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Faith And Her Guard Dog

Tim Mcgraw and his beautiful wife Faith Hill were in their bedroom getting ready for bed. Tim had already had a shower and was lying on the bed with his hands behind his head talking to Faith. He usually wore a pair of cotton shorts to bed but tonight he was nude, he was anticipating making love to his wife and figured he would have a head start. "What are you doing in there woman" he called to Faith who was still in her dressing room between the bedroom and bathroom. "Just a minute hon I want to look nice" she replied. When she stepped into the bedroom she had on a black sheer teddy and a pair of sheer lacy black panties, her long blonde hair falling about her shoulders. "I wanted to look good for my baby" she grinned.

No matter how long they had been married, Tim fell in love with this gorgeous woman every time he saw her. "Baby every male in the world between the ages of 10 and 90 would love to see what I am right now" Tim laughed. Faith walked over and sat down on the bed beside him and leaned over kissing him gently.

He grabbed her and swung her over his body to land beside him, mashing his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing with each other. They scooted till they were laying on their sides facing one another and their arms around each other. Tim was caressing Faith's lovely back and down over the swell of her firm ass. Faith had her arm and hand down next to the bed holding Tim to her behind his head while the other was running up and down his side, reaching and grabbing his muscled ass and pulling him closer. As he scooted closer she could feel his hard cock rubbing her thigh. "Ummm baby is that for me" she murmured in his mouth.

Tim slid his mouth down the side of her cheek and started nibbling on her neck.

"I get like this every time I see you" he said. Faith reached around and wrapped her fingers around his stiff dick and started stroking up and down his full 6 1/2 inches.

Her warm hand stroking him sent a tingle of pleasure through Tim's body, he groaned into her neck "Ummmm darling your hand feels so good". He moved slightly so he could bring his hand to her firm breast caressing it through the silk teddy, the feeling of the silk under his hand and the warm breast under it so sensual. Faith brought his mouth back to hers and they kissed and fondled each other till her nipples were hard as pebbles and his cock was like an iron bar.

Tim eased his wife over on her back and put his hands under the teddy massaging her breasts and pushing it up till he could get one of those firm mounds in his mouth, he lashed her nipple with his tongue and sucked it deep as he could. He worked from one to the other as Faith had one hand on his head holding him to her and the other snaking down and under her panties to rub her swollen clit. As she became hotter Tim moved one of his hands down to replace hers and slid two fingers down her slit and into her hot center as he rubbed his thumb over her clit. Faith by now was writhing on the bed small mewing sounds and sighs were coming constantly from her sweet mouth.

Tim started working his way down her body kissing and nibbling the underside of her breasts down her flat stomach, running his tongue in her cute navel. He moved around on the bed till he was kneeling beside her legs, grasping a side of her panties in each hand he started easing them off. Faith helped by raising her ass off the bed. As his wife's silky blonde hair came into view he leaned over and ran his tongue through it, He continued to remove her panties. When he had them off he crawled between her legs and ran his hands up the inside of her thighs, causing another "UMMMMM " from his wife. He approached Faith's pussy enjoying the sight of her tight slit, lips now slightly swollen, her clit resting right at the top of the slit. Her blonde cunt hair running down to it and a few wispy strands down beside her lips. Tim just touched the tip of his tongue to her clit flicking it lightly causing her to jump with the pleasurable shock.

Faith put a hand on each side of his head and guided him closer, he took the hint and started lightly sucking on her clit while he ran first one then two fingers up her hot went cunt. Faith was squirming now her legs unable to stay still as her wonderful husband pleasured her with his mouth and fingers. "Ohhhh baby that's good, Oh lick me there, Ummmm" she murmured. Tim was only to glad to lick his wife's sweet juices, she always tasted fresh. He ran his tongue as far into her hot cavern as he could jabbing and swiping her insides while he twisted her clit between his thumb and forefinger, he could feel her body tightening up so he went back to using two fingers in her cunt while he sucked harder on her clit. Faith was giving out with constant little Ohs now and was clutching Tim's head to her hot pussy.

Tim felt her cunt constrict around his fingers and bath them in her sweet cum so he dropped his mouth down and tried to get every drop as she went through her orgasm. Even while it was still going on Faith pulled on her husbands head bringing him up her body till he was lying between her legs. When she felt his hard cock at the entrance of her cunt she threw her legs up around his waist giving him full access to her tight hole. Tim slid in all the way, he could still feel her tight channel spasming around his cock from her orgasm.

His wife was so tight, even after three kids she felt just as tight as she did the first time they made love. He was pretty worked up himself now so there was no slow stroking, he got a good rhythm going and tried to make those delicious feelings last as long as possible. With that gorgeous face looking up at him with lust filled eyes her lips wide in a smile of ecstasy, it was almost to much. He could feel her building to another climax so he really started pounding her and as he felt her legs tighten around his waist and her cunt clasping his dick he drove in and fired blast after blast in her constricting pussy.

They lay like that for a few minutes as their passions cooled down. Finally Faith started pushing at his chest. "Come on lover roll over, you are one up on me" she laughed. Tim grinned and rolled over on his back because he knew what was coming. Faith took his softening cock in her hand and leaned over taking it all in her mouth, tongue working rapidly cleaning their combined cum off. This action gave a new lease on life to Tim's cock and it hardened again in her mouth. Faith looked up at him as she worked him in and out using one hand to fondle his balls and the other on the base of his cock.

