into Kim's.

After tongue-fucking Kim's quivering little cunthole for a few breathless moments, the animal pulled his tongue out and used his sharp fangs to nibble on her pussylips.

"Yeeeooowww!" Kim cried.

"What? What's going on?" Dee asked frantically, hearing the pain in her sister's yell.

"He-he's-oh, god, he's biting my pussylips!" Kim yelled, writhing violently on top of her sister.

"What's it feel like?" Dee asked urgently, feeling a pang of envy.

"It's great!" Kim cried. Again, she felt the dog's teeth sinking gently into her wet pussylips.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Dee asked, biting into her lower lip so hard that it throbbed with pain.

"Yesssss! It hurts and I love it!" Kim shouted, tears of pain and pleasure filling her eyes.

"Oh, God, Sis," Dee gasped. She looked into Kim's face and saw how Kim's features were completely contorted with lust and ecstasy.

At that moment, the animal took his snout away from Kim's pussy and nibbled gently on the edges of Dee's pussylips.

"Yessss! Bite me now, doggy! Do it, Leroy! Oh, God, yes, I can feel you biting my pussylips! It feels soooo fucking good! Let me come, for God's sake, Leroy! Let us both come!" Dee shrieked.

Leroy stopped biting Dee's pussylips. He twisted his wet snout into Dee's pussy and breathed steamily into her. He began to nibble on her tasty clit.

"Commmiiinnnggg! At long fucking last, I'm coming!" Dee yelled, writhing on the floor as Leroy continued to bite into her clit.

"Good God, you're coming hard!" Kim panted, her own body heaving up and down as her sister humped beneath her.

Leroy dumbly moved his snout to Kim's needy pussy, gnawing on her bursting clit. She spasmed immediately, coming as hard as her sister.

Bestial whines bubbled out of the twins' throats, and they kissed passionately as the beagle continued to lick and nibble their pussies.

Chapter 4

When the Dixon twins arrived home from school each afternoon, they always followed the same routine: they changed their clothes, had a light snack, and then went to the family's dog kennels behind the house and performed a few chores, for which they received a reasonable allowance from their parents.

It gave the teenagers enough money for some luxuries and extra clothes they could not have otherwise afforded. The girls did not mind the work. Besides, both Dee and Kim welcomed each and every opportunity to spend time with the dogs they loved so much.

Their daily chores consisted of checking all the dogs to be sure they were healthy and did not require any medical attention. Then they were to give the animals fresh water, clean out their pens, and feed them.

One afternoon, in particular, Kim went alone to the kennels after school. Dee was not feeling well and had lain down for a nap. Kim felt horny, which was nothing unusual for the young teenager. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a skimpy halter top which barely contained her budding tits. Her outfit made her feel even sexier. She let one of the dogs out of his pen before starting her chores.

The dog was a Great Dane and his name was Randy. Kim thought he could "keep her company" as she did her chores. He was one of her favorite dogs. She was always glad when his owners took one of their frequent trips and boarded him.

"You've sure got the right name, Randy," Kim giggled excitedly when she saw the hard-on which the animal was sporting beneath his furry belly.

The large horny dog followed Kim around the kennels as she did her chores. She grew more aroused when the Great Dane sidled up to her and rubbed against her body. She all but jumped out of her skin when she felt his warm doggy tongue slide up her naked thighs. As she crouched to fill the dogs' water dishes, she felt Randy's wet snout burrowing between her legs and sniffing at her cunt.

"Jesus, you're really turning me on, Randy," Kim said. When she finished giving the dogs fresh water, she stripped her shorts and top off. She reasoned that there was no one but the dogs around to see her nakedness. Walking around naked in front of them really turned her on.

She went into the anteroom in the front of the kennels where the supplies were kept. She gathered up the things she needed to clean out the pens, but made Randy wait for her outside the door which separated that room from the kennels themselves. There was a large window in the top of the door and Kim laughed when she saw the big Great Dane stand up on his hindlegs and push against the door, as if trying to peep on her.

"You sexy doggy!" she laughed, feeling her cunt drooling.

Randy whimpered hornily on the other side of the door, his eyes watching Kim intently as she bustled about the room, gathering up everything she needed. When she turned to look back at him, she saw that he was shaking.

"God, Randy, you really are horny, aren't you?" she cried as she moved toward the door.

The big dog's large ears twitched at the lust-filled sound of the teenager's voice. He panted, his long tongue dripping saliva against the win dow in the door. Between his powerful legs, his long dog-cock quivered visibly.

"God, Randy!" Kim moaned, feeling her cunt tingle all over as she studied the animal's prick.

The dog was still standing on his hindlegs, bracing his huge forepaws against the top of the window in the door. His muscular body quivered and he made rapid humping motions against the door, as if trying to fuck it in his horny desperation.

"Oh, God, Randy," Kim said with a little whimpering sound of her own. She felt pussy-juice dribbling out of her cunt and trickling slowly down the insides of her naked thighs. She knew that the horny Great Dane could smell her juices, even through the door, and she knew, too, that the animal was aware that she was hot for his cock.

Randy let out a sharp howl. His prick twitched violently, and Kim groaned, feeling her tits swell and her nipples stiffen. Kim opened the door, and the huge Great Dane pounced on her at once.

"Ohhhh, Randy, I love your big cock!" Kim sighed as the animal hunkered down over her on all fours and rubbed his cum-slickened cock against her naked body.

Kim pushed the dog away from her, or tried to anyway. The huge animal was far too powerful for her to move him without his cooperation. But, fortunately, he seemed to understand what she wanted.

Randy obligingly moved away from her long enough for Kim to get on all fours. She wriggled her ass at the dog invitingly. He responded at once by moving forward again, covering her crouching body with his own.

"Ooh, Randy," Kim cooed as she felt his furry underside rubbing against her naked back.

She squealed when she felt his hot hard prick nudging between her asscheeks. At the same time, the dog began to use his long, rough tongue to lick Kim's neck.

Randy continued to rut his cock against the girl's ass, trying to find her pussy. She moaned, already anticipating what she would feel like when she had his sizzling prick inside her.

The Great Dane grew impatient and began to growl at her, gnawing gently at her neck. She could feel his dribbling pre-cum smearing her ass and she trembled.

"Oh, God, Randy, fuck meeeee. Here's my. pussy! It's all yours! Just fuck it, you bastard dog!" Kim squealed as she reached behind and spread her asscheeks apart. At the same time, she lifted her little ass up, showing her drooling pussy to the aroused animal.

Randy howled as he ran his fat dog-cock furiously up and down the girl's cuntlips, sawing at her clit and making her whine with bestial ecstasy.

Kim humped her wet pussy back at the dog's prick, trying to get him to impale her completely on his hard cock.

"Jeesus, what you're doing to me, Randy! I have to have your cock! You've turned me on so much I can hardly stand it! Now do something about it! Shove your cock all the way up my pussy! Make me come!" she cried hornily.

She turned her face to the side and moaned as she felt Randy's rough, wet tongue licking her flesh there. She trembled as she felt his massive weight crushing down against her back. She writhed against him, rubbing her ass up against his prick.

Suddenly, as she thrust her ass back hard and the animal humped forward at exactly the same moment, Kim felt his fat cockhead finally hook into her fuckhole.

"Yesssss!" she cried. She ground her pussy back against his crotch, screwing herself onto his hot cock to the hilt.

The animal barked and fucked forward violently, ramming the head of his cock against the back wall of her pussy. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her and plunged back into her cunt.

"Yes, yes, Randy, just like that, all the way in me! Keep fucking me just like that, you huge beautiful dog! Keep fucking your whole cock into meeee," Kim wailed.

She tightened her pussy-muscles against the sides of the pulsing dog-prick, making the animal whimper with pleasure.

Kim's tits felt more swollen than before, and her nipples throbbed relentlessly. She lowered her upper part of her body and deliberately pressed her throbbing nips against the hard floor. Then she swung the top part of her body from side to side, dragging her aching nips across the hard, rough surface of the floor.

"Ooooh!" she gasped in pain and pleasure. She began to shove her body back and forth, humping her pussy against the dog's rutting prick, helping him to fully impale her with each brutal thrust into her pussy.

Randy's hard dog-cock fucked in and out of the teenager's juicy pussy. Each time he fucked into her, his cock sloshed through her seeping fuck juices, making wet, lewd sounds which excited them both. Kim wriggled her tight cunt against his cock, as if~to milk all the cum out of his balls.

Randy whimpered and whined, dog-drool running down the sides of her neck. She wished she could tongue-kiss the rutting animal. That was one of her favorite things.

Randy growled, turning on more and more as he continued to fuck the crouching teenager. His eyes were completely glazed over with animalistic lust, as were Kim's.

The young girl shoved her ass back harder, capturing the full length of the Great Dane's enormous prick inside her clutching pussy. She tightened her cuntmuscles around the invading cock, and the dog barked with delight.

"Yeah! Your big cock is sooo fucking big and hard, Randy! It's just what I need! It's what I always fucking need! Keep fucking me with your fat cock, Randy, keep it up, boy, until you make us both come!"

The Great Dane fucked Kim harder and faster. She continued to shove her ass back to meet his pussy-impaling thrusts. She could feel his prick rubbing against her clit each time he fucked into her. The lewd sensation made the girl shudder with pleasure.

"Ooh, good, Randy, good," she crooned. She was sweating all over now, and could feel the furry belly of the Great Dane sliding against her back, trying to stay on top of her slick flesh. Kim was flushed from head to toe. A steady stream of cuntjuice ran from between her swollen cuntlips. Her mouth was slackly hanging open, and her tongue lolled out one side.

She could not contain her lust and pleasure. She could not hold back. She could feel the beginning of her first. orgasm although she was sure that Randy would make her come more than once before he was through with her wet little pussy.

"I'm gonna come, Randy!" she screamed. "Oh, fuck, keep fucking my cunt with that fat gorgeous cock of yours! I'm gonna . . . Awwww .. . . Yeah . . . Shiiit . . . I'm coming!"

Wild orgasmic vibrations rocked her body violently and she continued to scream loudly as she came. Her body jerked all over the floor. She lifted her ass up higher with each inward stroke of the animal's angry prick.

Randy raised his head and howled. Then he barked several times, very excited. He whined as the teenager's girl-cum soaked his prick, drenching the meat and making it even easier for him to fuck in and out of her spasming cunt.

The dog barked again as he stabbed his fat prick deep into the girl's climaxing cunt. His prick swelled more inside her, and Kim shuddered with excitement when she felt his cock scraping against the tensed walls of her pussy.

Randy fucked the full length of his horny prick even harder into Kim. He fucked her brutally hard. His big cock fucked all the way into the very depths of her cunt.

"Oh, yeah!" Kim gasped as his throbbing cock filled her completely. His balls rested against her cunt. "I love it! I love the way you're fucking me, Randy!"

Each throbbing sensation of Randy's cock inside her pussy sent icy-hot shivers through Kim's naked body. As the Great Dane fucked his prick in and out of her pussy, she thrust back at him, matching him stroke for stroke, meeting each of his forward cock-thrusts with a backward thrust of pussy and ass.

His balls smacked against her. His loaded balls were banging her so hard that Kim just knew her asscheeks would be black and blue the next day. But she didn't mind. Not one bit. She was thoroughly enjoying every single second and every bit of pleasure she could wring out of this forbidden fuck session with the powerful dog.

Randy was fucking Kim so savagely that it felt to the teenager as if he were trying to drive his cock right through her body.

"Yes! Yes! That's it, Randy! Fuck me just like that! God, you're fucking me harder than you ever did before! How I love it!"

Kim lowered one hand beneath her body and began to stroke her clit while Randy continued to fuck her hard and fast.

"Mmm, good," she moaned.

Randy whimpered as he fucked his cock into her cunt with an amazing force. The way he was fucking her was making Kim super hot. She was already so hot and aroused that she could hardly stand it. She had come only moments before, but she now felt so aroused with renewed lust that she desperately needed another orgasm. She felt for all the world as if she had not come in weeks. She writhed and jerked around on the floor as the Great Dane fucked her still harder. Her cuntjuices rained out or her cock-stuffed cunt and soaked the insides of her quaking thighs.

Kim felt as if her entire body were literally being torn apart by the force of his prick. She felt herself on the brink of another, much-needed orgasm and she longed for the sensation.

"Oh, shit, yesss, Randy, yesss, you're fucking me so good! Better than any boy ever did!" she cried.

Randy barked.

She felt his cock dripping inside her pussy. She moaned whorishly, knowing that the dog's pre-cum was lewdly mingling with her juices. She could hardly wait to feel all of his doggy cum shooting inside her cunt.

Kim could hear Randy panting and whining as he fucked her. There was a tension in his underbelly which was crushing down against her back, and Kim sensed that his own orgasm was not far away.

