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Addicted To Dog Cock

I’ve never told this story to anyone before, and I’ll bet my ex-girlfriend hasn’t either. About 10 years ago my then girlfriend and I were living in a small country town, sharing an apartment in a single story block. One day I came home from work to find she had brought home a stray dog, a blue heeler cattle dog. The dog was friendly, and very affectionate, and she called him Prince, and I remember that I didn’t want to keep him. One Friday night, we arrived home from our usual evening at the pub, followed by a couple of hours at the nightclub, and we were both fairly smashed. The finale of these evenings was usually some pretty uninhibited sex, if we were still sober enough.

On this particular night I went into the bathroom to relieve my bladder, then as I washed I heard my girlfriend (we’ll call her Sarah) giggling in the bedroom next door. I dried up and sneaked to the bedroom to see what wickedness she was working on, and found, when I peeked around the door, she was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, legs spread, and Prince was licking her pussy! He licked her harder, and she lay back a little and spread her labia to give him better access. I found my cock hardening, and quickly stripped, and then went in to join in the fun.

Sarah was unrepentant about being caught with a dog licking her cunt, and encouraged me to let him lick my throbbing cock. I did, and enjoyed it thoroughly, although not as much as she did. Prince licked her some more, and then I pushed him out of the way and slipped my cock into her very wet pussy. While I fucked her, Prince put his head under us and licked at her pussy and my cock and balls as they churned together. I came fairly quickly (try fucking while someone licks your balls), and Sarah wanted more. I wanted a bit of a rest, so while Prince was licking our mingled cum juices from her cunt, I suggested she let him fuck her.

“Ewwwww” she said and giggled, but I explained that a dog’s cock was at least as clean as mine, since he licks it all day, and that it swelled up during sex, and was completely safe. She was a city girl and had never seen a dog’s cock, so I pulled back the dog’s sheath and showed her his thin, pointed pink penis. Prince humped my hand and danced around, so I coaxed Sarah onto her hands and knees, and leading the dog behind her, wanked him a little while he licked her sopping cunt. He got the idea quickly and mounted her, wrapping his paws around her thighs, and thrusting for her vagina. I reached under him and guided his thin, wet penis to her hot, wet hole. He rammed it in, and Sarah gasped and then moaned as he started humping her like crazy, trying to get deep enough to tie with her. I slipped my hand between them and kept the swelling knot outside her, already huge and throbbing, banging against her labia, blocked by my clasping fingers. By this time Sarah was moaning with each thrust, and Prince’s cock felt like a huge sausage plunging in and out of her pussy.

Eventually he dismounted, pulling his cock from her with a slurping noise, followed by a stream of doggie cum and precum, and he stood beside her, his swollen cock twitching and spurting, grown to about 7 inches long and 2 thick, with the knot at least 3 ½ inches thick. Hard again, I knelt behind her and slipped easily into her dribbling cunt, and while I screwed her I encouraged her to take Prince’s cock in her mouth and suck it, swallowing his spurting semen. Prince stood happily as she sucked him, and I screwed her for another half hour before we collapsed together, exhausted and drained from our rather perverted evening.

In the morning Sarah was rather ashamed of our behaviour, but I persuaded her that if it felt good and Prince liked it too, we weren’t doing anything wrong. Sarah wasn’t working at the time, so during the day she was home alone with Prince, and a few days later she called me at work and asked me to come home straight away. She sounded a little desperate, so I made an excuse and rushed back to our apartment. I let myself in, and followed Sarah’s moans to the bedroom. She was kneeling on the floor, in a t-shirt and miniskirt, which was pulled up, no knickers, and standing butt-to-butt to her was Prince, knotted deep inside her. I stifled a laugh and tried to calm her down, explaining that his knot would shrink in a little while, and to hold tight with her pussy muscles and make sure he couldn’t pull it out. I patted Prince, and examined the tie, feeling his knot just inside her vagina, and when he pulled, seeing his cum dribble from her. Sarah explained between gasps that she was dressing to go out when Prince had stuck his nose up her skirt and licked her pussy, one thing led to another, and before she knew it he was tied inside her. She said that every time Prince tried to pull his knot clear, he hit her G-spot and she would swoon, but she had been scared that he would pull it out and tear her. Eventually Prince stopped ejaculating, and eased his shrinking knot from her, followed by a gush of semen.