The sight of his beautiful blonde wife looking at him with those love filled brown eyes, her red lips sliding up and down his cock was enough to start his balls churning again, he knew it wouldn't be long before they emptied themselves. Husband and wife stared at each other in lust and love as she brought him over the edge. When Faith felt his balls start to contract in her hand she speeded up and when she felt the sperm rushing through the shaft she backed off till just the head was in her mouth and jacked him off with her other hand. She felt the first blast against the back of her throat and then spurt after spurt till it was almost to much to swallow, but she didn't let a drop escape and when she pulled his empty cock from her mouth she used her tongue to get the last drop off the end of his dick.

Now, both exhausted they lay side-by-side and talked about the upcoming couple of weeks. Their three girls were in California with his mother for two weeks, they had left yesterday morning. Tim was leaving in the morning to go back on tour that would take him to the west coast, northern states and Canada. Usually when one of them was on tour the other would try and go but this time business matters wouldn't let that happen. Faith had appointments with her record label to discuss her next album and she had a recording studio booked for a couple of sessions during the next couple of weeks. So Faith would be home by herself for the next 14 days or so.

About that time they heard padding down the hall and their watchdogs Bruno and Buck came bounding in jumping on the bed and licking whichever human they could get to. "Down boys" Tim laughed. Guess I forgot to put you out tonight. Bruno and Buck were two Dobermans, Bruno was a shiny solid black and the slightly bigger of the two. Buck was a Tan and Black, both sleek well-muscled animals.

They were the watchdogs for the estate and usually roamed the grounds after dark.

Tim and Faith had them for a couple of years and they were very well trained watchdogs but were gentle as a lamb around the children, they were so good they stayed in the house most of the time they weren't patrolling. Faith considered them just two more of her kids.

They jumped off the bed at Tim's command but stood there wagging their stumpy tails wanting to play some more. "No guys, it's off to do your duty now" Tim said as he went to let them out.

When he got back he looked at his wife and said "now don't forget you have to have Bruno back at the kennels at 11:00". In the contract they signed when they bought the dogs was a clause that twice a year they were brought back to the kennel to be bred. Tomorrow was Bruno's day. They talked about each other's schedule for a while and then Tim looked into his wife's big brown eyes, kissed her tenderly and started another round of lovemaking that lasted well into the morning.

After Tim left the next morning Faith had nothing to do for the rest of the day so she figured she would take Bruno to the kennels, they usually had one of the staff do it but she thought it would give her something to do. The dogs were being bathed at the moment, the Gardner came three times a week and one of his duties was to the give the dogs a bath. On the days he didn't come the security guard did the job. Tim and Faith liked the dogs to be as clean as possible since they were around the children so much.

About 10:00 Faith called Bruno and put a leash on him leading him to their Chevy Tahoe. Now Bruno knew this either meant that he was going to the vet or he was going to get to breed a cute bitch. Since Buck wasn't going with him he figured it was the latter and his body shivered with anticipation. Nothing felt better than to have a hot hole squeezing his dick.

They arrived at the kennels and were met by one of the owners, Dan Rogers. Dan had first showed Tim and Faith the dogs he had and saw to the training of them personally. He greeted Faith warmly telling her it was a surprise to see her, she said everyone else was busy this morning so she volunteered. "Well we have a nice lady for Bruno today, she is a champion, won several big shows, her name is Princess Tania" Dan said as they walked around to the breeding pens. "You can go inside if you want, I will bring Bruno back when they are done" he said.

"No that's alright it's a pretty day and I will just stay" Faith answered.

The breeding pen was a grassy enclosure about ten by twenty with a roof over it so it was shaded. There were benches sit along the walk as they led to the training pens beyond. Dan walked Bruno over and let him in the pen. One of the other trainers was coming down the path leading a black and tan Doberman. Faith could tell it was a female just by the way it walked, she was smaller than Bruno by a couple of inches and probably 20 pounds. About that time Dan's phone went off and he listened for a minute before hanging up.

"I have a problem down at the training pen" he said "I have to go but shouldn't be to long, Bob when you get her in there follow me" he instructed the trainer bringing Princess Tania. So Faith was left sitting there alone.

Bruno could smell her long before he saw her, that delicious aroma of a female in heat, he started bouncing and pacing up and down the pen as she was brought along side. When she was led into the pen he immediately rushed over and started sniffing her cunt. Princess Tania didn't act to shy as she returned the favor sniffing Bruno's big balls, this would be her fourth litter and she knew what to do. As Bruno sniffed and licked her cunt his dick started emerging till it hung down its full length.

Faith hadn't been paying much attention to the dogs but as she heard Bruno whining she looked over. Bruno was just in the act of mounting the female and his cock was plainly visible to Faith, good gosh she thought, I never knew a dog's penis could get that big and so dark red. She didn't get to see much as Bruno started humping, it took a few strokes but he finally got it in and then he locked Princess to him with his front legs and started jack hammering away.

Faith was fascinated by now, look how fast he is going. How long can he keep that up she thought as he drove the female forward.