"Aaaaarrrghhhh," Kim groaned, nearly hysterical with bestial lust as she felt the Great Dane fucking his thick, bloated cock deeply into her clutching cunt.

She loved having her little tight pussy impaled on thick dogcock. She could imagine no greater pleasure in the world. She tightened her cunt muscles harder and tighter around his prick, trying to make him come.

The dog ground his hips, fucking his prick deep into he girl's pussy with each inward stroke. He loved the feel of her tiny fuckhole clasping his cock, and he whined with excitement.

A fine sheen of sweat glistened on Kim's naked body as she fucked vigorously back at the Great Dane. She felt as if she would never be able to get enough of the animal's prick.

"Fuck meeee, Randy!" She cried wantonly. "Fuck me good and hard! And come! Shoot all your doggy cum into me! And make me come again!"

The dog rode her savagely, feverishly fuck mg his cock fully into her cunt with all of his strength. Kim groaned as she shoved her hips and ass back to help the animal skewer her cunt on his cock.

"Please, Randy, shoot! Shoot your juice inside me! I have to have it! Pleeeease," Kim begged sluttishly.

The snug walls of Kim's cunt clung lewdly to the dog's prick as he fucked deeply into her. Each violent lunge of his prick sent jolts of bestial ecstasy through the teen's body. Her hard clit seemed to shudder each time the dog-cock scraped against it.

Kim wriggled and writhed beneath the wild fucking animal. Her orgasm mounted, coming closer and closer. Each nerve ending within her pussy tingled as the base of the Great Dane's prick pounded her trembling clit.

As the aroused animal continued to fuck into Kim with harder and deeper cock-thrusts, Kim clenched and unclenched her tight cuntmuscles hard around his prick. She grinned when the dog barked.

The girl's entire body shook violently on the floor under the impact of the Great Dane's vicious fucking strokes. Yet she wanted more.

"Yessss!" she screeched when she felt Randy's fangs sinking into her neck.

Her cunt oozed more and more fuck juice. She could feel lubrication completely filling up her pussy and then trickling from between her bloated cuntlips to run obscenely down her naked inner thighs.

She humped her crotch back harder than ever against the dog's furry crotch as he continued to fuck his fat cock into her juicy cunt.

"Give it to me hard, Randy! Ram that fat cock of yours all the way up my cunt! I need all your cockmeat! And I need to feel your doggy cum filling me all up! And, oh God, yes, I need to come!" the teenager cried, feeling an exciting surge of sexual heat blasting through her pussy.

Randy barked and his body quivered against Kim's back. He fucked the full length of his long, thick prick deeper than ever into her cunt. His fuckshaft scraped deliciously against the raw, aching walls of her throbbing pussy.

Randy growled viciously. His furry loins shuddered violently against the girl's body. His cock lurched and jerked inside her and began to spurt cum.

"Yessss, oh God, at last, Randy, you're com mg! I can feel it! More! I need all your cum, Randy! More! Then I can come, I know it!" Kim screamed hysterically.

The great Dane snapped his huge head back and howled loudly. His hot cum burst into the teenager's cunt in quick, creamy spurts.

Kim heard the other dogs in the kennel howling in response to the sounds coming from Randy's throat. The lewd sound of all those dogs barking and howling together aroused the teenager even more than she already was. She found her mind filling with the obscene image of dozens of dog-cocks, all hard and ready to fuck. There were long, thick dog-cocks. There were long, skinny dog-cocks. There were even short, stubby dog-cocks. She pictured all of the howling kennel dogs with tremendous hard-ons, all of them lined up, all of them waiting to fuck Kim.

And she came.

"Yeeeoooowww!" she howled, her cry of orgasmic bliss mingling with the dogs' howls. Waves of cuntjuice gushed from her pussywalls, seeping out between her tight pussylips and trickling down her thighs along with Randy's flowing jism.

The mingled dog-cum and pussyjuice pooled together on the floor between Kim's legs. She looked down between her legs and saw the obscene mixture cooling there. The thrilling sight made her come again.

"Aieeeee! Commmmiinnnggg!" she screeched.

Her nipples felt as if they would literally burst. Her cuntlips squeezed the base of the dog's jerking cock so tightly that the Great Dane barked in protest. Kim ground her sizzling pussy back against her canine lover's furry loins. She rolled her head from side to side as she felt her cunt exploding inside. More and more dog-cum shot into her from Randy's thrusting prick and her orgasm peaked. The walls of her spasming cunt convulsed around the Great Dane's prick and Kim cried out one final time before collapsing fully forward onto the floor, Randy's dog cock still locked inside her pussy.

Chapter 5

The next evening after dinner, the twins' father asked Dee to go out to the kennels to lock everything up. It was a task which he usually did but he was tired on this particular evening. His dog- loving daughter was only too happy to oblige him.

Dee rushed out the back door of the house and walked quickly toward the dog kennels, feeling a little uneasy in the darkness which was relieved only by the slightest sliver of a moon.

She saw a dark form at the front of the kennel building. She gasped as she saw the dark shape. She breathed a sigh of relief as she drew closer, with halting footsteps, and saw that it was a large black dog.

"What are you doing out of your cage?" she asked as she approached the animal who was sitting there, his long, pink tongue hanging out of his drooling mouth. He tilted his head as Dee spoke to him and she could hear him whacking his heavy black tail against the concrete path.

Dee felt a little shiver of sexual excitement in her loins as she rested her hand on top of the dog's large black head and stroked. She had always preferred large dogs and she was delighted to discover that this animal was so huge that she did not even have to bend over to touch his head.

There was still only a slight bit of moonlight coming from the sky, but now Dee was close enough to the dog to see him and everything around him clearly.

"I don't know you, do I, doggy?" Dee asked thickly. "Did someone bring you in this evening? Is that why we haven't met yet? I just know I'd remember you! You're a great-looking doggy!"

Dee continued to stroke the dog's head, now scratching behind his ears.

"I guess someone must have brought you here this evening and my dad took care of it. Well, I'm just glad that I'm getting to meet you now. But, you know, you belong inside in your cage and not out here."

The dog whined, as if asking her not to put him back in his cage just yet. He sniffed at her arm, panting loudly as she stroked his glossy head and his furry neck. Dee crouched down next to him and rubbed along his back, then scratched under his belly. The dog barked.

"Mmmm, yeah, you're so gorgeous," Dee murmured. She was pleased to see that, as she squatted next to him, he was actually a little taller than she was. "You're so big! I like that."

Suddenly, the teenager knew that she had to see this big dog's cock. God, I'm so depraved, she thought with a grin as she peeked beneath the large animal to get a good look at his black cock- sheath.

"Oh, doggy!" she gasped. She saw more than just the sheath which protected his cock. What she saw, to her horny delight, was the dog's red cock, sticking completely out of its sheath. His prick was long and shiny with pre-cum and it was quivering violently, as if about to explode. Dee could see a drop of pre-cum suspended on the tip of the big cock.

In her squatting position, the crotch of Dee's shorts was drawn up into her juicy cuntslit, and the lewd position made the young teenager feel super horny. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as she imagined what it would feel like to take this dog's big cock into her mouth and suck on it.

"Oh God, yes!" she cried as she flopped down onto her belly and slid under the large black dog.

She saw the dog-cock trembling violently and the obscene sight made her pussy even juicier. More and more juice drooled out of her fuck hole, completely filling her pussy all up and beginning to dribble down the. insides of her thighs.

She had to suck this tempting dog-cock, she just had to! She tickled the dog's hairy black balls with her fingertips, and he whined in response, obviously pleased by the sexual attention which the lovely young teenager was giving him.

Dee felt the fat dog-cock shuddering against her fingertips and her own body trembled with sexual excitement. She stroked the hairy cock sheath and then slowly and teasingly moved her fingers upward. She touched the twitching dog cock with the tip of one finger.

She moaned. The cock felt hot and moist to her touch and a drop of pre-cum stuck to her finger as she pulled it away.

"Now, let's just see how you taste," Dee murmured as she raised her wet fingertip to her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and dabbed the dog's pre-cum onto its tip.

She moaned softly as she swallowed the delicious dog-cum.

The big black dog barked excitedly. He humped his prick downward a few times, and Dee was thrilled to see a few more drops of cum oozing out its tip.

"God, I don't even know you, doggy, but you're turning me on like wildfire," she gasped, her heart racing wildly. Again, she stuck her tongue out and licked the pearly droplets off the tip of the animal's prick. The pungent taste overwhelmed her, making her little pussy burn and itch with desire.

After she swallowed those drops of pre-cum down, Dee knew that she had to have more. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. Then, with a little cry of surrender, she went down on the dog's prick.

The black dog whined with bestial pleasure as he felt the girl's hot mouth closing around his cock. He whimpered as the wetness of her encircling lips gripped him, tugging at his hard-on.

"Ummffff," Dee moaned around the thickness of the dog-cock inside her mouth. She felt the fat cock twitching and pulsing in her mouth and she sucked hard.

The taste which filled her mouth and seemed to invade all of her senses was potent and musky. It thrilled her beyond belief, making still more juice pour from her pussy. The crotch of her shorts was wringing wet now, and she felt her fuck fluids running thickly down her legs. She knew there must be a wet stain on the concrete beneath her and the lewd thought made her suck the dog- cock still harder.

She moaned loudly as she continued to suck the dog off. She tightened the grip of her lips on the prick and hollowed her cheeks inward to create a powerful suction pressure against the dog's trembling prick.

The dog whimpered and shoved his furry flanks downward, fucking more of his meat into the teenager's sucking mouth. Dee felt her nipples stiffening with lust beneath her halter top. She was delighted by the animal's response to the blow-job she was so eagerly giving him.

Her head bobbed up and down and she felt lust-filled sensations racing through her entire body, radiating out from her aroused cunt. She could feel her little clit growing hard and pulsing lewdly beneath her tight pussylips and she groaned with ecstasy.

Her lips wetly slid up and down on the dog's cock. Now and then, the animal humped down ward, impaling the girl's face on his prick. He whined constantly, the sounds mingling with Dee's moans of lust, filling the night air around them.

As she sucked the dog's black cock, Dee used her tongue constantly, lashing out at the turgid prick-meat, swirling all around the thick cock, lashing continually.

Maybe I didn't know you before, you sweet doggy, the teenager thought excitedly, but I'm sure getting to know you now! I love getting acquainted with dogs this way! And I love your cock, doggy! It's so fat and hard and I can feel it filling up my whole mouth! Mmm, I could suck on your cock all day, doggy! But I want to make you come! I want you to spill gallons of cum down my throat!

As if reading the girl's thoughts, the big black dog suddenly slapped his heavy paws on her back and began to wildly fuck his cock in and out of her wet mouth.

"Ohhh," Dee moaned, thrilled by his exciting move.

The fat dog-cock flexed wildly, lucking in and out of her gripping lips with a speed that blurred the prick. Dee could hear the dog panting harshly and whining nonstop, and the sounds of his sexual arousal turned the teenager on incredibly. Adding to her excitement was the feel of the dog's warm saliva pelting against her halter top, soaking into the fabric.

"Unnhh, arrghh," Dee groaned, sucking his cock harder. She twisted her head, overcome with animalistic desire. Her hard sucking action created loud, slurping sounds which just served to inflame the dog's lust all the more. And he humped downward violently, fucking the girl's face with rapid, brutal strokes.

Dee sucked harder. The black dog thrust downward violently with his furry loins, driving his prick deeper into the girl's hot mouth.

"Mmmfff," she moaned around its thickness. It felt so good to have the gorgeous dog fucking his cock into her mouth with such long, lustful strokes. His cum-laden balls were banging lewdly against her chin.

The dog's nuts ached with a heavy load of jism. And the animal felt desperate to shoot his entire load into the teenager's hungrily sucking mouth.

Dee raised one hand and, while still sucking his cock, began to massage his aching balls with greedy fingers. With her other hand, she gripped the base of his prick, helping him to fuck her face.

Her wet mouth moved up and down the dog's thick cock while he continued to hump downward..

"Unngghhh," Dee groaned as she felt over half of the fat cock sliding down her throat. She fought against her gag reflex, swallowing hard and fast. She shuddered all over with excitement as she felt the walls of her throat closing around the fat dog-cock. She deliberately tightened her throat-muscles, clenching the prick lewdly.

The black dog raised his head into the air and howled loudly. Dee unclenched her throat-muscles, letting his prick slide out again, still sucking hard.

The dog barked and whimpered. The sounds coming from deep in his throat thrilled the teenager even more. She moaned with animalistic lust as she felt him fucking his prick down her throat again. She closed her lips tightly around the base of the trembling cock, sucking for all she was worth.

