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My Loving Wife

My wife was always the straitlaced kind of girl. We had a wonderful eight years together when one of the most erotic things happened.

It started whenI was with my wife and I taking a long hot shower where we held each other, letting the warm water caress our bodies as we massaged each other. After we get out of the shower I wrap my wife in a big soft towel. Sitting her on the edge of the bed I rub down her back with lotion. Slowly I lay her back gently kissing her neck. As we lay there getting all into one another our Doberman is laying in his bed across the room. The sweet smell that is coming from the quickly moistening slit between my wives legs is too much for him to resist. He slowly gets up and moves across the room, every bulging muscle ripples as he watches my wife’s hips move to the beat coming from deep within her lust. I run my hand between her legs causing her to spread them, inviting me to fondle her clit. I pull my hand back so I don’t get her too hot too fast, but it is too late. The fire that was started earlier in the shower was now burning out of control. Her head spinning in the lust that has come over her, she doesn’t even notice the muscular beast stalking the sent that has his hormones in overdrive. He creeps between her beautiful legs bringing his nose inches from the scent that has his member growing from its soft sheath. His warm wet tongue slides from her now dripping hole too her clit that has completely revealed it self from behind its hood. In the heat of our passion my wife doesn’t realize want is happening until three more of the rough laps have coursed over the already electrified nerve endings between her legs. As soon as she notices she lets out a scream and slaps her thighs together sending the rejected wood be lover back to his corner.

Back in his corner the stud ponders how he could have approached her in a way that his request would have been accepted. He lay there the scent still coursing through his nose and the sweet taste of her lather sending his already strengthened libido rocketing.

My wife sat up and exclaimed, ”Did you see what that dog did to me!!”

I said, ”Well I guess he couldn’t resist. God knows there are times that I can’t resist your taste.” We went back to making out. It got really hot and heavy. My wife came just huge and then insisted that I come in her from behind. I had never seen her like that. She backed into my cock so hard and so fast I blew up in a matter of minutes. All week she wanted me to cum into her from behind.

The following weekend we were sitting on the bed when my wife said, “Can you believe that dog just licked me like that? I mean why did he do that?”

“Well he was turned on just like I was and he wanted the same thing. Haven’t you ever been turned on and had a dog come up and stick his nose in your crotch? That is why. He could smell that you wanted it so he wanted to give it to you. So, how did it feel?”

“What do you mean??” she asked.

“When he licked you.”

“It was unbelievable. His tongue was so rough and every bump seemed to be sliding right over my clit. At first I didn’t know what was going on. I just felt this real intence feeling down there. It was electric. It wasn’t until my leg bumped into his ear that I knew it was he. All week I have been thinking about that feeling and how I liked it but it came from him. That just seemed wrong.”

I said, ”Well I have been thinking about the same thing. The thought or him licking you off drives me wild. I want to see it. Would you let him do it for me?”

“I can’t do that!” she paused, made a funny face and said, “Do you really want to see me do this, with him?”

Nodding my head I said “Oh yes!”

My wife called the dog and told him to sit in front of her. He set there his chest push out in front of him. He looked like a solder standing waiting for orders. My wife was sitting on the edge of the bed. Her body relaxed. Her hair was down, flowing over her satin nightshirt. She looked down at the dog and said as if she was apologizing to him, “Did I get you all turned on and then yell at you.” Just then the dog smelled the aroma coming from between her thighs. He looked down at the patch of moistening white cotton between her legs. My wife noticed the glance and spread her legs a little. The dog looked down again this time scooting closer to her. She reached out and patted his head. He laid his head on the inside of her thigh and looked up at her.

She looked down at the brown and tan Doberman, his chest and shoulders rippled with strength. He was the epitome of male. He tipped the scales at about one hundred and five pounds he was quite large. Just looking at him for some reason she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. A flash of heat shot into her loins. At that moment she realized, she was turned on. She thought to her self “there is no way that this dog is making me feel this way.” All kinds of pictures raced though her head. She remembered her and her husband watching their huskies mate that they had when they where first married. She could picture the males’ powerful hips pounding their rod into the female.