Bruno was having a good time as well as Princess, he loved having that hot channel gripping his cock He could feel the knot starting to swell and increased his speed to jam it in his partners wet cunt. Princess could feel it also and wanted to be filled with that big pole. Faith watching raptly saw the swellings start on each side of Bruno's dick at the base, now she knew that male dogs had knots but she had never really thought about it till now. She got up and went over to the pen so she could get a closer look.

Bruno had succeeded in getting his knot started now and he really hammered it home, Princess was whining as he forced it in her cunt filling her tightly. Once he had it inside he stopped his frantic fucking and just sort of hunched forward a few times and shot her cunt full of sperm. Faith could see his big balls jumping as they pumped out their full load. Faith felt her skin flushing and her cunt start to lubricate a little. I can't believe this is turning me on she thought. Bruno was through and he tried to climb off but they were welded together, both Bruno and Princess was very familiar with this process so she just stood there while Bruno threw one leg over her and ended facing away from her joined at the ass by his big knot. Every once in a while Bruno would pull but they were still stuck. It took about ten minutes before his knot shrunk enough to pull out. Faith watched what looked like at least eight inches of dog dick emerge from Princess pussy.

Once it was out Bruno laid down and proceeded to lick himself clean as his dick receded back in its sheath.

It didn't go all the way though, the tip and about an inch remained out because Princess still had that in heat smell about her and Bruno knew he was going to get some more.

Faith was flushed now, she looked up and saw Dan coming back up the path, she tried to act like this was perfectly normal for her.

"Have they bred"? he asked.

"Yes they did". Faith told him.

"We usually try to have them breed at least three times to make sure it takes" he said.

"You are welcome to come in the office where it's cooler".

"No I am fine". Faith said, " if I get warm I will certainly take you up on your kind offer".

Dan smiled " that will work for me I have to go do some paper work and if you will watch to make sure they breed at least three times then I can get started early". She agreed and he left for the office leaving her alone.

It wasn't long before Bruno couldn't take that wonderful smell and he was back up sniffing around Princess. Faith watched as his cock slid out of his sheath, yep it had to be about eight inches long with a blunt end, the middle slightly bigger around then the base or the tip. She watched as once again he mounted her, and as that big knot swelled she found her hand on her breast just slightly caressing it, dropping it quickly when she realized what she was doing and looking around to see if anyone saw her. Twice more the process was repeated before a trainer came back and led princess away. Bruno was sorry to see her go, he sure would have liked to continue these pleasurable games.

Dan came back and asked how many times they had bred and Faith told him four.

"That should pretty well fix her" he said " you can take Bruno home now" he grinned as he rubbed Bruno's big head and scratched his ears.

By the time they got home Faith had forgot about how she felt as she watched Bruno mating. There were business things to take care of, songs she was reviewing and proposals from several companies wanting her to be a spokesperson for their products. She stayed busy the rest of the day and when the security guard told her everybody had left and he was setting the alarms before he left she was surprised. Now during the day they had a person at the front gate but at night the gate was locked and could only be operated by remote control, that's why they had the dogs, they roamed the estate at night. If someone set the alarm off the police were notified by electronic signal and immediately dispatched a unit. But twice over the two years they had the dogs, someone tried climbing the fence and succeeded in getting in before the police could get there and both times they were cornered by Bruno and Buck and held till the police arrived. The second time the intruder tried to escape and Bruno took a huge hunk out of his arm, that arm the only thing that saved him from getting his throat ripped out.

Faith was hardly ever home alone, there were usually the children or Tim and she felt the quietness of the house. With all the protection they had she still felt uneasy, so that night instead of letting the dogs patrol the grounds she kept them in the house with her.

Bruno and Buck loved it, they enjoyed being close to the people they protected and loved.

As Faith got into bed the two dogs came in and lay down on the floor next to the bed. Bruno moving his head around to lick his dick, just to make sure it was clean. Faith saw this and she remembered the scenes from this morning, how big and red Bruno's cock was and how fast he jack hammered Princess. Faith could feel the flush coming over her again and eased one slim finger down to her cunt running it in her increasing wet hole, then over her clit. Ummm that felt good, she wished Tim was here but she would just have to do the best she could without him. She brought one hand to her tit and started tweaking the nipple, pulling and rolling it till it stood out hard sending delicious tingles to her cunt. She could feel the juice flowing out of her excited pussy as she rubbed her clit and ran a couple of fingers in her pussy.

Bruno was asleep when the smell of something brought his head up, Buck's a moment later. It was like the smell of a female in heat but not as strong, he could tell it was coming from his mistress and she was squirming around on the bed, maybe she was in trouble. He got up, Buck following his lead. They padded over next to the bed. Faith was in the final throes of her orgasm, fingers in her clutching cunt as her body exploded in pleasure. She didn't even notice the dogs until she had relaxed and eased her coated fingers out of her wet cunt.

They were both standing there ears up just looking at her. She laughed "Its okay boys I just had to have a little relief". At the sound of her calm voice both dogs knew she was alright and they turned to lay back down. When they did Faith saw that both dogs had their dicks extended, she wondered if she was the cause of that. She drifted off to sleep thinking about Bruno fucking Princess.

For the next couple of days things went smoothly but she still kept the dogs in at night, she hadn't repeated her masturbation but she was getting hornier each day. Seems like when she got in bed and closed her eyes she could see Bruno's big dick as it disappeared in Princess's cunt and she went to sleep thinking about that.