Dee could feel the dog's prick trembling and twitching against the tight walls of her throat and she longed to feel his thick doggy-cum blasting down her throat. Her sucking mouth quickened its tempo, hoping to bring him off soon.

The teenaged girl was crazy about this dog's cock. She wanted every hard inch down her throat. She sucked harder, waiting impatiently for the gushing, creamy cum that she knew would be her reward. She sucked and licked and deep-throated the entire length of the dog-cock, still caressing and gently squeezing the hairy balls that trembled under her forbidden touch.

As the girl continued to suck his prick, the powerful dog continued to hump his loins, feeding his cock into her mouth and down her throat. He barked each time he felt her throat-muscles closing tightly around the sides of his cock, and his entire black body shuddered with arousal.

Suddenly, the dog lifted his head high up in the air, throwing it back painfully, letting out a howl of release and pleasure. As he came, he fucked his cock furiously into Dee's sucking face.

The hot dog-cum blasted against Dee's tonsils in rapid streams, flowing thickly down her throat and warming her little belly. She panted through her flared nostrils as she struggled to take down every single drop of the tasty jism. But there was so much of the sticky goo that it began to overflow from her mouth, dripping from the corners and splashing onto her chin.

While the dog shot wad after wad of cum down her throat, Dee continued to suck his cock. She felt the dog's prick lurching wildly inside her mouth.

"Ooommmfffff," Dee gurgled around the orgasming dog-cock as she came with him.

She moaned and groaned as loudly as her cock-stuffed mouth would allow while her orgasm rushed through her. More and more juice shot out of her fuckhole, totally drenching her shorts as. her orgasm peaked.

Oh yes, doggy, give it to me! she thought wildly as she and the dog came together. Give me all your doggy cum! I love it! More! More!

The dog's jerking prick flexed repeatedly, squirting round after round of tangy dog-jizz down her throat. She sucked the slick cock down to its hairy sheath, her head bobbing wildly, her lips and tongue sliding tightly up and down its length.

As they came in unison, Dee moaned and groaned and the dog whined and barked. The young girl felt his furry forepaws pressing down on her back, his furry loins shuddering violently.

Dee's pussy was a wet swamp of girl-cum now and it grew still wetter as more fuckjuice exploded from her orgasming cunt. As she swallowed down the last of the dog's tremendous cum-load, she squirmed out from under him. She lay there on her back, panting hard, looking at the trembling dog with lust-glazed eyes.

The black panting dog moved between Dee's legs and lowered his head. He stuck his tongue out and began to lick up and down her drip ping crotch.

"Wait, oh wait, doggy!" Dee squealed, pushing the animal's furry head away from her. Then, she sat up and quickly tore her halter top off. Then she peeled her shorts down. She had to pull hard at the crotch of her shorts as it was all sticky with cuntjuice and glued to her pussy beneath. All this time, the dog sat watching her, cocking his head from side to side, as if curious about what the teenager had in mind.

He did not have to wait long to find out. The instant Dee was completely naked, she leaned back on the concrete and spread her legs wide.

"Now, doggy! Do your thing!" she cried with a husky, dirty- sounding laugh.

The large dog heard the lust in Dee's voice, and he quickly moved back between her legs.

Dee leaned down and wrapped her arms around his powerful neck. Sitting up again, she kissed the dog on his drooling mouth. In seconds, the animal's tongue was pumping into her mouth, fucking against her own tongue. Her entire body turned weak with excitement and desire as she and the black dog tongue-kissed.

Dee took one hand from the dog's neck and rubbed her own tits, rolling her stiff nipples between her fingers. As the girl and the dog broke their torrid chain of tongue-kisses, the dog looked down at her moving hand and her tits and he whined with excitement.

Even before Dee knew what to expect, the dog growled deep in his throat and lowered his drooling mouth to her tits. He licked both of the trembling tits.

Dee cried out as she felt his rough tongue scraping across the tops of her pulsing nipples. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, still sitting up so the dog could reach her tits while he stood between her splayed legs.

To her surprise and delight, the dog sucked one of her swollen nips into his mouth. The teenager had never had a dog do that to her before, and she had not even realized that it was possible. She loved it. And she moaned louder still as the animal's sucking lips stretched her rosy nipple forward. After sucking hard for a few more seconds, he released her nip. He did the same to her other tit.

After a few moments, the dog's mouth left Dee's tits and his tongue blazed a hot, wet trail down her tummy, aiming for her juicy crotch.

"Oh yes!" Dee gasped when she felt the dog's tongue playing over her puffy cuntlips.

The horny teenager leaned back on the ground, again stroking and squeezing her own tits while she felt the dog licking her pussy-mound.

When Dee caressed her tits, she felt the dog-drool coating both of her tit-mounds. Her fingers moved slickly across the wet tit-flesh, and she trembled with excitement. She caught both nipples between her thumbs and fore fingers and squeezed hard, moaning with pleasure.

Now, Dee released her tits. She slipped both her hands beneath her ass and lifted upward, humping her pussymound against the dog's drooling tongue.

"Yes, lick my pussy, you sexy doggy!" she whimpered, tossing her head from side to side.

The dog whimpered with excitement at the girl's eagerness. He stuck his long tongue far out and licked all over her wet pussy, lapping up her juices and swallowing them down hungrily. He let out a deep growl of lust as his mouth and tongue slid over her swollen crotch.

The young girl writhed beneath him. She took her hands away from her asscheeks and clutched the sides of the dog's big head as he flared his nostrils and breathed in her heady pussy scent. She tugged at his head, pulling him closer to her pussy. The dog's mouth worked eagerly at her soft, damp cuntflesh, wriggling, licking hard.

"Ohhh, yeah, doggy, lick meee!" Dee wailed hornily. "Get your tongue in meeee!"

She released her hold on the dog's head and used both hands to haul her cuntlips wide apart, exposing her inner cuntmeat to the dog's lusty mouth The dog plunged his tongue deep into her cunt.

"Yessss, fuck my cunt with your tongue! Make me come!" Dee screeched. She released her cuntlips since the dog's snout was holding them open. And again, she began to paw at her heaving tits.

She closed her tight pussy-muscles around the dog's tongue, and they both whimpered. The dog fucked her hard with his long, pink tongue, sloshing through his saliva and her cuntjuices. Her clit tingled and burned around his tongue while he licked. Each time he fucked his tongue fully into her pussyhole, her muscles greedily grabbed, squeezing hard.

Dee humped her hips upward, grinding her pussy against the dog's snout.

"Fuck meeee," she begged tearfully.

The animal's hot, rough tongue plunged relentlessly in and out of her steaming pussy. When he pulled out of her fuckhole, he swabbed along the length of her trembling pussyslit, scraping against her firm, throbbing clit.

Dee's pussy oozed out a steady stream of fresh, warm cuntjuice. The dog whined with delight as he lapped. The huge black dog alternately licked her clit and speared his tongue into her spasming cunthole.

While the horny dog continued to eat her out, Dee took one hand from her tits and slipped it beneath her humping ass again. But this time she shoved her stiffened middle finger into her asshole, fucking in and out in perfect rhythm with the dog's tongue-thrusts into her cunt.

The sex-starved dog was giving Dee's pussy the full treatment. He shoved the full length of his tongue up into her cunthole, whimpering when he felt her tightening her cuntmuscles. He fucked into her several times in a row. Then, he pulled his tongue out and moved it to her clit, licking at it hard, feeling the stiff bud pulsing beneath his tongue. The animal was using his tongue, his lips, and even his nibbling teeth on Dee's cuntmeat, driving the teen half out of her mind with bestial lust and pleasure.

"Commmiiinnnggg!" Dee suddenly shrilled. Waves of animalistic ecstasy washed over the teenager, making her pussy shudder with excitement, and releasing a fresh flood of pussyjuice.

As she came, she continued to fuck her finger in and out of her asshole, lewdly clenching her assmuscles. And while she came, the dog kept fucking her pussy with his tongue.

Her spasming cunt shook violently against the dog's snout, and he whined in excited response. Still coming, Dee sat up and shoved the dog's head even more into her steaming pussy.

"Yessss!" she gasped. "Oh, God, yes, it feels sooo fucking good, doggy! Yessss, you're making me come really hard! Keep it up, doggy, keep eating my pussy while I come!"

She glanced down and saw that the dog had a huge hard-on again. The sight of the long, thick dog-cock throbbing against the concrete took Dee's breath away and she fell back onto the ground, struggling to breathe. Her mouth went slack, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her warm saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth, running down onto her chin and finally dribbling down onto her jiggling tits.

The dog mashed his face down against the girl's pussy, loving the feel of her orgasming cunt spasming against his snout. He lapped up all the cuntjuice flowing out of her fuckhole. And he licked her clit, making it vibrate against his tongue.

He stabbed his long tongue into her twitching cunthole and her pussymuscles immediately closed around the dog-tongue. The animal whimpered with lust as he felt her orgasming pussy convulsing around his mouth, his lips, his tongue.

He nibbled on the edges of her fiery clit with his sharp fangs.

"Yeeeooowww!" Dee screamed with pain and pleasure as her orgasm peaked and rocketed through her.

As her climax began to fade, the dog slowed his tongue movements inside her cunt, still licking the ravaged cuntflesh, and still making whimpering growls deep in his throat.

Dee squealed, trying to recover from the tremendous orgasm which the dog had just given her with his tongue.

"Now you can fuck me, doggy!" she cried as she sat up and hungrily eyed the animal's enormous hard-on.

Chapter 6

"Fuck me, doggy! Fuck me now! I need your fat hard cock in my pussy! And I need it now!" Dee cried desperately. She squealed with joy ag the large black dog sprang forward, pinning her to the ground beneath him.

She got her legs outside of the animal's legs and pressed her wet pussy up against his crotch. He humped downward, and she could feel strings of pre-cum dribbling across her pussymound.

"Oh, God, what a turn-on!" she whimpered. She rammed her drooling cunt up against his humping cock. She wrapped her arms around the dog's back and her legs around his furry loins.

Dee felt his black dog-cock nudging her pussy, sliding up and down between her dribbling pussylips. She spread her legs wider apart, opening her pussy up more to him. Now she could feel his hard cockmeat at her clit, making her groan with animalistic pleasure.

"Oh, God, doggy, what you're doing to me! Stick it in me! Fuck that big black cock right up into my pussy! Do it, doggy, do it now!" she demanded, her voice slurred with lust.

Dee twisted her face against the dog's wet, flopping tongue. She clung desperately to him, pulling all of his muscular weight tighter against her naked quivering body. She rubbed her heaving tits and taut belly against his warm fur. She felt her nipples throbbing against the dog's body and she moaned with excitement, crazy with lust for this dog's hard cock.

With an excited cry, the young horny teenager spread her legs even farther apart. The black dog suddenly thrust his hard cock into her moist, trembling pussy.

"Yessss, fuck meeee," Dee wailed, thrilled to finally feel the fat dog-cock fucking up her cunt. She bent her knees and spread her thighs wide for the animal.

Chewing into her lower lip, bee began to thrust her ass up off the ground, humping her cunt up hard against the dog's prick. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him, her breathing quickly becoming ragged and shallow.

She clawed at the dog's back with her fingers, her sharp fingernails digging into his muscular flesh beneath his fur coating. Her thighs opened wantonly wide, then closed eagerly around his flanks as he continued to plunge the full length of his cock into her wet, shuddering pussy.

"Ohhhh, doggy, you feel soooo big and fat and hard inside me?" she screamed whorishly, feeling like a bitch in heat. "Shove it all the way into me! Fuck me, doggy! Fuck me good and hard!"

The dog barked in response, fucking his prick into the teenager with hard, pounding strokes which made Dee's body jerk and shudder violently on the ground.

Her small hands grasped his fur, sliding down over his quivering body and caressing him lovingly, hungrily. All the while, the black dog fucked her pussy with a hard, relentless rhythm.

She clenched her cuntmuscles around his reaming cock each time he fucked into her cunt. After waiting for a few seconds, she unclenched those muscles, letting the dog-cock slide back out again.

Her little aching cunthole was oozing a steady stream of hot, thick fuckjuice, wetting both of their crotches and soaking her hairs and his fur.

"Fuck meee, doggy!" she whined, "Ohhhh, God, I love your cock soooo much!"

As the animal continued to fuck his big, stiff prick into her squeezing cunthole, Dee felt thrilling surges of fuck-lust coursing through her. "Ummmmm, ahhhh, yesss," she panted.

The teenager writhed lewdly beneath her canine lover's hard, muscular furry body, thrilling to the animal's overpowering strength. She arched her back sharply as she humped her crotch up, opening up her pussy even more to the dog's prick.