The raw sexuality of it was very primitive. The thought of how they seemed to just take control of their mate made her face flush. She looked at the Dobermans body. His sizeable manhood stood out like he was proud of it. His enormous balls sat on the floor; they were the size of racket balls.

While my wife was daydreaming, the big dog had decided that he would try an advance one more time. He pushed his nose closer to her jolting her from her trance. My wife hesitated in what she was about to do. Slowly she spread her thighs letting him move even closer. Then he lapped the moist outside of her under wear. The feeling of his warm tongue pressing against her lips through her underwear was enough to send a swirl though her lions. Her breath shuddered. She through her head back disbelieving that she was doing this and that her husband was watching. She looked at me for a sign of support. My eyes fixed on what was going on in her lap. The sight of my lovely wife spreading her legs for this powerful animal was unreal and she could see how much this must be turning me on. Slowly, she lay back on the bed, her legs spreading fully. The dog hungrily lapped at her under wear, within seconds he had them sopping wet. He desperately wanted what was inside. I reached down and pushed them to the side. My wife let out a low moan as her clit was raked by the very first lap without the protection of her underwear. She couldn’t believe the feeling the dog gave her.

My wife shaves her wonderful patch and the attention the dog was giving it was unreal. Her head went into a swirl as she felt the first lap raked across her. The dogs tongue was so rough, so warm. She could feel the muscles inside her start to contract. Now the dog started to lick her at a feverish pace. It felt so good but it was so much. The feeling was so intense that it caused my wife to slightly close her legs. The dog took a step back, licking his lips. I quickly used the opportunity to relieve my wife of her panties. As soon as I pulled on them she raised her ass to let them slip underneath her. The dog quickly went back to work servicing my wife. I kissed her stomach and caressed her thighs. Now her lips were flushed, they stood open, letting the long tongue explore even deeper. This was not like when I had given her oral sex before. The dogs tongue was stimulating more places in a single stroke than mine could have could have in a dozen. The dog’s higher blood temperature made his tongue feel so hot. In her mind she couldn’t believe what was taking place. She couldn’t believe that there was a dog eating her out, and she was letting him.

The scary part was that she could tell that even through the weirdness of it this dog was going to make her orgasm quickly. The thought of this beast doing all he could to please her was awesome. She couldn’t help it, as much as she didn’t want me to see her excitement her hips uncontrollably pumped at the dogs face. She wanted more. Her insides longed to be filled. A spasm ran through her canal. She tried to hold back. She didn’t want me to see how fast and hard the dog was making her cum. With her fingers grasping her hair she moaned loudly as it began. At first just a swirl in her vigina, then an eruption of feelings as it took over her body. Wildly she bucked her hips at the dogs tongue. Her vagina rippled with contractions as my wife yelled out a resounding “OH MY GOD!” The orgasm exploded through her body, she couldn’t believe the feeling she was having. The dogs tongue was doing a beautiful job bringing her off. As she peeked she wanted so badly to grab the dog by the ears and shove his long tongue deep in her vacant contracting hole. Her whole body tingled with the after-glow feeling as the intensity started to relax.

My wife rolled to her side next to me. Shaking, she wrapped her arms a round my waist. I ran my fingers through her hair as I shook too because I was so turned on. The dog jumped up on the bed and let out a small wine. My wife smiled thinking he wanted some more of her. She could feel a stream of her juice running down her thigh. The dog nudged her ass with his nose, he wanted back at her sweet juices. So, she figured he could at least clean her up. She kept her hands around me as she scooted up on the bed. With her ass in the air and her elbows on the bed the dog thought he was in heaven. His lover now sat beautifully on all fours in front of him. Her beautiful round ass stared him in the face. He knew he had to have her. My wife rolled her hips down so her ripened lips where pushed out now he could do his work. I noticed the dogs cock was sticking out about three inches past his furry sheath. It was thicker than mine and looked all wet. The dog once again started to lap at my wife’s dripping hole. She let out a loud moan. The dog’s ragging cock throbbed in its sheath; he longed to push it into her loving cunny.
“ I think you really have him turned on,” I said to my wife.

As she backed into his face, she gasped, ”Well at least we are even then.”

I said in a warning tone, “I’m not sure if he feels that way.”