On the third night she was so horny when she went to bed she knew she was going to get herself off again. The dogs had lain down and were sleeping as she once again ran her fingers in and out of her hot cunt. Once again Bruno and Buck woke to the smell of a hot pussy. They didn't get up this time because they knew what it was but they both were getting excited. Suddenly there was a loud crash from the kitchen. Faith jumped and both dogs shot out of the bedroom like a flash...

She waited a few minutes but didn't hear anything, not the dogs barking or any alarms so she cautiously got out of bed and started for the kitchen, turning the lights on as she went.

The two dogs searched the down stairs but couldn't smell or sense an intruder but they did smell something good coming out of the pantry, when Faith got downstairs she heard the dogs in the kitchen and went to investigate. Bruno and Buck were busy eating the honey bread mixture that the cook had mixed up and placed on a pantry shelf for the morning, she had placed it to close to the edge and the self slanted just a little so it eventually slid off. Faith was peeking around the pantry door when she slipped on the round spoon that was in pot and fell forward on her hands and knees banging her head against the doorframe. She was dazed for a minute. The dogs hearing the commotion turned to see their mistress on her knees, they rushed over to see if she was hurt. Bruno licked her shoulder and then moved down her side, he could see or smell no blood but when his head came even with his mistress firm little ass he could smell her hot cunt. He thought he might help her by licking this delicious honey from her so he moved around behind her and gave her pussy a big swipe with his tongue, receiving no admonishment he proceeded to start licking her swollen pussy lips.

Buck didn't know what was going on but if Bruno was going to lick his mistress he was to. He started on her face.

Faith was stunned for a moment and just as she was regaining her senses Bruno licked her cunt this was so unexpected she jumped forward and hit her head again, stunning her once more. By the time she started coming around her face was being covered with a broad wet tongue and her pussy was tingling from a big flexible tongue running in and out. She didn't know what to do, she knew she should get up, but she was still groggy from hitting her head, twice, and she had feelings in her pussy she had never had before, she didn't know which dog was back there but he sure knew how to eat pussy. She tried to move the dog kissing her face back and saw that it was Buck, so that meant Bruno was behind her. "Down Bruno, sit" she commanded.

Bruno was a very well trained and intelligent animal and he obeyed his mistress commands although he sure wanted to finish getting all that honey from her hot hole. Buck was pacing back and forth and Faith had him sit also while she gathered herself together and got up. Her head hurt and her pussy tingled. "Come on boys, we will leave the mess till morning" she said as she headed back for the bed, both dogs walking behind her.

She crawled back in bed but didn't pull the covers up, her pussy was still tingling from Bruno's licking. Neither dog had lain down, they were standing by the bed watching her. Faith was so horny she couldn't help fingering her clit as she looked at the dogs and thought about how Bruno's tongue felt. Okay she finally thought, I will let him get me off once, shouldn't take to long. Both Buck and Bruno could smell their mistress excitement and they were quivering with anticipation, it was like when they were being bred and the female was allowing them to smell her to get them excited.

"Bruno up" Faith said and patted the bed beside her. He was instantly on the bed licking her hand. Buck wanted up also but he was to well trained to do so without a command. Faith guided the big black dogs head down between her legs. Oh yeah Bruno thought that's what he wanted, another shot at that sweet honey hole. He moved between her legs and immediately started running his tongue in and out of her pussy lapping up all her juice. "Ohhhhhh" Faith sighed as his big broad tongue filled her tight hole.

It was so flexible it felt like a roto- rooter twisting around, he had his tongue in her as far as it would go his slim snout pressed up against her pussy lips, his velvety nose rubbing her clit with every swipe. "Ummmm, Ohhhh yeah" Faith said gripping the sheet with both hands as his tongue sent jolts of electricity through out her body.

Now Buck was whining and pacing back and forth his dick emerging from its sheath, excited by the smell coming off his mistress. While Faith was thrashing her head back and forth she saw Buck with his big dick hanging out, wasn't fair he wasn't getting any action.

"Ummmm up Buck" she moaned. Buck was instantly on the bed quickly standing beside her his head buried in her crotch licking her pubic hair and trying to get any escaping juice that Bruno missed.

Buck's hind legs were even with Faith's head and she looked over seeing Buck's big balls hanging down and his cock hanging straight down. Bruno had her so far gone now she just naturally reached up making an O of her thumb and the rest of her fingers and started running them up and down Buck's cock. It felt so hot and smooth. Buck jumped slightly when his mistress clutched him but her hand felt so good running up and down his shaft he just whined and went back to trying get anything Bruno was leaving. His cock was starting to squirt his pre-cum down onto the bed and in Faith's hand when she got to the tip, making his cock slicker as she jacked him off.

She really wasn't aware of what she was doing with Buck since Bruno's tongue was sending pulses of pleasure through her entire body. She could feel a tremendous orgasm building as her dog lover lapped away, his wet nose rubbing her clit felt sooooo good.

Bruno was unaware of what his nose was doing, he was just trying to get his tongue as far inside his mistress as he could to get all her sweet honey.

Faith slammed her heels down on the bed raising her ass to Bruno's working tongue as she went into the throes of a huge cum. "Ohhhhhh, Ummmmmm Bruno, oh baby lick me clean" she shouted.

Bruno felt his mistress hot channel contracting on his tongue and a river of honey bathing it.