"Yieeeee!" she cried hysterically when she felt the animal's broad, dribbling cockhead striking the back of her pussy. For a few thrilling seconds, the dog instinctively held his prickhead there. Dee wriggled her crotch all around, her movements making the dog- cock stroke all over her pussywall. "Ohhhh, good, soooo good," she panted. Now, the lust-crazed teen reached up and pulled the dog's furry face down to hers. She pressed her lips passionately against his. Their mouths fell open simultaneously and their tongues licked at each other, their saliva mingling.

Dee moaned when she tasted the dog's saliva. "Ohhhhh, doggy, you're fucking me sooo good! Keep it up! Keep shoving your whole cock into my pussy! I need it soooo bad!"

She writhed violently on the ground as the dog fucked the full length of his fat cock into her pussyhole. She clutched with her pussy-muscles, making the animal whine with pleasure. Then she loosened her muscle-hold on him and the dog pulled his prick out of her until only his flaring cock head was still locked in the grip of her tight cuntlips.

"Now! Fuck back into meeee," she wailed demandingly. "All the way!"

She lifted her hips up from the ground. The dog fucked his entire prick back into her gulping pussyhole. She could feel the hard cockmeat throbbing obscenely against the taut walls of her cunt, and she trembled all over.

"Ohhhh, doggy," she whimpered as the dog rubbed his furry chest across her apple-sized tits. She loved the feel of his warm fur rubbing against her pulsing nipples, and the caress made the twin nips fill with more aroused blood.

The large dog whimpered with bestial pleasure as he kept pumping his cock between the wet, swollen lips of the teenager's pussy. Each time he felt her strong cuntmuscles gripping his cock, holding against her quivering cuntwalls for a few seconds, the beast barked loudly.

"Unnnhhh, arrgggghhh, you really know how to throw a mean fuck, doggy! You're making me feel soooo good!" Dee cried.

The dog was fucking her so smoothly, so expertly, that the youngster had a hunch that this was not the first time the animal had fucked a human girl. The dog lowered his head and again the girl pressed her lips to his. She sucked his doggy tongue into her mouth and sucked hard, loving the feel of his saliva sliding down her throat.

The teenager's eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing grew even more ragged, and her body writhed more violently as the dog fucked her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Ahhhhh, yesss," she squealed as she felt the full length of his throbbing prick in her cunt.

Dee glanced down and moaned. It was a thrill to see the dog's thick, throbbing cock in her pussy to the hilt, his loaded balls banging against her crack.

Her hips wriggled lewdly in response to the animal's driving jabs. She moaned and groaned. Her entire body was flushed with pleasure now, and she could feel a hot sexual sweat oozing from every pore.

The rubbery grip of her tight fuckhole pulled on the dog's fat cock, making the black dog howl with excitement.

"God!" Dee gasped with ecstasy as she felt a pounding pleasure which started deep in her pussy and swept all the way through her entire body.

Her pussy was sizzling hot now and she surrendered completely to the thrill of the dog's huge black prick fucking in and out of her. She wanted this exciting dog-fuck to go on forever and ever, but she also wanted to feel his scalding cum shooting up her cunt.

Her entire cunt shuddered with the impacts as the dog's huge cock fucked into her. His throbbing balls beat a steady rhythm against her uplifted asscheeks as he continued to fuck her with all his doggy might.

"Ahhhhh, doggy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee," she whimpered, feeling intensely sharp thrills of animalistic pleasure shooting through her loins.

The dog barked as he felt his animal-cum churning about hotly in his tumbling balls. He knew that he would come soon and he sensed that the girl beneath him craved that moment as much as he did.

Again, Dee glanced down to watch as the dog fucked into her. When he pulled out of her pussy, she saw that his prick was coated with a lurid sheen of her juices.

"God, that's great!" she cried, falling back to the ground and clutching the dog tightly against her nakedly trembling body.

Her cuntmuscles automatically clasped the dog-cock reaming her as she pumped her hips up and down, back and forth. The dog was sinking his hard cock deep into the wetness of her slick pussy time and time again, straining toward the huge orgasm which both he and she needed so desperately at that moment.

"Unnggghhh, I love it! The way you're fucking me, doggy . . . it's fantastic," Dee breathed as the dog's lust-engorged prick fucked easily in and out of her cunthole.

She simply could not get enough of this animal's hard fat cock. An animalistic, spine tingling ecstasy washed through her as her lover's pulsing dog-prick continued to invade her tightly gripping pussy.

"Yessss, yesss, that's it," she panted as the dog began to fuck her still harder.

The exquisite pleasure of the dog's cock stretching her taut pussywalls to the absolute limit was driving the teenager half-mad with lust and the need to come. She continued to hump her crotch up toward the animal as he rode into her, more deeply and savagely with each cock stab.

Dee moved one hand down to her chest and she began to play with her heaving tits. She fondled both of her tit-mounds, digging her fingertips into the firm flesh there. Then, one at a time, she gripped her nips between thumb and forefinger, pinching hard.

She squealed, savoring the jolts of pain and pleasure that rushed through her.

She continued to fondle her tits with one hand while her other hand clutched at the dog's fur, tugging him hard against her body.

"Ohhhh, doggy," Dee groaned. "Fuck meeee!"

She threw her head from side to side in a frenzy of bestial lust. Her tits throbbed painfully and her nipples were so hard and stiff now that they protruded over an inch from the rosy little circles of flesh which surrounded them. She continued to lift her ass up from the ground and hump her juicy pussy against the dog's downward-thrusting prick. She moaned and screamed hysterically, clawing frantically at the dog's furry back as her pleasure spiraled ever higher and her need to come increased.

The black dog was barking excitedly now as he fucked his bloated prick ever deeper into the tightly clasping hole of Dee's ravaged pussy.

He felt the teenager's cuntmuscles closing almost painfully hard around his cock. As the clinging walls of her cunt closed erotically around his stiff prick, he howled and began to slam his loins harder against her. His balls swung heavily on her uptilted asscheeks as he fucked deeper into her.

Each time the huge dog fucked his cock into the girl's pussy, she humped up, impaling herself happily on his big, stiff prick. The expertly rutting dog was giving Dee's pussy so much pleasure that she felt as if she might literally go mad with the intense ecstasy swirling through her.

Her cock-crammed pussy was oozing out thick, warm fuck juice. The thick sauce trickled out of her bloated pussylips and soaked into the dog's cock before dribbling down her thighs, finally trickling wetly onto the concrete between her spread legs.

As Dee's cunt continued to grind over the dog's cock, she felt his balls screwing up painfully against the base of his cock.

He began to come. He howled loudly as he came.

"Yessss, at last, doggy, you're coming! I can feel your cum inside my pussy! Oh, God, doggy, it feels so fuckin' good! But I need more! More dog-cum, more! Keep coming, doggy, keep shooting until every single drop of your cum is inside meeee!"

She groaned even more loudly as her own orgasm began. Her hands clutched the dog's fur, and she thrust her body up against his as they came together. She held the animal against her quivering naked flesh as she savored the heady sensation of his cum filling her spasming cunt.

Her orgasming pussy convulsed violently around the dog's prick, making him howl again. Her cuntmuscles snapped at the dog- cock pulsing and shuddering against them. More and more pussy juice flowed from the teen's fuck-hole, forming a lewd mixture as it mingled with the hot dog-cum pouring into Dee's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, it feels soooo damn good!" Dee shrilled as her pussy spasmed again and again.

Waves of violent orgasm crashed down over the girl, making her shake and shudder convulsively beneath the dog.

"Yessss!" she screamed as her climax peaked and pounded through her body. Each of her nerve-endings burned and tingled and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

As her climax ebbed, Dee felt the dog's cock beginning to soften inside her. She let out a long sigh when the animal pulled his prick out of her with a wet popping sound. For a few minutes, the girl and her doggy lover sat there on the ground, panting hard and gazing into each other's eyes.

Their shared moment of intimacy was shattered by the banging of the back door of the family house, by the voice of Dee's father booming into the darkness.

"Dee! What the hell's keeping you out there so long? Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy!" Dee hollered back, suppressing a laugh. If he only knew what was keeping her so long! "I-I was just having a little fun playing with this black dog you took in today. Somehow he got out of the kennel and I was just - "

"Black dog?" her father interrupted. "What black dog? I didn't take any dogs in today. If there's a black dog hanging around there, shoo him away. He's probably just trying to get inside the kennel to get at one of the bitches in there."

And, with that, the man went back into the house, slamming the back door behind him.

"Why, you naughty doggy," Dee gasped, and then she began to laugh as she stared at the big black dog. "All this time, I thought you were one of the kennel dogs and you - " She broke off, laughing hysterically. "But my daddy was right about one thing. You did want to get at a bitch! And you did! You got at me! And I'm glad you did, doggy, 'cause you fucked my lit tIe pussy soooo good."

The dog barked in farewell and, before Dee could stop him, he bounded off into the night. Dee realized that the dog was obviously well cared for and that he probably had a home nearby which he had to return to. She knew, too, that her father didn't want the animal around the kennels.

But she still felt a pang of loss as the dog ran into the darkness, sure that she would never see her canine lover again.

Dee was wrong. Only a few days later, while shopping in the nearby mall, she saw her mysterious black dog. The animal was on a leash, and, tugging at it from the other end, was a middle-aged matronly type who was very expensively dressed. As the dog recognized Dee and paused to sniff at her crotch, the stylish woman pulled impatiently on his leash, finally leading him away.

Dee's mouth fell open as she stared after them. Then she sank down onto a nearby bench, dissolving into near-hysterical laughter.

So that was his owner! That was the woman who trained him to fuck human pussy!

Chapter 7

A few evenings later, Kim found herself home alone with Hulk. The rest of the family had gone out to a movie but Kim had stayed home, feeling horny and wanting a chance to be alone with the big Doberman Pinscher.

The instant the family left the house Kim tore all her clothes off. Then she called Hulk into the bedroom she shared with her sister and gave him the command to roll onto his back.

Hulk eagerly obeyed, his cock already growing hard and sliding out of its furry sheath. The animal realized that something sexual was about to happen between the teenager and himself.

"Oh, Hulk, you really turn me on!" Kim cried as she knelt on the floor next to him. The dog was flat on his back with all four paws in the air. Also sticking up in the air was his stiffening prick.

The young girl gave a little groan as she leaned over and began to kiss the dog's furry belly. She felt his muscles quivering against her lips, and she began to tremble with excitement. She knew that, as always, Hulk would let her do anything she wanted to him. And he would do anything to her which she commanded. Such unquestioning subservience aroused her and she felt a tremendous sexual power.

Kin shoved her nose under the Dobie's huge balls, absorbing his musky aroma into her lungs, rubbing her nose against his velvety crotch. Hulk whined with pleasure.

"Oh, God, Hulk, I have to suck your ass!" she cried. She used both hands to spread the animal's asscheeks wide apart. She drove her nose and lips between Hulk's asscheeks and glued her mouth against his puckering bunghole.

Hulk barked excitedly. Kim licked his ass with the tip or her tongue, teasing the tight little ring until she felt it relaxing. Then she wiggled her tongue up inside his shit-chute.

The dog barked loudly several times. Kim could have sworn that he was begging her to ream out his asshole. Twisting her head and bur rowing her nose and lips deeper between the Dobie's asscheeks, Kim forced her tongue in until the roots of her tongue ached.

Hulk whimpered and his asshole squeezed the teen's tongue rhythmically again and again. She pistoned the full length of her tongue in and out of her dog's asshole, fucking him hard and fast. She often ate out Hulk's asshole but she never tired of the forbidden, tangy taste.

The Doberman was still on his back, but he managed to shove his ass back and forth, impaling his asshole on the girl's tongue. Kim tongue-fucked the dog's asshole again and again. She stopped only when she guessed he was about to come. She zipped her tongue out of his shit-chute, thinking that, although she wanted him to come, she wanted him to shoot his load up into her asshole.

She began to pant as she eyed the dog's magnificent cock wagging and throbbing in the air, a little pearl of pre-cum dribbling from the mouth of his piss-slit.

Kim gave a little squeal of joy as she got on all fours, wagging her ass invitingly toward the dog. Hulk bounded up and sniffed his mistress' ass-crack. He whined with excitement and his dog-cock grew still harder and fatter.

A rush of hot tingles flooded the teenager's asshole as she felt Hulk's wet nose. Her cunt contracted, letting a trickle of cuntjuice down her inner thighs. She squirmed restlessly, hoping she would not come until her dog had buggered her ass and shot his load.

Kim lowered one hand between her legs and dipped her fingers into her moist pussy. She sloshed her fingers about in her fuck juices, thoroughly wetting them. Then, she pushed Hulk's nose away from her ass and stuck those juice-soaked fingers into her ass- crack. She ran her fingers up and down the crack and then shoved one of.her fingers into her asshole, completely lubricating the tiny hole which would soon be stretched to the limit around Hulk's fat cock.