“Why is that?” she replied.

“Look between your legs.” I said, “I think he thinks he should have a turn now.”

She looked down between her lovely thighs, to see the dog as he worked her over getting her all excited again as he hungrily lapped at her lips from behind. Looking past his head she could see his enormous cock growing out of its sheath. Its girth made her insides ach; it was at least two inches wide. She couldn’t believe the size of it. She imagined the massive dog mounting her from behind, burying his wide cock in her. She quickly pushed that thought out of her head. ”He wouldn’t try to screw me or would he,” she thought? While she was convincing herself that he didn’t know how screw a woman and gawking at his wide cock the dog mounted her. With her head down her dripping vigina was too high to match up with him. The weight of the dog pushed her down as he launched his big chest on to her back. She froze as the dog wrapped its strong forearms around her sides, sliding his cock under her. He pushed it out of its sheath a good six or seven inches over her wet mound.

As he pulled her to him the enormous cock spread her lips as it pushed across her. The feeling of his cock running through her shaved lips sent a ripple up her spine. She gasped for air. His higher blood temp made his dick feel like a hot poker pushing her lips apart. His front legs held her like a vice. His powerful muscles wrapped around her waist as he tried to connect with her. The dog held her so close and so tight. She could feel his harm breath on her neck. The strength of the dog was unbelievable. She raised her head and looked at me in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that the dog was trying to f*** her. I couldn’t believe my wife was letting the dog mount her. My dick was so hard it could have popped. When she raised her head her ripened hole lowered. The dog drew back and slid into his mark.

She was very ready, her privates had been primed by the orgasm she had just had. Her lips were spread open and very well lubricated allowing him to pass easily. To her surprise he didn’t just shove it all in. He pressed about three inches into her, stretching her insides as he passed into her and paused. She could feel him shake in her. His dick was so warm, much warmer than mine. A hot jet of cum spayed into her. The hot gush made her let out a small moan. Her eyes about popped out of her head as the hot cum flowed into her. She caught herself, she couldn’t moan for him. “She had a dog dick in her,” she thought and then she was puzzled, “is he done??” And then he drew back, almost pulling out of her and pushed back in. This time almost four inches went sliding in, and then there was another hot spray, spreading her wider. She let out another moan; it was so big she just couldn’t keep quiet. It felt so good. She couldn’t help but like it but she didn’t want to.

The cock stretched her insides as it pushed its way into her. She wanted to pull away, but the sensation of his massive cock filling her was so hot she just had to push back. She wanted more. I now moved to behind my wife and our dog. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched my dog sink his penis, which would dwarf mine, into my wife. His cock was at least eight inches to the ball swelling at the base. Once again he drew all the way back railed in a good six inches of his thick meat. Froze up till this point, my wife now started to meet each thrust with one just as hard as his. She couldn’t help it she wanted him. Her reservations about what was happening were fading fast as her lust started to burn in her lions. She pushed back hard wile she raised her ass to meet him as he pushed into her. She moaned loud as she pushed him into her. The sight of my wife and this beast was unreal. He was fucking the hell out of my wife, his giant cock spreading her wide. And the sight of my wife bucking back into this beast’s shaft was something I never thought imaginable. I loved the thought that my wife was actually returning the affections the dog was giving her. She was fucking him too. I could tell this dog was giving my wife the ride of her life. My wife took the first eight inches with ease; now the hot prick seemed to be soaking her up. It grew with each slapping thrust, the hot jis lubing her, as he pressed deeper. The girth seemed to spread her wider. The sensation of the dog thrusting into her made her feelings of animal lust go wild. The dog now picked up the pace to one she could not match. The hammering of the dog’s thrusts was now very fast. I couldn’t believe how fast the dog pounded into her. All she could do was push against the heavy thrusts the dog was delivering. The Doberman had really found his rhythm. It felt like all of his weight was behind his thrusts. She could feel the base of his cock stretch her inner lips as he pushed at least seven inches of his cock in and out of her.

