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A Girl And Her Donkey

Every woman has heard "hung like a horse". Thats why she would never turn down the opportunity to see if a donkey really has a big cock. A couple went to Mexico. They had heard of The DONKEY SHOW and they wanted to see for themselves whether it was true that a girl could fuck a donkey. They asked several men that approached them in the street. They were misdirected by many, but they finally found the place.

It was dark and the show was just beginning. They were shown to a seat, and ordered tequilla and lemon. A donkey was led to the stage as the lights were dimmed and the stage lights were brightened. A beautiful Oriental girl with long black hair and a Mexican girl of perhaps 18 yrs. walked out to stage and spoke softly to the donkey. They were bright eyed and obviously looking forward to this moment. One walked to the donkey's head and talked to him while the other went to his belly in search of donkey dick. It slowly came out as she stroked it.

Soon it was fully extended, but not hard. She took it in her hands and stroked more quickley and it grew to about 14 inches. She put her head down to it and extended her tongue to the tip. It was salty with drops of donkey cum. She took as much in her mouth as she could, but more cum was leaking from the end of his dick.

A table was brought to the stage for the girls to lay on. She took his dick and worked it into her pussy. The donkey's dick began to get hard and thickened noticeably. As it swelled she cried with joy, this is what she looked forward to. She pulled and pushed the huge cock in and out of her sopping pussy. The donkey was beginning to cum and her cunt made noises as the cum began to squirt.

The other girl pulled the donkey cock out of her and put the end in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but choked up much of it for the audience. The other girl gathered up the donkey's cock in her hands and let him finish in her mouth. When the donkey finally finished and his cock began its retreat, she looked at the crowd, who were cheering. She let a huge gob of cum run down her chin to her tits.

The couple had seen for themselves that this was not a legend but a real live occurrence. Women really did want to be fucked by someone "hung like a horse". They returned home but he knew she had to have someone BIG. He found an ad in an adult newspaper advertising for anyone interested in animal sex.

He answered the ad and received a reply in a few weeks. Pictures sent with the reply verified these people had a trained pony. They drove to the farm where they hoped to take photos of his wife being fucked by the pony. The pony was there and so was a donkey. They were both well trained, as she would find out later. The owner said this was the 20th or 30th time his animals had fucked women.

She approached the pony with caution but he developed a hardon as soon as she got close. He became very still as soon as she crouched down to see his mammoth cock. She reached out to touch it. It was warm and hard. She smiled at her husband who was video taping the whole scene. So was the owner of the pony. She put the end of his mammoth cock next to her lips, smiled at her husband, and slipped it into her mouth. The pony felt her warm mouth on his cock and began humping slowly. She stopped because she felt as though he was going to cum and she didn't want him to yet.

They moved a small padded bench over and she lay back on it. Both men helped her scoot down to where she could get the pony's dick into her hot pussy. She guided the head to her dripping cunt and slid in just the head. The pony humped and about 8 inches glided into her sopping cunt. She was in heaven with that huge cock buried in her pussy. Both men were snapping pictures and video taping the whole affair. Soon it was unavoidable.

The pony began lurching and she held the shaft of his great cock so it wouldn't hurt her. Huge gobs of cum sprayed from her cunt. Her pussy made sloppy sucking noises and the pony prick pounded her pussy. Giant plops of cum fell to the floor. She began to cum and after reaching an orgasm, she pulled the still huge but limp pony dick out of her steamy pussy. It popped out and hung there still dripping. She took the end of it and put it in her mouth sucking the remaining pony jism on her lips.

She was ecstatic.She just fucked her first horse. The farmer had a surprise. He asked,"Did you really cum in the stall with the pony?" She said that at first she was concerned he might hurt her but later she came a little. The farmer said that he had a donkey and that the donkey had been trained to fuck women as well. They had film, a woman,and an eager donkey. He was brought into the stall where the small bench was and led the pony out.

The donkey knew what this was all about. He became excited immediately. They calmed him and she slowly reached under his belly and grabbed the donkey dick. She said that she was surprised that they didn't smell like barnyard animals. The farmer explained he kept them washed all the time when he was entertaining guests who fuck the animals. She took the end of his donkey prick and put it in her mouth and sucked him for a few minutes. He began to develop a raging hardon. It was brown and white and purple and swollen to the limit. It had a huge head on it and cum was beginning to leak in small spurts. She took them on the tip of her tongue, then pulled away so longs strings of donkey cum extended from her horny lips. Video closeups were taken and photos were snapped so everone could see this action again and again. She quickly put the donkey dick back in her mouth and tried to take as much as she could down her throat. She sucked at the donkey's cock until she was so horny she asked breathlessly for the bench so she could fuck the donkey.

They helped her position her cunt near the donkey's prick and took it in the middle of it's 15" length. She pushed it against the opening of her vagina and pushed slowly. The head, as swollen as it was, popped into her gaping hole. She fucked the cock in and out of her hot slot. The donkey began pumping in and out. Her husband wanted her to take her hands off the donkey's dick and let him fuck her for the camera. She did but the donkey tried to get his whole dick up her. She had to take it in her hands again to control the depth of his fucking.