Watching her, Hulk whimpered with anticipation. This was by no means the first time the Dobie had seen Kim perform this little ritual. The dog was well aware that within minutes he would be called upon to ram his stiff prick into that tiny little asshole which appeared to be winking at him. His entire black body trembled. Again, moaning softly, Kim lowered her hand to her pussy, scooped up all the fuck juices she could and slid her fingers up and down her asserack. This time, her middle finger easily slipped into her asshole. She spread her fuck juices up and down her asscrack, clamping her ass-cheeks around her sliding fingers in her sexual excitement.

As she lubricated her asshole and asscrack, she deliberately turned her ass up so her dog could watch the exciting motions of her fingers, so he could see her middle finger slowly twisting in and out of her asshole.

Hulk barked excitedly. Kim laughed hoarsely as she leered at him over her shoulder, delighting in the way his mouth hung open, the way his tongue lolled out, the way doggy drool spilled off the tip of his tongue. She could see his entire body trembling and his cock jutting out stiffly and she moaned again.

The dog's magnificent prick stood up hard, throbbing and quivering, the veins along its shaft distended with lust.

"Come here, baby," Kim cooed now, turn mg to face the dog. "Let me grease your cock too."

The dog moved closer to her quickly, his cock wagging under his furry belly. Again, Kim dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and now she reached out to smear her juices on Hulk's black cock. His intense gaze seemed to burn into her as she lubed his prick.

Kim closed her wet hand around his dog-cock and lubed his prick, from base to head. She felt little tingling and prickling sensations flood through her throbbing asshole.

"Ohhhh, Hulk," the teen moaned as she spread a good amount of juice on his prick knob She could not resist dipping just the tip of her index finger into his gaping cum-slit, and wiping out a sticky drop of cum.

The teenager knelt hornily before the big-cocked dog, her asscheeks quivering before his lust-glazed eyes. She looked back at Hulk over one shoulder and felt her breathing quicken. His breaths were steaming out from his flared nostrils. His eyes were rolling back in their sockets. His furry flanks were shuddering violently. He leaped up on her back with his forepaws and sawed his greased cock up and down the crack between her asscheeks, his head flung back and a howl of arousal coming from his doggy lips.

Kim groaned and she reached back feverishly for his pulsing prick. She had to get that fat cock into her ass or she would die with lust and sexual frustration. And she had to get his cock into her fast before Hulk lost control and came all over her back.

"Hurry! Fuck me, Hulk? Fuck my ass!" she cried frantically, trying desperately to get a firm hold on the Dobie's slippery prick.

Gripping the huge dog-cock as tightly as she could, she managed to bend his prick down until she felt the broad cockhead pressing against her shit-chute. Then she took a deep breath, braced herself, and arched her back so her ass was turned up for deep penetration. She wiggled her horny ass against Hulk's cock. Her asshole throbbed with anticipation. Her bowels sizzled with bestial desire. Hot juice dribbled out of her cunt and slid down the insides of her naked thighs.

She felt the Doberman's claws digging into her flesh as he pushed forward. His cock ground against her asshole, his flaring cockhead stretching open her tight ass-ring. It was a tight fit, as always, but the cuntjuices she had smeared all over her asshole and the dog's prick greased the way in.

"Yesssss!" Kim screamed. She felt the dog's entire cock sliding into her asshole in one smooth movement.

Hulk howled, hugging the girl's body against his as if he would never release her.

"God, yes!" Kim gasped, seeing stars before her eyes. Her asshole felt as if on fire around the stretching, invading prick. Every single bit of her assflesh felt swollen with pleasure. She felt hot sensations radiating out from her ass and coursing through her loins. Even her tits were affected. They grew firmer, larger. And her nipples pulsed furiously, as if they might explode any second.

Kim leaned forward, bracing the palms of her hands on the floor and turning her ass up toward the big cock penetrating her. She wriggled her ass back against the dog's warm, furry tummy. She felt the fur around the base of his cock tickling the stretched-out edges of the asshole.

"Ohhhh, you're all the way inside my ass, Hulk! That's it! Now fuck me hard and fast and make us both come!" she demanded.

Her tits hung down, and she rested her head on her arms, feeling her nips pulsing with excitement.

The Doberman clung to her, bent over her and nibbled her back and neck. He licked everywhere his flopping tongue could reach, his wide, wet tongue leaving trails of doggy saliva all over her naked flesh.

"God, Hulk!" the young teenager cried, feeling the dog's big cock flexing inside her, nearly lifting her off the floor.

"Fuck me, you horny Dobie dog! Fuck the shit out of me with your huge fat cock! Use that big cock of yours like you know how to do! Yeah, fuck meeee!" she wailed, feeling her ass burning.

She groaned and caught her hard nips between her fingers, twisting them brutally. As the dog fucked his thick prick back into her asshole, a gasp of pleasure exploded from her lungs.

"Ohhhhh, Hulk, yesss, fuck meee!"

The dog eagerly fucked the full length of his cock in and out of the teenager's shit-chute. He felt her assmuscles tightening around his cock, and he barked with pleasure. His furry tummy and chest slapped against her rhythmically as he fucked his prick in and out of her asshole. He was glued to her ass, biting and licking her back and neck. His tongue washed all over her, making her naked flesh glisten with doggy drool.

A series of animalistic grunts escaped the dog's throat. He panted and whimpered hoarsely, the sounds mingling with Kim's own noises of pleasure. She was breathing raggedly and groaning continually now, thrilling to the lewd sensation of having her little asshole totally stuffed with dog-cock.

Hot tears blurred the girl's vision. She tugged at her tits, pinching her nips, as Hulk continued to fuck her ass.

She thrust her ass back and forth, her tight rubbery asshole gripping the animal's prick. She felt the warm furry pressure of his strong body on top of her, pressing against her back, and she trembled with excitement.

She pumped her hips back and forth, sliding her asshole on the Doberman's cock as he impaled her again and again. The sounds of their forbidden fucking filled the room about them. The slapping of Hulk's furry belly against Kim's upturned ass. The squishing of his greased cock inside her juicy asshole. The girl's moans. The dog's barking and whimpering.

Hulk whined as he fucked in and out of his mistress' ass with smooth, rapid strokes. He was bringing both of them closer to orgasm. His cockmeat burned the sensitive walls of Kim's asshole.

"Fuck meeee! Fuck me, Hulk! You're fucking me so goddamned goooood!" Kim cried with animalistic joy. She felt as if her cunt and asshole were both burning up with lust and Pleasure. Her entire body felt weak in her dog's grip.

The big dog howled. Kim shuddered at the sound and at the feel of her dog lover's steamy breaths against her neck. He sank his sharp fangs into her tender neck.

She howled with pain and pleasure. "Harder, Hulk, harder! Fuck me harder, you sexy dog!"

The dog barked. Understanding his mistress' command like the well-trained dog he was, he began to fuck his hard prick faster and harder inside Kim's asshole.

"Ohhhh, God, yesss," she moaned, clenching the dog-cock with her assmuscles, shuddering all over when she felt the meaty cock pulsing violently against her asswalls.

As Hulk pounded her asshole still harder, Kim felt her body beginning to scoot forward on the floor. She only hoped that both she and her dog would come before the animal fucked her right into the wall opposite where she crouched on all fours.

"God, it's good, so fuckin' good!" Kim grunted under the weight of the rutting Doberman. "I'm gonna in a minute, Hulk! Let's come together!"

The big dog writhed against his mistress' back and ass as he continued to thrust his swelling cock deeper into her asshole.

"Yeeeeee!" Kim cried, tears of ecstasy filling her eyes. She continued to hump back. Each time Hulk shoved his hips forward to impale her ass on his prick, she thrust her hips back to meet it, her asshole eagerly swallowing every inch of the hard cock.

The dog's cock lurched wildly against the tensed walls of Kim's asshole. She felt a violent shudder pass through the entire length of the skewering dog-cock.

Dee knew that the dogie was about to come inside her and she went wild with excitement.

"Do it, Hulk!" she screamed. "Cream my asshole! Come! Shoot!"

Responding on cue, Hulk came. Wads of creamy dog-jism flooded the walls of Kim's ass, filling the tiny hole to overflowing.

"Oohhh, yessss, Hulk, you're coming so hard and fast inside my ass! God, it feels good! More, Hulk! Keep shooting!" Kim yelled hysterically.

She felt the thick dog-spunk backing up, flowing out of her cock-stuffed bunghole and creaming the backs of her thighs. Her thick cuntjuices ran out of her pussy to meet the dog cum, mingling and pooling on the floor between the teenager's spread legs.

Again and again, Kim squealed with delight at the feel of her dog's creamy cum filling her all up. She savored the obscene sensation, moaning again and again. She could actually hear the dog-jizz splashing into her ass and she quivered at the lewd sound.

As Hulk continued to come, his cock flexed so violently inside her ass that Kim found herself being lifted up and down by the big spasming cock. She felt her bloated pussylips shuddering, her clit twitching, and every single inch of her pussyflesh quivering and she knew that her own orgasm was only seconds away. Finally, as the dog-cum continued to pour into her bowels, Kim came.

"I'm coming, Hulk!" she gasped. "I'm coming with you"'

A growling sort of moan came from her throat as her pussy convulsed powerfully. She shuddered uncontrollably, her body jerking back on the animal's rutting cock.

Kim's bestial orgasm went on for long minutes. She was lost in the throes of animalistic pleasure and she groaned again and again, hearing Hulk howling at the same time as he continued to shoot his load inside her.

Chapter 8

The very next afternoon, Dee and Kim both agreed that they would like to fuck the biggest dog they could find. As soon as they got out to the dog kennels behind their house, they excitedly checked all the cages to see just which dogs were boarded on that particular day.

"Randy!" Dee cried, spying the Great Dane. "He's still here and he's sure the biggest fucking dog around!"

"Great!" Kim answered, feeling her pussy beginning to drool with arousal. "Let's hurry up and do our chores. Then we can take Randy to the reception room in front and have some real fun!"

The Great Dane barked several times, and Dee and Kim exchanged lust-filled glances. They giggled when they saw the dog's cock was growing hard.

"Guess he can smell our turned-on pussies," Dee laughed as she and her twin sister hurried away to begin their chores.

The twins completed their chores in record time and eagerly led the horny Great Dane out to the large room.

He gave a high-pitched yelp and looked excitedly from one girl to the other.

"Wow! He's really getting a massive hard-on!" Dee squealed.

"Yeah, and I can hardly wait to taste it," Kim groaned as she and her sister quickly shed all their clothes.

Kim squatted down next to the standing dog, eagerly sucking his cock into her wet mouth. She ran her tongue over and around the still-hardening cockmeat. The dog threw his head back and howled, savoring the obscene thrill of the teen's mouth covering his prick.

"What a sight," Dee giggled as she nakedly got down on the floor before the dog. "Mmmmm, look at that nice, long tongue! I know how good it'll feel in my pussy!"

She spread her legs wide and dipped her fingers into her wet pussy, scooping up a large amount of thick fuck juice. Then, with a little groan, she raised her juice-smeared fingers to Randy's nostrils.

Whoof! Randy barked loudly as he smelled the girl's juice. Then he stuck his long, pink tongue out and roughly licked up the tasty juices, growling deep in his throat at the same time.

"Mmmmmfff," Kim groaned around the thickness of the dog-cock in her mouth. The dog was so excited by the combined thrill of having his cock sucked off and licking Dee's cuntjuice from her soaked fingers that his cock hardened and thickened more and more.

"Come on, you gorgeous dog! Give me your tongue! Lick my wet pussy!" Dee yelled as she reached up with both hands and gripped the sides of the dog's powerful head. She tugged at him, pulling him closer to her steaming crotch.

Randy flared his nostrils and got a good whiff of Dee's pussyjuice. That was all it took. The aroused dog plastered his hungry mouth tightly against Dee's pussy.

"Yessss, you crazy doggy! Lick me and make me come!" Dee screeched, her eyes on her sister's mouth which was still wrapped snugly around Randy's thick cock.

Kim moaned happily, sucking harder on the delicious dog-prick which throbbed lewdly against her inner cheeks. She reminded herself that this was a dog she was sucking off and that she was doing something most people would find disgusting. That thought thrilled her.

As Kim continued to give the Great Dane a skillful blowjob, she could hear the exciting sounds of the animal licking and sucking on her twin sister's little cunt. Kim's own pussy drooled out a steady stream of its juices, dribbling obscenely down her naked thighs.

The huge dog shot his tongue in and out of the teenager's cunthole, feeling Dee's strong cuntmuscles closing. Then he yanked his tongue out of her tiny opening and used it to whip her stiff clit.

