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Drugged For Dogs And Horses

The last thing I remember was closing and locking the back door at home. It was Friday night just after 4:30 pm on a dark winter night and I was alone. Before I could turn around, somebody grabbed me from behind and put something over my mouth and nose, I couldn't even scream as I smelled something sweet and sharp then I felt a tingling, a shuddering in my head which seemed to want to explode then everything went black. When I awoke I could tell that I was in a vehicle driving somewhere. I had a blindfold on and a gag in my mouth. I tried to move but was held down by a collar around my neck. I began to cry, not knowing what was happening to me.

I don't know how long we drove, But I think we were on a dirt road cause it was really rough. When we finally stopped I was taken out of the van by the collar which had a chain hooked to it. What do you want with me I tried to say, but with the gag in my mouth it was just a mumble. I was pulled by the collar then told to kneel down. "You is sure one fine white bitch" I heard a deep voice say. "Lucifer is surely going to like that tight white pussy you got. And them are some awful nice titties you got too". I then felt a big hand squeeze my right breast and I tried to pull away.

"Whack" I was hit on the back of my head really hard, and I started to cry. " You don't be pulling away when I wants to feel deem titties you hears" I shook my head yes. Then I heard him walk away and then a door close, I tried to take off the blindfold and gag but they were locked on. I started to cry again what's going to happen to my I wondered!!! In a few minutes I heard him come back into the room. He came over to me and unlocked the blindfold and gag pulling them off so I could see him for the first time.

"Oh my god" here was this huge black man standing in front of me. He must have been almost 7 feet tall and all muscles, he was wearing a leather mask and gladiator suit that had the front of the shorts cut out so that his cock could hang out!! It was as huge as he was and jet black, it must have been at least 8 inchs long and it wasn't even hard yet. " You likes what you sees girly?" he said I couldn't talk I just starred at it. The only other cock I've ever seen was my boyfriends' and it wasn't even half the size when it was hard!!

He stepped foward so that it was only a foot in front of my face and grabbed it and lifted it up, I could see a drop of fluid on the end of it. " Oh yah you likes it I can tells" he said " You ever sees a cock like dis before" I just shook my head no without saying a word. He then grabbed me by the back of my head with his big hand and pulled my face to his cock, with his other hand he wiped the drop of fluid over my lips and told me to taste it. I shook my head no. " Taste it if you knows what's good fo you" he said. He then pulled my hair back really hard a I was forced too open my mouth, at the same time he put the head of his cock into my mouth. "AAugghhh" I muffled around his cock as he stroked it into my mouth, it tasted salty, then he pulled it out and rubbed it all over my face. I had tears streaming down my face. " OH Gross" I wiped my mouth. " Haven't you never sucked no cocks before girly" he asked. No I answered. " I ain't ever sucked any cock yet." "How old is you girly." "I just turned 14" I answered. "And you never sucked cock yet? You ever been fucked?" He asked. "No I'm still a virgin" I said. "No, Well Lucifer is really going to fix that for you he said."

He then walked over to a table and got something. When he came back he was holding a needle that was filled with a blue liquid. "Bend over" he told me. "No please don't I'll be good" I told him. He grabbed the chain around my neck and pulled me over till I was bent over. " Oooowweeeee" I screamed as I felt the sting of the needle as he stuck me in my butt. He then started to rub my butt were he stuck me and it started to get warm and tingly. Soon the warm and tingly feeling spread all over my body. "How you feeling now" he asked. I FFFeeeellll GGGrreeaattt!!! I said. " Oh yes I bet you does" he said. He then took the chain off of the collar around my neck then told me to get deem cloths off. I didn't even hesitate I pulled off my shirt and bra then my skirt and thong all the time he watched me. What ever he gave me made everything seem all right. I really felt good better than I'd ever felt before. "WOW you sure got one fine body girly," he said. And I could feel myself blush.

"I think it's time for you to meet Lucifer," he said "you seems to be ready now. But first comes here and kneel down and lets see." I moved over to him without resistance and kneeled in front of him. "Dat's good now open you mouth and suck my cock" he said. As he put his huge cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in and started to suck it!! "Oh dats it baby, yo gonna be a real good cocksucker soon wit some teaching" He let me suck it for a couple of minutes till it got really hard then he pulled it out of my mouth with a popping sound. " Dats 12 inches of hard black cock baby, someday you might be able to take it all. Now it's time fo you to meets Lucifer." And he took me into another room. He then left me alone for a couple of minutes and all I could think of was his huge black cock!!!