Soon she began to feel the warmth of cum leaking from her hole and running down the crack of her ass. She didn't want it to be over yet but knew there would be another day. She knew she was being fucked by a donkey and the thought alone made her begin to cum as well. Soon large gobs of donkey cum were plopping to the floor and running down her legs to the bench where she lay. The crack of her ass was in a puddle of donkey cum. She cried out as reached her orgasm and the donkey brayed as he came by the bucket. She laid there for a moment then slowly pulled the still dripping donkey cock from her open cunt. They moved for close ups while the donkey wandered away. Cum ran slowly out, trickling down her legs and butt. This was a day to remember.

This went on for days. Often when her husband woke up he'd find her in the stall with the donkey. She got the donkey to where he would fuck her slowly and in short strokes. She sometimes would stop before the donkey could cum and take the huge cock in her mouth. When he started to cum she would put just the tip of his cock in. He would fuck her mouth and the cum would overflow her lips. Huge spurts plopped on her face and tits. She tried swallowing some and it tasted no different then her husband's. She greedily sucked the end of the donkey's dick as more cum dripped from the end. She sucked the cum back into her mouth. Her husband wanted to fuck her too. She sucked both him and the donkey until he came in her mouth. She told him she could taste no difference except the donkey's cum was hotter.

As time went by they had to leave but this story will continue. They decided to move to a farm a buy a donkey for themselves. She was beginning to wonder if they could train a horse.

Time had gone by and the woman and her husband finally moved to the country. She needed donkeys to satisfy her animal needs. She acquired several donkeys and ponys and even a few horses. They called it a breeding stable but it was a breeding stable of a different kind because she liked to breed with the donkeys herself. She and her husband were quite turned with having sex with ponies, donkeys and horses. They had seen the legendary pony girls of Mexico and ever since they had been filming her with donkeys. She found a person advertising for someone to have sex with his donkeys at a farm and they'd been there there for months filming her fucking the donkeys. Now she had her own farm.

She loved to get the donkey excited then play with his big dick for hours. She put the end of the huge cock in her mouth and sucked all the while her husband filmed the events so they could watch them later. He would then fuck her himself. He took to fucking her in the ass while she fistfucked herself since his dick was no match for the donkey dicks she had become accustomed to. Her pussy was stretched to the max.

One advantage to having more than one donkey was that she could suck one to completion and still have another to fuck moments later. When one was about to come she would tell her husband and he would zoom in for a close up of the cum cascading out of her mouth, down her chin, and dropping to her tits in big globs. Then when she was done she would lead the next donkey into the stall and get him excited. Then her husband moved a little padded bench over for her to lay on so she could position the donkey dick at her waiting cunt. She was sopping wet with excitement now and easily put the end of the 18" cock in her gaping pussy. She would rock back and forth on the pulsing donkey hardon pulling and tugging it in and out,trying to take it all. It was too long of course but not too thick. She was beginning to dream of fucking a full size horse while she fucked the donkey.

The thought really excited her until she finally came with a rush but the donkey had not cum yet. She hunched furiously on the donkey dick until he began humping back. Soon cum was pouring out of her pussy as the huge dick made sucking noises as it drove deeper into her cunt. Cum was run-ning down her legs and butt and falling to the floor creating a puddle of donkey cum. She decided then and there she was going to train her new colt how to fuck women.

Having fucked so many donkeys, she began traing the colt by reaching under his belly and stroking his cock.In a few weeks the colt began to catch on by getting a hardon whenever she approached. She began sucking his cock and because he was so young he would begin to cum right away.She always collected the cum in a large jar and froze it. Month after month, and each time she would collect the horse cum in the large jar. Soon she had about 45 of this jars full of frozen horse cum. She thawed it all out one day and poured it into her bathtub and took a real cum bath.

As time went buy the horse became an expert fucking machine. She was in heaven since she had found that as he got older, his cock got larger and larger as he changed from colt to stallion. Her husband had produced hundreds of tapes with her and the donkeys and now she started a new series of horse fucking videos.

She trembled with excitement when she saw the hardon of this large stallion slowly reaching it's full extension and begin to slap his belly. It was nearly 24"long and hung brown, white, purple and black between his legs. She couldn't get the end in her mouth without really working at it. She would suck the end and push until it slid into her mouth. After she got so hot she was uncontrollable. She manuvered her soaking cunt next to the massive horse dick and pushed it into her pussy. The horse began bucking violently but she held it firm in both hands as she guided more and more into her waiting slot. Soon about 10" was sliding in and out and she pulled and pushed on the huge horse dick until she came and came again. Her husband zoomed in close for a good shot of horse cock attacking his wife's gaping pussy. The horse cock was now about 5" in diameter and she was stretched to the limit and her husband was glad that she finnaly found a way of filling the hole that was stretched by horse and donkey lovers.

Since the horse had been trained for so long he could now fuck her slowly until she fucked his dick so hard that he finnaly began to cum. He could now completely fill one of the large jars. Horse cum ran out of her pussy blowing by his imbedded cock and flying out of the womans pussy splashing her legs,ass,and the floor. Much of it landed on the husband's video camera since he was so close filming close ups. Cum ran down the lens and this later was a treat since they would play it back in slow motion.

Time went by and they bought more horses so she could fuck more than one a day. Sometimes the husband got in on the act helping to push more of the horse's cock up his wife's large hole.He would pump it in and out of the horse sized cunt his wife now had. He would sometimes hold the jars to collect the excess cum in so he could film his wife pouring it slowly into her mouth and remembering again and again how she fucked the horse. The story will continue as she now wondered perhaps she could start a private zoo. Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my....