"Ohhhh, yeah, that's fantastic!" Dee cried, tossing her head from side to side, still gazing at Kim's cock-stuffed mouth.

With both hands, Dee spread her pussylips wide apart so the pussy-licking dog could find her clit more easily.

"Oh, God, Randy!" Dee squealed, squirming with delight as she felt the rough surface of the flopping dog-tongue scraping across her exposed clit again and again.

Then, the Great Dane slid his tongue all over Dee's cuntlips and finally slid it back into her clenching cunthole

"Yeeeooowww!" Dee cried as she felt the tip of the dog's tongue licking against her hot pussy.

Kim swallowed hard, taking more of the animal's pulsing prick into her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks inward and sucked as hard as she possibly could.

Randy growled with pleasure and Dee screamed and then laughed delightedly as the sound of the animal's growl reverberated throughout her pussy.

As Randy continued to lick Dee's wet pussy, lapping up all her flowing fuck juices, he humped his furry loins downward, fucking more of his prick into Kim's sucking face.

"Unnnghhh," Kim groaned as she felt the dog-cock sliding down her throat. She tightened her throatmuscles and sucked still harder.

Her tastebuds were fully aroused now, and large amounts of saliva filled the girl's mouth. She tasted several drops of pre-cum which dribbled off the end of Randy's dog-cock. And the pre-cum formed a lewd mixture with Kim's saliva, sliding down her throat into her belly. The dog-cock-sucking teenager knew that in just minutes, she would be happily swallowing a full load of dog-cum. She could hardly wait.

Dee watched her sister sucking the dog's cock, the lewd sight turning her on almost as much as the incredibly erotic thrill of the big, rough dog-tongue stroking her clit and fucking her tight little cunthole. She writhed all over the floor, her pussy drenched with juice now.

Both of the twins and the Great Dane were groaning and growling, and their eyes were glazed over with animalistic lust. The dog-tongue lashed Dee's clit harder. Kim deep-throated Randy's cock faster and harder.

All three of the lovers were panting hard now, their bodies shuddering with pleasure. The next time Randy shoved the full length of his tongue up Dee's cunthole, she twisted violently on its tip and came.

"Commmiinnng!" Dee screeched, tightening her pussymuscles hard around the reaming dog-tongue that had just given her such a delicious orgasm.

Seconds later, Randy's cum shot from his prick, flooding Kim's still-sucking mouth.

"Urrghhh," Kim groaned excitedly and her own orgasm rushed through her loins as she swallowed down every drop of Randy's tasty dog-cum. She moaned continually, still sucking on the dog-cock which twitched violently against the walls of her throat.

Randy finished coming, and he howled with pleasure, withdrawing his still-hard prick from Kim's cum-smeared mouth. The huge Great Dane stood there, his big cock throbbing between his furry legs. He looked from one teenager to the other.

When Dee's orgasm ended, she squealed with excitement and rushed over to Kim who was still coming. Dee pushed her twin sister down onto the floor so Kim was flat on her back. Then, Dee reached out and hornily stroked her sister's tits, pinching the stiff nips slightly.

"Oooh, Dee, I'm still coming!" Kim cried. "I know! And I'm just helping so you'll keep coming," Dee said with a grin. Her own little pussy was still pouring out a steady flow of juice which only thickened as she felt her twin's nipples pulsing against her pinching fingers.

Randy gazed at the twins with knowing eyes. Knowing that they were being watched by the Great Dane turned the teenaged twins on all the more.

"God, you always know just how to make my tits really hot," Kim groaned, writhing on the floor. Her sister's tit-caresses sent tingles through her stiff nips.

Suddenly, Kim sat up and faced her sister, her own hand reaching for Dee's tits. Looking directly into her sister's eyes, Kim began to stroke Dee's trembling tits. As the Great Dane watched the bitches, his cock hardening more, the twins stroked each other's tits.

Then, with excited grins, the girls fell into each other's arms and rolled about on the floor. Their naked bodies pressed together. Their budding tits flattened out against each other. Their nipples throbbed against one another. Best of all, their pussies smacked together, one girl's pussyjuice mingling with the other's.

"God, I need a fuck!" Dee cried.

"I think poor Randy does, too," Kim said with a husky laugh. "Get up on your hands and knees, Sis."

Dee obediently and eagerly got up on her hands and knees, her naked ass waving in the air in invitation.

"Great, now just stay there just like that," Kim said.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere," Dee responded.

Kim led Randy over to where Dee was crouched on the floor, waiting to be fucked.

"Up here, boy!" Kim cried, patting her sister's back.

The horny animal got the message at once. He bounced up on Dee's naked back, all but knocking the girl flat on the floor.

"Ooof! This dog's huge!" Dee groaned. "I'd forgotten just how big he really was."

"Yeah, and so is his cock! Wait till you feel this hard-on in your cunt!" Kim said excitedly as she gripped the thick dog-cock and fed the prick inch by inch into her twin's gaping cunt.

"Oh, God, yeah! I can feel Randy's big cock inside me now! Ooooh, more! More dog-cock! I want it all!" Dee squealed.

The sight of her sister's little pussy gobbling up the Great Dane's big prick thrilled Kim no end. And the fact that she was actually stuffing the big prick into Dee's tight cunt just added to her arousal. Even as she saw Dee's pussy drooling out streams of juice, she felt her own cunt dripping with the same kind of liquid.

Randy barked several times, trembling all over as he felt his hard cock being guided into Dee's snapping pussy by Kim's clasping hand.

Kim stared down, moaning with excitement as she watched the long, thick dog-prick gradually disappearing up her sister's pussy until every bit of the hard meat was buried inside Dee.

"God, yessss," Dee hissed between clenched teeth. She felt her little pussyhole completely stuffed with the dog's prick. She could feel the big cock throbbing lewdly against the walls of her tight cunt and she shook all over, relishing the delicious sensation.

"Whew! He's all inside you now, Sis, that's for sure," Kim groaned, shaking her head and tensing all of her muscles in a desperate attempt to maintain control against the overwhelming tide of lust that rushed through every single fiber of her body.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck meeee," Dee wailed hornily.

"Suck my pussy, Sis!" Kim cried lustily as she suddenly threw herself down onto the floor in front of her sister's crouched body.

"Oh, God, Kim, your pussy looks soooo juicy!" Dee groaned as her sister spread her legs wide. Dee found herself gazing straight into her twin's wet cunt.

"Hurry, for God's sake, Dee! I'm so horny I can hardly stand it! Lick me! Eat my pussy! Make me come!" Kim squealed, pawing at her own tits.

Dee took one hand off the floor, struggling to maintain her precarious balance with one hand and both knees. It wasn't easy for the girl to keep her balance that way, for the Great Dane was still pounding her pussy with bone-jarring thrusts of his fat cock. And the impact of his savage fucking style caused Dee's body to shudder violently with each inward plunge.

With her free hand, Dee now ran her finger tips all over her sister's bloated pussymound.

"Ooooh, yes!" Kim cried huskily.

Dee felt her sister's juice smearing across her fingertips, and she swallowed hard, loving the lewd sensation. As Randy continued to fuck Dee dog-style, she stuck one finger between Kim's puffy cuntlips and stroked the girl's clit.

Dee lowered her head and stuck her tongue out. She ran her wet tongue all over her twin's cunt, lapping up the dribbling pussy- juice and feeling it trickling down her throat.

"Do it, Sis! Eat my pussy out while that dog's big cock fucks you raw!" Kim cried.

While Dee kept licking Kim's pussy, Kim reached out and grasped both of Dee's swinging tits. With one tit in each hand, Kim squeezed hard.

"Unngghhh!" Dee groaned, thrilling to the dual, excitement of her tits being squeezed and fondled by her twin sister, and her aching pussy being filled to the brim with dog-cock.

Dee suddenly thrust the full length of her wet tongue into Kim's cunthole.

"Aieeeee! Fuck me, Sis! Yeah, fuck me with your tongue!" Kim shrilled as she dug her fingertips savagely into Dee's tender tit- flesh. Then she moved her hands and wrapped her fingers around her sister's jutting nipples. She tightened her fingers around them, tugging them out from the rosy little circles which surrounded them. Then, she released the twin nips with a snapping sound and Dee groaned into Kim's cunt when she felt her nipples snapping back into place.

"Yessss! Keep fucking my cunt, Dee!" Kim yelled as she felt her twin's rasping tongue shooting up into her fuckhole again and again. Kim tightened her pussymuscles about her sister's tongue, and both of the teenagers groaned with excitement.

Randy pulled his prick out of Dee's snapping cunt until only its flared head was still inside her. Then, with a series of barks, the big Great Dane shoved fully back into her again. Once more, Dee's little pussy was filled to the brim with the dog's hard cockmeat.

Dee gurgled against her sister's wet pussy as she felt the dog impaling her pussy on his prick again and again. Each time Dee thrust her hips back to meet Randy's fat dog-cock, her tits slid in Kim's hands and Kim grasped still tighter, as if never wanting to release the tits.

Randy growled with pleasure each time he felt Dee's cuntmuscles tightening against his reaming prick. His balls were loaded with a fresh load of cum, and the animal sensed that it would be only a matter of seconds before he emptied his scum into Dee's hungry little pussy.

Dee shivered all over, loving all the lewd sensations that were bombarding her naked body.

Kim took her twin sister's nips between thumbs and forefingers and pinched hard.

"Aaarghhh!" Dee cried with pain and pleasure.

"Ohhh, yeah, I love it!" Kim cried, pinching Dee's nipples hard again.

"Yeeeooowww! Yessss," Dee hissed.

Randy barked as if he understood exactly what was happening. He pressed his furry underbelly even harder against Dee's back, pushing her downward as he fucked her with harder, deeper strokes.

Dee groaned with excitement. She was using both hands to brace herself against the floor again, and it was a good thing. For the dog was pushing against her so hard now that she had her work cut out for her to avoid being pushed completely down on her belly. If that happened, she would land right between her sister's legs. Not a bad place to land, Dee thought with a grin.

"God,yes!" Kim cried as Dee's tongue pulled out and began to whip at Kim's clit. "Lick my clit, Sis! Suck it! Bite it! Make me come!"

Dee wrapped her lips about the base of Kim's twitching clit and sucked with all of her might.

"Yes, that's it!" Kim gasped, tightening her hold on Dee's tits.

Dee sank her teeth into the edges of her sister's clit, and that was all it took to make Kim come.

"I'm coming, Sis! You did it! Yeah, you made me come with your mouth! Keep sucking my pussy while I come, Sis! Eat all my girl- cum! I loVe it when you do that!" Kim shouted, shuddering uncontrollably as she climaxed savagely.

Waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over the young girl and she clenched her fingers so hard about Dee's tits that little red welts rose up on the otherwise white titflesh. Gallons of cuntjuice flowed out of Kim's puckering cunthole as she came. Dee felt the thick juice gushing into her mouth and she moaned, swallowing it all down.

Long moments later, Kim's orgasm began to ebb. Dee raised her juice-smeared face. She grinned down at her ecstatic sister, panting hard.

"That was super, Sis," Dee groaned, thrusting back to meet Randy's prick, which was still skewering her little pussy.

"Yeah, it sure was! Now I want to suck on your tits," Kim said, sitting up again and holding both Dee's tits in her hands more gently. She tightly squeezed the two titmounds together, trying to form one big strawberry-topped tit.

"Do it, Kim! Suck my tits while Randy keeps fucking me! Suck them until I come!" Dee cried urgently.

Kim lifted her sister's tits up and out. She lowered her face toward them. Kim greedily sucked them into her mouth.

"Yessss," Dee hissed.

Kim was sucking and licking Dee's nipples, feeling them throb lewdly against her lips and tongue. She was sucking as much of the surrounding titflesh as possible into her wet mouth as well, until her little mouth was stuffed to overflowing with the firm tit- flesh.

"Oohhhh, aaarghh, unnhhh," Dee groaned, throwing her head from side to side as her sister tongued and sucked her tits.

Dee continued to shove her hips forward and back. She watched Kim suck her tits as her own pussymuscles clamped tight and then released the fat dog-cock inside her.

Kim sucked harder on the other girl's nipples. Then Kim bit none too gently on the strawberry buds.

"Yieeeee!" Dee cried as jolts of pain and pleasure shot through her entire body.

Randy barked again as he pulled his prick almost all the way out of the teenager's pussy. With a savage growl from deep in his throat, he fucked back in, harder than ever.

At that precise moment, Kim again sank her teeth into Dee's nips. The combined sensations took Dee over the edge.

"Awwww, shijit, commmiiinnnggg," Dee panted hoarsely.

The Great Dane felt a great outpouring of cuntjuice completely soaking his prick as the teenager came.

Knowing that Dee was coming thrilled Kim to the max. She tugged Dee's nips between her teeth and shook her head from side to side in a violent series of movements, as if she were a dog.