He increased his efforts to get it all, sending Faith even farther over the edge of sanity. Buck wasn't getting much, he had his head alongside Bruno but could only lick the outside of her pussy lips, getting some but not very much of her sweet juice, he was compensated by the fact that his mistress warm hand was jacking him off, when she came she gripped his shaft hard causing him to jump again and she slowed her pumping but her tight hand felt really good on his slick dick.

As Faith came down from her high she had to push Bruno and Buck away from her sensitive pussy, both dogs whining in disappointment. She could see Bruno's cock was hanging fully extended just like Bucks. They gave me such a thrill she knew she had to do something for them. So she maneuvered them around till they were standing alongside her, heads facing her feet, their back legs about even with her shoulders. She looked from one big cock to the other, actually she thought Buck's looked slightly bigger then Bruno's even though Bruno was the bigger dog. Once again making an O with her thumb and fingers she started running her hands up and down their hard dicks. Neither dog had a knot and she wondered what it took to get that to form.

Bruno and Buck were in doggy heaven, their beautiful blonde mistress was making them feel so good with her soft warm hands running up and down their cocks. Each one felt this was better then breeding, they were getting their dicks jacked off and didn't have to move a muscle, just enjoy it. Faith was glancing from one dog to the next, both had big black balls swinging between their legs but Bruno's dick was a dark red with dark blue veins running all over it, and Buck's was more of a scarlet color with lighter blue veins. Both dogs were giving little squirts of pre cum as she worked them up and down. Faith started squeezing a little harder on the down stroke and easing up as she moved back to the base, her hands well lubricated with their precum.

Both dogs were panting now as the feelings begin to build, Bruno's knot started to swell first and then Buck's, Faith was fascinated as she turned her head from one to the other. Keeping up a steady rhythm she watched as it looked like a balloon was blowing up at the base of each cock her thumb and forefinger bumping it on each up stroke, she started widening her fingers as they reached the knot running it through her hands, it felt so tight and hard. Bruno was feeling so good he wanted to do something for his mistress so he brought his head around and backed up a step till he could get his tongue on one of her chest mounds licking with a swipe of his broad tongue, Buck seeing what his buddy was doing followed suit. Faith was concentrating on their hot slick cocks and when the first wet swipe covered her hard nipple it sent a tingle right down to her pussy, with both dogs laving her breasts it felt really good. She had sped up her jacking, her arms were getting tired and both dogs were squatting a little, back legs trembling as the licked their mistress sweet body.

Faith was looking at Buck's big balls when she saw them start to contract and could feel the sperm shooting though the tube in his cock and shooting out on the bed in a big stream, it was like a fire hose, five or six big streams before it started just oozing on every down stroke, She had never seen anything like it, it was so sexy, she felt the sperm shooting through Bruno's cock and turned to watch him shoot his big load onto the bed. Both dogs had stopped licking and were straining with their necks stretched forward and their ears laid back as the wonderful feeling of cumming washed over them. Faith could see that both dicks were still hard and the knots very prominent. When she turned loose of their cocks both dogs jumped off the bed and lay down in their usual place licking their cocks clean.

Faith watched her dogs clean themselves off and then looked at her hands covered in dog cum. Wonder what it tastes like she thought. She slowly brought one hand to her nose, it didn't really smell much, she kept the dogs clean and it had just a very light dog smell. She reached out with her tongue and touched it to her cum coated hand. Drawing it back into her mouth she thought it had a salty taste more so then Tim's and just a little tart but not bad. She licked her other hand and it tasted the same.

By now when she looked over at the dogs, their knots had gone down and their dicks were almost fully retracted, Buck still had just the tip hanging out. She put her hand down right in Bruno's cum, Whoa she thought, I better get these sheets cleaned before morning, wouldn't do for any of the staff to see these stained sheets. She got up and gathered the bed clothes putting them in the washer, put new sheets on the bed and tried to go to sleep. She kept thinking about how good Bruno made her pussy feel and how big their dicks, were. What would it feel like to have that big of a dick fucking her. Her hand eased down through the blonde curls and started rubbing her clit again. Okay she knew it was wrong. There would never be another man that could take Tim's place but this wouldn't really be cheating would it? She could see in her minds eye those big red cocks shooting a stream of sperm. Faith knew she had to find out what it would be like, she also knew she couldn't handle both dogs at once, she looked over where they lay.

Bruno and Buck had their heads up watching their mistress, they could smell her arousal and hoped she wanted to pleasure them again. Faith decided since Bruno had already been bred today that it would be Buck who got some pussy tonight.

Getting up from the bed she led Bruno out into the hall and closed the door.

Poor Bruno didn't like this at all, he knew his mistress was aroused and he wanted some more of that sweet honey between her legs. As the door closed he lay down with a disappointed whimper.

Faith sat down on the bed with her legs spread, patting her thigh. "Come Buck" she said. Now Buck didn't need to be called twice he padded up between her beautiful legs sniffing before taking a lick at her hot hole.

The feel of that big wet tongue on her clit causing Faith to moan "OOhhhhhhh".