This went on for a couple of months, Prince became part of our sex life, and Sarah became a slave to Prince’s rather overactive libido, doing the housework dressed only in a t-shirt, so that the dog could lick her at any time, and allowing him to fuck her at will. I would come home from work to find them knotted together, or Sarah asleep and exhausted on the bed with dog cum dribbling from her pussy. We would take Prince for walks on the weekends, and Sarah would wear skirts with no knickers, just in case he felt like sex, and I would keep watch while she led him into the bushes and let him take her.

Sarah’s dog obsession moved beyond our own dog when she volunteered to work at the local pound. She was often the only person at the pound, when the ranger was out on his rounds, so she would take the opportunity to let selected dogs fuck her in the small storeroom, being careful to stop them from tying with her. One Sunday, when she knew the ranger was away at the beach for the weekend, she asked me to come to the pound with her for the day. I agreed, and when we got there she gave me a list of dogs and pen numbers she had prepared, and asked me to bring me the dogs in that order. In the vet’s surgery she rolled an old blanket out on the floor, and stripping off, she told me to “bring them on”.

I went and got the first dog, a small terrier cross, and took him into the room, giving him a few strokes on his sheath. Sarah got on her hands and knees and spread her knees well apart so her cunt was at the little dog’s level. He licked Sarah’s already wet pussy briefly, then mounted her and screwed her hard, humping for a couple of minutes, then he dismounted and pulled his small knot from her with a wet plop. I took him back to his pen and led in the next dog, a Schnauzer, which despite its small size, had a huge cock, and tied with Sarah for about 20 minutes.
When he eventually pulled out of her, I took him back to his pen, and led in a succession of dogs to service my girlfriend, who panted and moaned, her cunt awash with dog semen, and her thighs scratched by her lover’s claws. The next dog was a Dalmatian, followed by a Labrador, then a couple of mongrels, and as more of them fucked her, her vagina loosened, and they were able to pull their knots from inside her, rather than tying with her.

The 6th dog was a big Rottweiler mastiff cross, and I asked Sarah if she was sure she wanted to keep going. She nodded, eyes glazed in ecstasy, and put her ass up in the air, presenting her pussy in anticipation. The big dog licked happily at her gaping vagina, dripping with his fellow canine’s cum, and down her semen coated thighs and anus, and pushing his tongue inside her. Sarah writhed and pushed her ass back at him, and the Rotty mounted her obligingly, probing with his hard, thin penis, and finding an opening, thrust inside her, hard. Sarah cried out in pain, rather than pleasure, and feeling under the Rotty I felt his penis was buried in her tight anus, and thrusting deeper inside. I tried to pull him off, but he turned and snapped at me, and continued to hump Sarah’s arsehole. In a short while he was knotted deep in her rectum, but continued to fuck her, her tits jiggling with each thrust, and her face contorted with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

I had fucked Sarah in the ass on a few occasions, but she wasn’t really into it, and said that it hurt too much, but I knew that the Rotty had at least 8 inches of fat cock and knot locked inside her, and while she winced when he pumped her too hard, I could see she was enjoying it. Eventually he climbed off and stood butt to butt with her, knotted solid in her tight arsehole. After about half an hour, she cried out in pain as he managed to pull it free, still swollen, and followed by a gush of watery cum. I helped her to clean up the mess, and suggested she call it a day, but she insisted on finishing the list, so I took the Rotty back to his kennel and brought in a German Shepherd, a Dobermann cross, and a variety of large mixed breeds, until she was kneeling on a sofa, covered with a towel, to get her pussy at the right level for penetration.

By the 12th dog, she had her eyes closed, and was slumped with exhaustion. Her thighs were scratched and bleeding, by all the dogs that had mounted her, her swollen pussy hung slackly open and drooled a trickle of dog semen whenever she moved, and her arsehole had been used by at least 3 of the dogs on her list, and also dripped cum. I helped her to wash up, and dress again, and after cleaning up the room, we went home, Sarah hobbling along, bow-legged.

We didn’t discuss it again, but I guess that got dog sex out of Sarah’s system, because she got a job, wouldn’t allow Prince in the house anymore, and after a few months we split, and I agreed never to tell anyone.

Until now, that is.