"Yessss, commmiiinnnggg!" Dee cried, throwing her head back and feeling herself flush from head to toe.

Dee shoved her hips back as hard as she could. Randy thrust forward to meet her, and his balls finally exploded, showering the teenager's pussywalls with hot dog-cum.

Chapter 9

It rained steadily for a week after that, reducing the dog pen behind the kennels to a muddy swamp. The fence-enclosed dog pen was bare of grass. And, after the hard-pounding rain, it looked more like a huge pig sty than anything else.

Saturday morning, the Dixons received an urgent telephone call. The twins' aunt, their mother's sister, had taken a bad fall and broken her hip. She was all alone and needed help badly. After some hurried instructions to the twins about the kennels and a few loving words about being sure to take care of themselves, the twins' parents left town.

After waving their parents off, Dee and Kim went out to the kennels. It was always their favorite place to be and now they could stay out there just as long as they wanted without arousing their parents' suspicion.

After completing their chores, they stood facing each other, their feverish thoughts running in the same exciting direction.

"I'm hornier than hell," Dee said with a little giggle.

"Me too!" Kim responded, her eyes widening.

"Let's let all the dogs out into the pen in back," Dee said eagerly.

"But it's a swamp out there . . . all muddy it's a mess," Kim said, wondering what her sister had in mind.

"So what?" Dee asked, beginning to run her hands over her own tits and moaning softly.

Kim's eyes widened more as she watched her sister. She licked her lips, feeling her little pussy beginning to drool.

"Well . . . the dogs will get filthy and we'll have to wash them all off afterwards," Kim said weakly.

"So what?" Dee said again with a casual shrug of her shoulders. "Just think of all the fun we can have with the dogs out in the mud. As for washing them afterwards, remember that we'll have to wash every single part of their bodies!"

"Yeah, that's right! Even their cocks!" Kim cried, catching on.

"Especially their cocks," Dee said and they both laughed as they ran to release the dogs.

"Too bad Randy went home a few days ago," Kim muttered as the girls opened the dogs' cages and shooed the animals out into the large muddy pen behind the kennel building. The bitches boarding there whined in disappointment, but that was too bad.

"Yeah, he was one great fuck all right," Dee agreed. "But we've still got Dancer and Leroy and a few other dogs here we haven't ever made it with before!"

"What a gorgeous collie dog," Kim murmured as she and her twin stood at the entrance to the dog pen, watching all the dogs excitedly cavorting in the mud. "What's his name?"

"Would you believe Laddie?" Dee asked with a grin.

"You're kidding! How original!" Kim said, laughing.

"Yeah, I know. But I agree that he's gorgeous. And look at that big bulldog over there. He's got a hard-on that's making my mouth water," Dee said, her little pussy growing hot beneath her shorts.

"Me too! His name's Baxter. I read his nametag when we let him out," Kim said. "Come on, we're wasting time! Let's strip!"

Within seconds, the horny twin sisters were completely naked and they laughed with delight when they saw the dogs looking at them with real interest.

"You know, I feel kinda sorry for those three female dogs inside," Kim said, glancing back at the kennel building. "Can't we let them out here too?"

"No, Sis, if we do that, we'll have too much competition. These horny males might want to fuck them instead. And you know how strict Daddy always is about separating the two sexes. The owners don't want to find out later that their bitch dog is pregnant by some stud dog they don't even know," Dee said.

"Yeah, that's right. But I feel sorry for them. They'd probably like to be out here too," Kim said.

"Don't worry, Sis. After we have our fun with these big-cocked dogs, we'll clean them up and put them back in their cages. Then we'll let the bitches out for awhile so they'll have their turn too," Dee said.

"Okay!" Kim said, feeling better about the whole thing and the twins grinned at each other.

Dee stepped into the dog pen. As she stepped into the oozing mud, she groaned, feeling the muck go all the way up to her ankles. She joined the dogs, stroking them, playing with them, while Kim watched from the sidelines.

"Go on, Sis!" Kim urged, turning on more as she watched her sister with the dogs who were all sporting big hard-ons now. "Don't be afraid to get dirty!"

"You should talk," Dee laughed. "You're too chicken to even come out here!"

"I'll show you!" Kim said, laughing too as she wallowed out into the muddy dog pen and moved to her twin sister's side.

Dee cupped her own tits. Cooing with pleasure, she rubbed them, plumping them up.

"Do you like my tits, Sis?" she asked thickly.

"Sure, you know I do," Kim rasped hoarsely. "They're gorgeous."

"Mmmmm, my nipples are aching. They're so stiff," Dee said. She pressed the pads of her thumbs against the throbbing points of her nips, pressing and rubbing them.

Forming a circle around the two girls, the dogs barked excitedly, all of the horny stud animals watching the girls' every move.

"God, Sis, you're making my pussy so wet and hot!" Kim groaned.

"That's why the dogs are getting so turned on. They can smell our pussies. You know how that always gets to them," Dee said.

"Play with your pussy, Dee!" Kim cried. "Get it good and hot for the dogs! Make more fuck juice so the dogs can smell it!"

Dee stood there in the mud, pinching her stiff nipples, tugging at them. Her other hand drifted down her tummy and fell on her damp crotch. She stroked her juicy cuntlips. They rippled lewdly under her massaging fingers. She continued to tug and pinch her nipples with one hand while she fondled her cunt with the other.

"Wow! You're really horny! I can see a whole bunch of juice coming out of your pussy!" Kim cried excitedly as she watched her sister with lust-glazed eyes. "And the dogs can smell it too! Listen to them!"

Kim was right. The dogs all crowded closer to the twins, pressing their furry bodies against the girls and whining and whimpering with doggy lust.

Wetness oozed in Dee's pussy-slit, smearing on her stroking fingers. She began to rub her cunt up and down as fast and hard as she possibly could.

She spread her legs wider, pressed her middle finger to her sticky cuntlips, and slid it on inside her. The Young girl threw her head back and moaned. She stood there in the mud and finger- fucked herself, her legs bent at the knees, her stiff-nippled tits jutting straight out.

Faster and harder she pumped her finger in and out of her cunthole while the horny dogs moved still closer, all of them sniffing at her aroused cunt.

"That's enough, Sis," Kim groaned, her own little pussy dripping with juice. She moaned as she felt a cold wet nose burrowing against her aching cunt.

"Just a little more," Dee panted, reluctant to stop fucking her finger in and out of her wet cunt.

"Stop, Sis! Save some for the dogs!" Kim said urgently.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Dee giggled as she withdrew her juice-soaked finger from her pussy. "Who wants it?"

Dee held her finger out and felt three dog-tongues licking it hard.

"Wow, Sis, you're really acting like a bitch in heat," Kim said, shaking her head in awe.

"You think so? Then watch this!" Dee said teasingly as she suddenly dropped to her hands and knees in the mud.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Kim cried. Dee began to move around the dogs on her hands and knees. Her tits and ass jiggled temptingly and although the animals appeared to be a little confused by the girl's behavior, they were also very turned on. It was as if the girl had become one of them and their cocks grew fatter and harder as they watched her.

"God!" Kim cried, beginning to stoke her own pussy as she watched.

Dee padded up to her sister and brushed her naked flesh against Kim. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked the girl's free hand. With her other hand, Kim was still stroking her own pussy, running one finger in and out of her aching fuckhole. With her free hand, Kim pat ted the top of Dee's head.

"Good doggy," Kim said with a husky laugh. Suddenly, Kim took her hand from her pussy and used both hands to give her sister a powerful push downward. Dee fell into the mud and laughed. Dee gasped as she felt trickles of the slimy mud oozing into her cunt.

"Wow! I like that!" Dee panted.

Dee's white back, ass, and legs, stood out against the dark, engulfing mud. Dee shivered with perverse pleasure as she felt the thick mud coating her tits. The stuff rubbed against her stiff nipples and Dee moaned with excitement.

Dee struggled to her hands and knees again, mud oozing over the front of her body. She crawled around, laughing excitedly, the dogs an following her. She wallowed in the mud, the front part of her lovely young body now covered with a thick coating of the dripping mud.

"You horny bitch!" Kim cried, delighting in the lewd sight of her twin sister gleefully rolling about in the mud.

Laddie, the gorgeous collie dog, moved to the front of the pack, whining as his sensitive nostrils caught the arousing scent of a bitch in heat.

The collie pressed his body against Dee's. He pressed his snout against the teenager's mud- spattered tits, sniffing and licking. Then he circled her body, his nose prodding into her ass and cunt.

"Oh, yeah, Laddie, go for it!" Dee cried, wiggling her tits and ass to and fro.

The collie barked as he mounted Dee. His muddy forepaws slid across her back. He humped his underside against Dee's ass.

"Yeah, fuck her good, Laddie!" Kim cried, leaning against the fence as she moved both hands to her cunt. She thrust the middle finger of one hand up into her puckering cunthole, fucking it in and out while she watched her sister and the come. With the thumb of her other hand, she rubbed her clit. She sank the middle finger of that same hand into her asshole, bucking back and forth between both hands.

"Yessss, Laddie, fuck meeee," Dee wailed, jerking her head up. She reached behind her body and guided the dog-cock into her cunt. She pressed the fat prick to her cuntlips and worked it inside her, using a screwing motion, jamming it deep inside her.

The fat dog-cock of the come was fully inside Dee's pussy now, filling her, stretching her pussywalls out.

"Yesssss! That's it! Now fuck me!" Dee gasped.

Laddie yelped excitedly. Kim groaned. The other dogs all whined as they sat down in the mud, as if realizing that they would just have to wait for their turn.

Laddie pushed forward deeper, driving his cock into Dee's pussy with hard stabbing thrusts. Dee felt the tip of the dog-prick striking the back wall of her pussy and she cried out with animalistic pleasure.

Suddenly, Dancer, the Irish Setter, detached himself from the other dogs and he moved over to Kim, rubbing against her legs. Kim squatted down and took one hand away from her pussy and asshole. With that hand, she began to jerk off Dancer's enormous hard-on.

Dancer's cock throbbed in Kim's grasp. The young girl tightened her fist around the pulsing prick and jerked it up and down. At the same time, Kim continued to pump her finger in and out of her pussyhole with her other hand. All the while, both Kim and Dancer kept their eyes riveted on the thrilling action taking place just yards from them. They were hurriedly gazing at Dee and the collie fucking each other.

Laddie was fucking his cock into Dee hard and fast now, fucking them both toward orgasm.

"Yeah! I'm gonna come in a minute, Laddie! Fuck me haaard!" Dee cried, licking her lips as she looked at the other dogs, her gaze moving from one hard cock to another.

Dee leaned forward more, bracing her forearms against the muddy ground to brace her body against the come dog's hard-driving fucking. Each stroke of his huge prick threatened to knock her forward.

Suddenly, Laddie fucked deep inside Dee's pussy, and he came. He tilted his furry head back and howled up at the sky as he unloaded. The other dogs barked and howled along with him.

"Yessss! Commmiiinnnggg!" Dee screamed as she felt the collie's cum gushing into her cunt and she came with him.

"Wow!" Kim gasped as her own orgasm pounded through her.

Dancer yelped and released a thick stream of dog-cum into Kim's pumping hand. Kim raised her sticky hand to her face and licked up the tasty jism, moaning with pleasure.

Satisfied now, Laddie dismounted from Dee, popping his dog- cock out of her still-spasming cunt.

The instant that the Collie trotted away, the big bulldog, Baxter, leaped up onto Dee's back.

But this time, Dee felt the fat dog-cock nudging against the crack between her asscheeks.

"God, Kim, he wants to bugger my ass!" Dee squealed.

"All right!" Kim cried excitedly. She and Dancer were both breathing hard from the force of their big orgasms.

Dee reached behind with both hands and eagerly spread her asscheeks wide.

Baxter pushed forward and fucked his huge cock into the girl's tiny asshole.

"God, that hurts! But it feels great!" Dee cried, tears of joy and pleasure streaming down her face.

The bulldog wrapped his forepaws around the girl's chest, squeezing her firm tits with his paws, almost using them as handles as he fucked Dee.

"Oooooof!" Dee gasped as the dog's hard cock-thrusts knocked all the air out of her.

When Dee caught her breath, she immediately began to respond to the bulldog's ass-fucking movements. She writhed and thrust back at him as he fucked into her again and again. He gripped her tits tightly with both paws, clasping both of the budding mounds.

"Unnghhh, good, really, really good," Dee grunted as she strained to tighten her assmuscles around the animal's cock, squeezing it lewdly inside her bunghole.

She felt her sharp claws of the dog digging into her nipples.

"Owwwww!" Dee Yelled, but she grinned with delight.