Buck dug right in running his tongue as far in as he could, she helped by laying back on the bed bringing her cunt up so he could get at it easier. His agile tongue cleaning out the juice that was now beginning to pour out. "Ummmmm Buck that's it boy" she sighed. Faith was thinking about how they were going to do this, she guessed the best way was to turn over with her knees on the floor and her body lying across the bed. Buck was bringing her closer to an orgasm and she didn't want to go that way again right now so she pushed him away, Buck whining with frustration, she could see that his dick was already extended so she got down on her knees beside him and started jacking him off as she stroked his head and neck. "That's right boy get big for me" she cooed, it didn't take much before Buck's dick was fully extended, it had to be a little over eight inches long. Already squirting little drops of precum. Faith got on her knees and lay her chest down on the bed sticking that beautiful firm ass up for Buck.

Now Buck was in a tizzy his dick was hard and he wanted it in something warm, his mistress had took her warm hand away, there before him was her firm white ass, pretty pussy lips shining between her spread thighs. Looks almost like a bitch in heat he thought and as quick as that thought hit he acted, rearing up he mounted his mistress, front paws wrapping around her waist and pulling himself forward, walking up to her ass with his hind legs, He was careful not to scratch her with his claws he used his forelegs to pull on her, she wasn't just another female to breed.

When Faith felt his weight hit her back and his short bristly stomach hair scratching her slim back it sent a shiver of anticipation through her. Buck was jabbing trying to find that hot hole but he kept missing, twice it slid down between her tight pussy lips but didn't catch the entrance, each time it rubbed her clit causing her to moan "ummmmmm". She figured she better help him so she reached back trying to grab that moving prick She never did get it in hand but got her fingers under it and guided it up so on the next stroke the tip lodged in the entrance. Both parties were surprised, Faith by the big wide tip opening her entrance and Buck because he suddenly felt velvet heat surrounding the tip of his cock. Not one to pass up the opportunity he drove forward with both hind legs sending his big meat fully into Faith on one stroke. "Huhhhhummmmm" Faith huffed as her tight hole was filled all the way with hot, hot dog meat. She had never felt so full. Buck's scarlet cock was mashed against her cervix. She could actually feel the little tip of his cock trying to push through.

Buck taking no prisoners started jack hammering her cunt, his back legs dancing as her hot channel gripped his pumping cock, no female of his species was ever this tight. Faith was being rocked back and forth on the bed, she raised up on her elbows and her tits were swinging back and forth with the frantic rhythm of Buck's humping, her nipples were just brushing the sheet as they swung back and forth teasing them to further hardness. "Uh, Huh, Unm, Huh" was all she could get out. Buck's fast pace and big cock was driving Faith up that building wave of orgasm. She could suddenly feel his knot banging at the back of her pussy, Oh no she thought, I am so full now he can't possibly get that in me.

Buck was going to shove his knot in her or die trying as he franticly banged against her hot slick opening.

He finally got part of it in, he quit humping and started just pushing forward as hard as he could with his hind legs while pulling Faith back to him with his front legs clutching her waist. When Faith felt his knot start to slide in it felt like a telephone pole being driven into her cunt, Her head shot up

"Iooooooo" she shouted, but it didn't really give her pain just an uncomfortable full feeling. She could feel her pussy lips stretching around that big knot, Buck could also and he continued to drive forward till he had it buried completely in her. Now he started fucking again but they were stuck together now and his movements pulled her back and forwards with his flashing hips. His cock wasn't going in and out of her pussy but she could feel it flexing and jerking as it continued to squirt pre cum against the back of her tight channel, each little squirt bringing a moan from her. Buck was ready, her tight little cunt hugging his cock and the wet heat surrounding his knot had his balls churning and he stopped pushing and shot a long stream of dog sperm against the back of her pussy.

"Ahhhhh" Faith cried as she felt the scalding sperm shooting against her cervix.

What a feeling, she went into a trembling orgasm causing Buck to whimper as her already tight cunt contracted like a steel band around his shooting dick, she milked him of every drop in his balls, four or five long streams filling her up and oozing out around his knot even as tight as it was, Faith shuddered every time she felt his hot cum squirting into her, she could feel his dick jerking and throbbing and every movement was exaggerated in her now sensitive cunt. Buck stayed on her back laying his head down on her shoulders. He knew they would be this way for a while, Faith was still high, feeling every little twitch of Buck's hard red cock, and when he released his hold on her with his front paws and swung around throwing his leg over her back till he was facing away from her, well the feel of that big knot twisting around in her pussy sent her into another big orgasm Buck gave a whimper as her tight channel clamped down even harder.

Faith was exhausted from the intensity of her orgasms, she lay her head on the bed breathing heavily, she didn't know how long she would be tied to Buck like this, remembering the breeding pen she figured about ten minutes or so... When Buck felt the grip of her cunt loosening he knew his knot was shrinking so he stepped forward pulling his long cock from his mistress slick channel, drenching the bed with their combined cum. Faith groaned again as the knot and his big cock slid out of her sensitive cunt. Buck lay down in his usual place and proceeded to lick his cock clean getting all his mistress sweet juices off before it receded back. Faith crawled up on the bed, that was one of the most intense fuckings she had ever had. She analyzed her feelings, It wasn't better then her husband, Buck couldn't play with her breasts or kiss her lovingly, couldn't run hands over her body, all these things that Tim did so well. It was his love that made her so excited and fulfilled every part of her and his cock could give her magnificent orgasms, but this was just pure fucking and the different feel of Buck's cock and the frantic pace he set also gave her feelings she hadn't felt before. So she decided while Buck wasn't any better than her husband she would like to try some more.