She couldn’t believe the long thrusts, his thick meat railing almost all the way in and all the way out of her hot box. The tip of his dick would come right to her inner lips before rocketing back up in her. The swelling base pushed her lips apart as it rammed into her. The pace was out of control; they made a loud smack every time he slammed into her rear. Her ass and tits giggled with every thrust. The whole thing was starting a fire in her she could not control. With every one of the beast’s banging thrusts the flames from within burned hotter. The hot cum and mere size just added to it. She moaned loud, her voice quivering. She couldn’t take it much longer; it was inevitable she was going to cum on his cock. She arched her back to give him more of her. Her lips started to loosen their hold on the enormous shaft as they always do, right before she comes, allowing him deeper yet. At this point the dog grunted hard, my wife’s eyes popped open wide and she gasped for breath as the large knot pressed past her lips, bringing the total to ten inches. The large knot was slowly swallowed into her. She could feel her lips pushing the soft fur on his sheath back exposing what remained of the dog’s shaft. The feeling of her insides contracting around the base squeezing it sent her nerves on end. The dog arched his back high trying in desperation to get every last millimeter of his cock in her. Now the dog’s thrusts were shorter, he didn’t want to pull his knot from her. With each thrust the dog’s balls slapped against her labia, now fully electrified by the powerful animal. The base of the cock started to grow rapidly after it entered her. The knot pressed on her labia from the inside, which made her orgasm start to come even harder. In disbelief I watched the knot grow in her. It spread her lips an inch or two as it ballooned in her.

She could feel the ball growing inside of her, pushing her inner lips in and out as the dog pounded into her. Soon the knot was lodged right past her inner lips. As the dog pushed in and out of her, the knot pulled at her inner walls, pulling her lips out and in. As soon as the knot sealed her hole the dog pushed hard into my wife, sending her reeling into her orgasm. The dog wined as he exploded. Waves of hot cum sprayed deep into her womb. The dog was cuming a quart into her willing body. The dog’s cock rammed into her cervix. His balls contracted as he filled her. The pressure from his molten cum building in her made her vaginal muscles milk his shaft as they went into spasm. The orgasm sent drips of sweat down her back, and across her forehead. She bucked uncontrollably into the massive shaft, crying out as she came to the point of explosion. Her head swirled as the dog filled her, his cock now pushed deeper into her then anyone had been before. The hot seed made her howl as it flowed though her insides. She writhed and bucked un controllably as her orgasm took over her whole body. The look on her face was one of pure pleasure.

The eruption that was happening in her vigina had taken over every part of her. At this point I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. My wife was bucking uncontrollably as hard as she could to get the dog buried in her deeper yet. The Doberman humped hard, his cock rammed into my wife all the way to his balls. A scream came out of my wife that could have woke the dead as she her orgasm came to a peek. A stream of cum was leaking form the tight seal between my wife and the knot, running down her leg. My wife reached out and grasped my thigh. At that moment I couldn’t take the sight any more. My balls contracted as I had a massive orgasm from the sight laid out before me. Finally he came to rest. The dog now still, rested on my wife’s back. His cock lodged in my wife, her hips still pulsing against the giant dog shaft to the rhythm of her slowing orgasm. He dismounted his lover only to be stuck ass to ass. My wife collapsed, her ass in the air hanging by the dog cock. I lay beside my wife and told her how awesome she was and how erotic it was to see her satisfied that way.

After a wile the dog’s cock shrunk enough to fall from my wife’s love nest. The dog cleaned the cum that seeped from my wife’s lips as I held her and pressed my lips to her’s in a passionate kiss. We spent the rest of the night talking about what all had happened.

Before all of this I had always wanted to see my wife cum from anything but me. I wanted her to masturbate for me, but she couldn’t loose it from her own touch. I had tried to bring her off with sex toys. They got her hot but wouldn’t finish the job. Oral sex worked, but that was still a part of me. The thought of a man other than me fucking my wife was very erotic. I know after it was done I would want to kill him and would be afraid that my wife would fall for him. The one thing I couldn’t handle is loosing her. She means the world to me. So that is why I thought that the fantasy of her making love to a dog was so perfect. It is so primal and sexual that it drives me wild. Dogs just thrust so hard and fast. On top of it all, the partner can’t run off with my wife, tell our friends, or get jealous. We had talked about a horse, but it seemed like she would have to do it to a horse and not be done by it.