The bulldog barked and withdrew his hard prick until only its tip remained Inside the teen's clenching ass-ring.

"Nooooo! Stick it back in meeee! Don't tease meeeee," Dee wailed.

Kim giggled, thinking that her silly sister was acting as if her lover were a man instead of a dog. But, then, who was she to talk about acting silly.

Baxter the bulldog reared back and lunged forward, sending the entire length of his long, thick prick up Dee's aching, distended asshole.

"Yesssss, that's a good doggy!" Dee panted. "That's it! I can feel your fat dog-cock all the way up my ass! Ohhhh, God, it's so big and thick and hard! And I can even feel it throbbing! God, what a turn-on! Fuck me, doggy!"

Dee continued to match the animal thrust for thrust, fucking back at him with her hips and asseheeks. Then she reached between her legs and gently gripped his swinging balls.

Baxter howled as he felt the girl's hand closing around his cum-laden balls. He began to fuck her ass harder and faster now, sensing that his orgasm was not far off.

"Mmm, I can feel your cum inside your balls, Baxter! It feels all hot and thick," Dee moaned.

Baxter barked as he fucked the full length of his prick inside her ass and held there for his orgasm.

"He's gonna come! I can tell! Yeah, come hard, Baxter! I need your cum sooo bad! Come, doggy! Come inside my ass!" Dee cried as her own orgasm began.

Baxter barked continually as he unloaded.

"Yesssss!" Dee shrieked when she felt the dog's hot cum gushing into her ravaged asshole. Dee came hard, right along with him. As her orgasm pounded through her body, she savored the feel of the bulldog's jism spilling out of her tiny asshole and running lewdly down her legs and on into the mud.

Then Dee slumped forward, feeling spent.

"I gotta rest," Dee panted.

"Okay, then you can watch while I get it on with one of these doggies," Kim said eagerly, moving away from the fence and looking around at the dogs, trying to decide which cock she would like to feel inside her.

Dee turned around and sat down in the mud, moaning as she felt the gooey stuff oozing into her ass-crack. As Dee settled down into the muddy ground, a couple of the dogs moved to her side. One of them began to run his long, rough tongue all over her face and neck and shoulders. And the other dog licked her tits.

Leroy, the beagle, moved toward Kim with an eager expression on his furry face, and Kim laughed.

"Okay, Leroy, you've got a hard-on there that could break a plate so I guess you're the one," Kim said. She lay on her back in the mud not far from her sister. Kim spread her legs wide, wondering if Leroy would mind getting his cock all muddy when he fucked into her pussy. Kim's little cunt was running thickly with the dirty substance.

Leroy straddled the teenager's body with his own, his head right above hers.

"Mmmmm," Kim murmured as she felt the dog's furry chest pressing down against her own, squashing her tits. She began to run her hands all over his body, thrilling to the way the beagle's hard muscles rippled beneath her bestial touch.

"Fuck her, Leroy!" Dee yelled excitedly from where she sat with the two dogs licking her face and tits

"Yessss, fuck meeeee," Kim hissed between clenched teeth.

Chapter 10

Kim squealed with excitement when she saw the beagle's cock. She groaned with lust and reached out for it with both hands.

Kim ran her fingers up and down the full length of the turgid dog-prick. She took her hands away from his cock a few seconds later, pleased to see that it was so stiff now that it jut ted out from the dog's furry crotch. It was aiming directly for the teen's wet cunt.

Just as Kim was about to beg Leroy to fuck her, the dog fucked forward with a savage lunge.

"Wheeee!" Kim cried as she felt the hard rock of his prick shove deeply into her aching cunt.

The aroused animal began to fuck vigorously at once. Kim fucked back at him, slamming her crotch up hard against his on each downward stroke.

She flushed all over although it could not be seen beneath the mud coat she wore. She felt a hot sexual sweat pouring out from every pore of her body.

"Arrghhh, yes, fuck me, Leroy, you beautiful dog!" she cried, feeling overwhelmed by the intense fuck-lust that swept through her body.

Leroy did not seem to mind at all having to fuck through the mud that filled the teenager's pussy. The mud mingled with Kim's cuntjuice and Leroy's pre-cum, forming a strange mixture.

From where she sat, Dee could hear the sloshing sounds of Leroy's beagle-cock sloshing through the mud and fuck juice as he fucked in and out of her sister's pussy. Dee shivered all over with excitement as she reached out and drew the heads of the two licking dogs closer to her. She felt one rough dog-tongue playing over her tits and the other dog-tongue still washing over her face and behind her ears. Both of the dogs nibbled at her flesh now and then.

Kim's cuntsauce poured out thickly, mixing with the mud, soaking into Leroy's thrusting cock. Her little cunt felt just the way she loved it ... stuffed to the absolute brim with the hard meat of a dog's cock.

Leroy fucked into his human lover's cunt and pulled back to slam hard and fast into her again, never slowing his feverish fucking pace. Kim felt completely whorish and animalistic as she fucked back at the beagle and his big, pulsing prick.

She pulled him tightly against her with both arms. Then she arched her hips and snaked her legs about his back and loins as the pulsing cock plunged into her time and time again. She knew that this dog was not about to slow down until he had made them both come.

"Urghhh, you're fucking me sooo fuckin' good, Leroy!" she gurgled, hugging the animal even tighter.

Leroy responded to the girl's praise with a series of snorts and whimpers. He continued to pump his prick in and out of her pussy.

As the dog fucked Kim, part of his dog-cock scraped deliciously against the fiery nub of her clit.

"Oh, yes!" Kim cried, feeling a double shiver of bestial pleasure coursing through her with each deep thrust.

"You two look good!" Dee sang out from where she continued to sit happily in the mud, the two dogs still licking her.

"Fuck me, Leroy, fuck me hard!" Kim screamed.

Suddenly, the girl came. Waves of orgasmic pleasure swept through her as the beagle dog continued to fuck her. Each of his thrusts was harder and deeper, intensifying Kim's orgasm as it pounded through her.

"Come now!" Kim panted. "Shoot your juice, Leroy!"

The dog's hard prick fucked into the teenager's spasming pussy farther than before. His spongy prickhead banged into the back wall of her pussy.

Leroy howled loudly as he came and, again, a chorus of resounding howls broke out among the other dogs.

"Yesssss, good doggy!" Kim groaned as she felt the hot jet of dog-cum scalding her pussywalls.

"God, that was great! Now I'm all horny again! I think I'd like to suck dog-cock now!" Dee squealed, reaching out for Dancer, one of the dogs who had been licking her.

"Good! And I'll watch you while I catch my breath!" Kim said with an eager-sounding laugh as Leroy pulled his softening prick out of her pussy and trotted off without so much as a backward glance.

Dee licked her lips in breathless anticipation as she eyed Dancer's tremendous hard-on. The big cock seemed to be throbbing before her widened eyes and she gave a little squeal as she lay down on her back. Then she slid through the mud until she was lying with her head and part of her shoulders underneath the Irish Setter's furry loins.

"Go for it, Sis! Suck him off!" Kim cried, sitting up in the mud to watch her sister.

Dee didn't even hear Kim. Dee was too far gone with lust and the blood was pounding too loudly through her ears for her to hear anything.

She lifted her head and opened her mouth at the same time. The dog-cock was only an inch or so away from her moist lips now. She moaned as she flicked her tongue out across the broad, satiny cockhead. Dancer whimpered and began to move back and forth on all four legs.

"Yeah, Sis, you're doing it now!" Kim cried, clapping her muddy hands together with delight. "Lick his cock!"

Dee licked Dancer's cock faster. She longed to swallow the entire meaty cock. She ran her tongue all around it and up and down, liking the way the gorgeous dog whined and whimpered with pleasure. A drop of white pre-cum oozed from the puckering cum-slit at the tip of the dog-cock and Dee moaned with excitement as she saw it.

"Unhhh," Dee moaned as she eagerly lapped it up. She loved the taste. Dee's little pussy grew hotter and wetter. Dancer's cock looked so hard and juicy and good. And Dee couldn't wait to suck it all down her throat.

Dee opened her mouth wide again and eagerly took the head of the big dog-cock into her wet mouth, closing her lips. She felt the thick blue veins of the cock pulsing against her lips and she trembled. Her tongue pressed demandingly against the swollen cockhead.

"Ooooh, lookin' good, Sis!" Kim cried as she began to fondle her own pussy while she continued to watch her sister's lewd actions. "Suck him hard! Make him shoot all his cum into your mouth!"

"Mmmmfff," Dee responded around the thickness of the cock in her mouth. Kim's obscene words further inflamed Dee's desire, and Dee sucked in her cheeks.

Dancer whined and humped his loins down ward, trying to shove more of his prick into the teen's mouth.

Dee's little pussy was seething with lust now. And her cunt burbled with fresh, thick cunt juice. The fucksauce flowed freely from between Dee's swollen pussylips, completely soaking the insides of her quaking mud-caked thighs.

Dee felt the dog's humping movements forcing more of his cock into her mouth. She eagerly went with the movement until she felt the tip of his dog-prick nudging against the back of her throat, tickling at her tonsils.

"Unnggghhh," Dee groaned, knowing that she was about to deep- throat the animal's cock.

She swallowed hard at the same instant Dancer shoved his loins downward. And his entire prick slid down her throat.

"Aaarghhh," Dee gurgled as she clenched the tight walls of her throat about the thick dog-cock.

Dancer howled as if mortally wounded, and the other dogs took up the chorus until the big dog pen was filled with the exciting sound of howling, barking dogs.

"Jeeeesus!" Kim gasped, sliding one finger up into her cunthole and shivering with lust as she watched with lust-widened eyes.

Dancer pumped his furry loins up and down, fucking Dee's face with his enormous hard-on. Each time he plunged downward, the entire length of his cock slid down her throat, almost making the youngster gag. But Dee had long ago learned how to resist the gag reflex and she expertly took the whole cock down, loving the way his prick throbbed against the walls of her throat.

When the Irish Setter pulled his prick out again, Dee tightened her lips about the base of his cockhead, not allowing him to pull all the way out of her mouth. She swirled her tongue all over the surface of the pulsing prick-knob, tasting the little drops of pearly pre-cum which gathered there.

As she sucked Dancer and deep-throated his prick, she felt her little pussy twitching like mad. She knew that she would be coming soon and she only hoped that she could time it so that Dancer would release his cum into her mouth at the same time.

Watching her sister sucking off Dancer's fat cock, Kim fucked her finger faster and harder into her snug pussyhole. She clenched her finger with her pussymuscles.

As she continued to deep-throat the Irish Setter's cock, Dee felt her nipples stiffening painfully. Her tit-mounds ached, and she resolved to have one of the dogs suck on her tits and lick her nips when she finished with Dancer.

Dancer humped his ass again, faster and harder this time, feeding his cock into Dee's sucking mouth inch by teasing inch. At the same time, he made little growling noises deep in his throat.

The lewd sounds aroused the horny teen all the more. She could feel the knob of Dancer's prick against her throat, pushing hard against her tonsils. Her entire mouth was stuffed with the thickly throbbing cockmeat. Dee moaned loudly around the dog's prick as she licked and sucked.

"Ummmmffff," Dee moaned, sucking the dog's cock as hard as she could, unable to control her raging animalistic lust.

"Yeah, Sis, Suck it hard! Make him come. Don't you want all that gooey dog-jizz sliding down your throat! Yeah, suck him hard, you horny little bitch in heat!" Kim screeched as she strummed her clit hard with her thumb while still fucking one finger in and out of her clasping pussyhole.

While she continued to deepthroat the Irish Setter's prick, Dee cupped the furry sac of his balls with one hand, stroking his balls gently but with a steady pressure, hoping to coax the dog cum out of those balls and into her mouth.

The cock-sucking teenager whorishly puffed her cheeks in and out, increasing the suction around the prick more and more. Dee deep-throated the animal with powerful sucks, working her tongue around.

The dog came, and Dee drank his cum.

Dee felt the cold wet nose of a dog burrowing between her pussy-lips. And the next thing she knew, she was being straddled by a big black Doberman. Dancer quickly moved out of the way.

"Hulk! It's Hulk!" Dee cried gleefully, looking up into the furry face of her beloved dog.

"I know! Guess he heard all the howling out here and decided to check it out," Kim said.

Dee thought Kim's voice sounded a little strange. As Dee felt her little pussy being filled to the brim with Hulk's hard cock, she moaned with pleasure and glanced over to see what was going on with Kim.

"God!" Dee gasped as she saw her sister crouched on all fours in the slimy mud with a huge Labrador fucking her pussy from behind.

All of the other dogs gathered around the twin girls. As Dee looked into the faces of the dogs, she realized happily that it would be a very long time before the animals would allow Dee and Kim to leave the dog pen.

And that was more than fine with her.