Poor Bruno knew what was going on in there, he could smell it and hear the moans coming from Faith and the excited whimpers from his buddy, he was laying there his dick about half out, frustrated, he got up and started pacing back and forth in front of the door.

Faith heard his nails clicking on the hall floor and remembered her Bruno. It wasn't fair to not help him out she thought. So she got up and let him in, now Bruno knew what he wanted to do was run his tongue in that sweet honey hole but he was to well trained to do anything without being told, so he just jumped on the bed when she pointed to it and sat down. Faith laughed and sat down beside him, she briefly thought about letting him mount her also but her pussy was a little sore from Buck's big dick, she could see his cock was part the way out of its sheath so she reached under his belly and ran her palm over the tip then grasped it in her hand and started gently pulling to get it all out, she hugged his neck with her other hand and kissed the top of his head. "Do you want me help you out boy" she said. Buck didn't understand what she said but he knew what she meant with her soft hand pulling at his dick. It slid out fully as she slowly jacked him off.

She had Buck in her pussy she thought so she might as well have Bruno in her mouth, Faith pushed up on his back hip and Bruno stood up. She lay on her back and scooted around till her head was under his belly, his hard dark red cock hanging down beside her cheek. By glancing up she could see those black hairy balls swinging between his legs. Faith brought the tip of his cock to her lips, sticking her tongue out and just flicking it over the tip, this brought a whine from Bruno, he didn't move much though he knew a good thing coming when he felt it.

Up close Faith could see the dark veins running all over it and the little pointy tip right at the top end of his cock. She opened her mouth and closed it around the first couple of inches. Bruno feeling the heat of her mouth on him whimpered. Guiding him with her hand she slowly engulfed about six inches before she felt him hit the back of her throat, she flicked her tongue all over his big shaft sending shivers through his big body, making her lips tight as she could she ran up and down his shaft guiding him with her hand, Bruno was in dog heaven, he felt that tight wet heat surrounding his cock just like a cunt but there was something flicking and squirming all up and down his cock that he had never felt before and it was wonderful. Faith could taste his pre cum as he started squirting a little on every stroke, she had a good rhythm going and she could feel the knot beginning to swell in her hand, she kept her eyes on it as it grew. She knew she couldn't get him all in her mouth so she took his cock out and jacked him as she moved up and laved his knot all over with her tongue before engulfing him again and continuing her sucking.

Bruno couldn't take much more, his balls were churning, he was squatting on his haunches a little as this glorious feeling continued to build in his jerking cock. Faith could feel the twitching and there was a constant stream of pre cum now causing her to swallow on every stroke. She reached up with her other hand as she saw his balls contracting and squeezed them. That's it, Bruno fired a stream of dog sperm straight down her throat, she was ready and managed to swallow it all but the next stream was to quick for her and her mouth was filled with sperm, the third shot, even though she was swallowing as fast as she could overflowed her mouth and ran down her cheeks and neck onto the bed. She wasn't going to let him out of her mouth though till he was through. After about five shots his cum started just oozing out when she pumped her hand forward, Faith swallowed all she could and sucked him clean before she released his cock.

She eased out from under him and he licked her face in gratitude "Alright boy, I see you enjoyed that, me to, we will have to do it again" she giggled. Knowing he was dismissed Bruno jumped down and went over to his spot, lay down and started to lick his cock, but his mistress had already cleaned him so he lay his head on his front paws and went to sleep.

Faith was exhausted but she knew she had to wash the sheets again, it was four in the morning before she got everything done, since she didn't have a meeting with the record execs till 2:00 she slept most of the morning. The day went normally as she was busy getting material ready for her meeting but all the time the execs were talking she was planning the procedures for tonight with her boys. She would nod or make a small comments when they asked her something but her mind wasn't there. She was glad when the meeting was over and hurried home.

As evening approached and the staff left, the last one being the security guard who turned on all the alarms Faith started her preparations for the evening. She didn't want to have to wash sheets every night. They had some rubber sheets from the baby's cribs, she thought that would be just right so she went and got several spreading them on the bed and floor, the floor because she had an idea she wanted to try. After making sure the house was locked up she and her boys went into the bedroom, she locked the bedroom door, just to make sure.

Faith removed her clothes and sat down on the bed legs spread, she called Bruno over to her guiding him between her legs, he knew what to do, he went right for that honey hole first licking the lips of her pussy, all down between her legs before running his tongue in her, she leaned back on her elbows, raising her ass to give him better access, his agile tongue already sending thrills through her body, she called Buck over and had him jump of the bed beside her and lay down where she could get at his cock, she reached over and started massaging his sheath and fondling his balls, she had more plans for him but they had to wait till later.

Bruno was going to town with his tongue and his nose on her clit and that reaming tongue was about to give her an orgasm. Buck was enjoying his mistress playing with his cock and balls and he had extended most of the way out. Faith felt her first orgasm come over her, her pussy clinching Bruno's lapping tongue tightly.

"Ummmmm boy that feels good" she husked. As she came down from her high Bruno was still going to town sending little shocks through her body, she left Buck for a moment and reached down pulling Bruno up by his front legs till they were straddling her waist pulling forward till she could feel his big hard cock bump her ass cheeks. Now Bruno didn't know what she wanted, she certainly wasn't in position for him to try and breed her but when he felt his cock touch that firm ass instinct took over and he started humping. He couldn't seem to find the place, sometimes his cock would run up over her mound through her blonde hair sometimes it would slide down the crease of her ass which felt pretty good to him but wasn't what he was looking for, just as Faith was reaching down to try and help him he got the tip lodged in her pussy, feeling that wet heat around his dick he shoved forward and gripped her hips with his forelegs pulling her all they way on his cock.

The feeling of that big hot cock suddenly invading her tight channel forcing it wide open sent electric shocks all through her, "Uhhhhh, Huuuh" she grunted.

Bruno was trying to jack hammer his mistress but she wasn't in a normal position, it took him a few strokes before he figured it out and then he was humping like mad, oh, his mistress felt so tight and slick around his pounding cock. Faith was out of her mind with passion, her head thrashing back and forth her tits bouncing and rolling in circles as Bruno battered her cunt. She had thought she would suck Buck while Bruno fucked her but her mind couldn't think of anything but Bruno's big cock reaming her slick channel, she could tell he could get in further this way, she could feel it just brushing her cervix.

Bruno was in ecstasy his beautiful mistress beneath him her tight channel gripping his flying cock, His neck was stretched out, eyes squinted, ears tight to his head as he strained forward, his knot was swelling and he wanted to feel her tightness all around it. Faith felt it bumping her cunt lips and that only made her hotter. As she bathed his cock with more juice she felt the knot catch in her opening, that's all Bruno needed as he lunged forward shoving it in. He was whimpering and she was moaning as she felt his cock mash up against her cervix, pre cum squirting like a fountain, she could feel every little squirt against the back of her pussy. Once again she was locked with one of her boys and every movement of his body caused an equal movement of hers. Her tightness on his knot and the smell she was giving off made him start filling her with his cum.

Faith's whole body went rigid when she felt that first scalding stream hit her cervix, she threw her legs up over his sides and gripped him tightly as her hot cunt milked his twitching cock, each could feel the others every throb and twitch and it extended the length of their mutual orgasms. Finally with Bruno's cum leaking out of her well fucked pussy Faith lowered her legs and waited for his knot to go down, Bruno didn't know how to turn around in this position, he was between her legs so he couldn't swing around and get his leg over, so he just laid his head on her soft mounds while she rubbed his ears, She was getting mini orgasms every time he jerked that big cock in her. When he felt the knot subsiding he started backing up slipping his dark red cock out, when the tip fell out it was followed by their juice hitting the rubber sheet of the floor, the feeling of his knot and cock sliding out of her sensitive channel sending her off again.

Now Buck had been patiently waiting for his mistress to get back to him and as Faith put her hand down to cup her sensitive pussy, Buck figured that was the signal for him, he had been watching the proceedings closely and being a smart dog he jumped off the bed straight between her legs raising up and clasping her hips in his forepaws and drove forward, as luck would have it he was lined up right and he drove fully in his mistress on the first stroke. "HUHhhhHH" Faith cried, the force of his entry almost knocking the breath out of her, her channel slick with Bruno's and her cum helping Buck to slid right in. She wanted to stop him she was so sensitive after coming she didn't think she could take it but Buck was like a steam piston and her cunt was sending waves of pleasure through her body, she had no strength, she just lay under him and let him take her to the pinnacle. She had another orgasm before he even got his knot in her, the feeling of her tight cunt squeezing his working dick causing him to whine in pleasure. She felt his knot start in and when it popped quickly in due to her wetness it gave her another orgasm. She now knew Buck was a little longer then Bruno cause he was really pounding against her cervix sending even more thrills through her. When he started shooting his hot cum in her she almost passed out from the intense orgasm that claimed her. Like his buddy Buck didn't know how to get down so he also lay on his mistress soft mounds licking her chin.

Faith was utterly drained her body twitching with every movement of Buck's still hard cock in her. When he finally slipped out she gave a loud groan and rolled over on her side. She had never had a fucking like that in her life.

Both dogs curled up and went to sleep by their mistress bed fully satisfied.

Faith lay there for about an hour before she felt enough strength to move. She sat on the bed and smiled down at her boys. It's going to be an exhausting two weeks she thought as she gathered up the rubber sheets and took them with her into the shower.

Over the rest of the two weeks she and Bruno and Buck pleasured each other every night. Sometimes she would let one fuck her and the other stand over her head while she gave him a blow job, She tried making Bruno lay on his back and climbed on lowering herself on his cock, that was okay but he wasn't very comfortable with it and she could tell, so they ended up with him doing her doggy style. As much as she liked fucking her boys, she missed her husbands loving. When it comes to making love and not just fucking you have to have a person you gave your heart to and who has given theirs to you, that takes the pleasure beyond the physical and not only your body gets what it needs, so does your soul. When she left to join Tim on tour and to pick up their daughters she kissed her boys each on the head.

"Now fellas I figure we will get together again sometime but it may be a while" she grinned. "I hope you don't forget me" She scratched their ears and headed out.

There was no danger of either of the dogs forgetting the pleasures of their mistress and while neither of them tried to get her when she was home they were always hoping. Faith took over the duties of taking them to the Kennel when it was time for the breeding and over the next few years they did find time to fuck each other's brains out. So all in all they had a pretty good life.