"This is Lucifer," I heard him say as he came back into the room. Lucifer was a dog, but not just any dog he was a huge Doberman. He must be at least 3 feet tall at the shoulder and very muscular, as he got closer I could see he had a very large red cock hanging below his belly. Lucifer came over to me and put his head right between my legs and started too lick my pussy!!! " Oh that feels sssooo gooood" I moaned. " You likes dat don't yah girly" "Oh yes it feels so good," I said as I spread my legs wide for Lucifer's hot wet tongue.

It felt better than anything I've ever felt before. Lucifer licked my pussy till I was about to cum then he stopped. "Oh please don't stop" I cried. I opened my eyes and Lucifer was sitting there, "Why did he stop?" I asked " Cause he wants you to do him now" I looked down and saw his big red cock was really hard and dripping precum. I don't know why but I wanted to suck it!!! So I slid to the floor and took a hold of it. It was hot and slick, and it felt really good in my hand!! I started to stroke it and more precum leaked out making it really wet.

"Suck that cock you know you want it" I did I really wanted to suck Lucifer's cock, so I bent over and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. It tastes good really good better than his masters. As I started to suck it more precum leaked out and I had too swallow often. "That's right girly suck Lucifer's cock till he shoots you a big old load of cum and make sure you swallow all of it too!" I was sucking Lucifer's cock like it was my last meal, I really liked having a hard wet cock in my mouth it felt so good. I continued to suck Lucifer's cock when I heard him start to growl deep in his throat, and then he started to hump my face. I knew he was getting ready to cum so I sucked his cock like a mad women. His cock seemed to grow even more then I felt the first blast of his hot cum shoot right down my throat. I pulled back so I could taste his hot cum, I loved the salty sweet way it tasted and felt as it slid down my throat! I was swallowing as fast as I could so as not too lose any but there was too much and some leaked out the corners of my mouth. I sucked Lucifer's cock till he pulled it out of my mouth and walked away.

" Oh yes you really likes to suck Lucifer's cock don't cha girly" "Oh yes it was really great and it tasted so good" I said "Can I do it again sometime?" I asked. "Can you do it again? Not only will you suck his cock some more you gonna learns to fuck dat big cock too!" In a few minutes Lucifer was ready for more of his new bitch, And he came over and stared to lick my pussy again. He then mounted me and started to hump at my pussy but he kept missing and sliding up over my ass. His master came over and pushed down on my ass and Lucifer found my pussy and pushed in hard right thru my cherry, "Oh it hurts" I cried, as Lucifer sunk about 3 inches of his big cock into my tight pussy. He then pulled back and slammed forward this time sinking another 3 inches in. As he began to fuck in and out of my pussy it started to feel better and better, soon I was fucking back at Lucifer trying to get more of his big cock into me. I could feel the tip of his cock banging into my cervix, and I looked between my legs to see about 8 inches of Lucifer's' cock in me, all but that big ball at the base of his cock. He kept trying to get it in but I was still too tight.

"Here suck dis I heard Big Black say" and I looked up and he was standing in front of me with his cock in his hand. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock right in so I could suck him while Lucifer fucked me. I loved the feeling of Lucifer's fat 8 inches fucking my pussy while I sucked Big Black's 12-inch cock. I must have sucked and fucked them for an hour, In that time I must have cum 20 times and learned to take Big Black's cock down my throat!!! It was incredible having 12 inches of hard cock down my throat I loved the feeling it gave me. We continued to fuck and suck till we all came together in an explosive orgasm. I noticed that the warm tingly feeling was gone from my body now, but I was feeling very weary and dreamy, as if I was not really awake. Blacky took me by the arm and put me in a bed in the cellar and I slept.

I awoke wondering where I was. The door opened shortly afterwards, I guess that Blacky had been watching me as the low power electric bulb had been on all night. He took me to the bathroom, then to a kind of kitchen where I was given cereals and milk. He then led me to the upper room which I realised was actually a stable. I tried to look out of the window and he said "You can look all you want baby we're miles from anyone else. I rented this for the summer, and it's totally isolated and deserted."

He then asked me if I remembered the night before. I had a vague memory of having sex and repeated orgasms. He recognised my hesitation and said, "Yes babe you fucked the dog, but you've not tried the biggest dog or the knot!"

I gasped "No Please no!" and he just shrugged and said "You're gonna get it but real good, and I'm going to turn you into a milker"

I did not understand what he meant, but shrank back when he went to the cupboard and got out a hypodermic which he proceeded to fill. He grinned at my discomfort and said "Hey babe this won't loosen you up, this is for those pert titties of yours," I want them a lot bigger, fatter, and full. This stuff is what we give to the cows to increase their milk yield, and this amount" he said, holding up the large hypodermic, "Will ensure it for you, it's more than twice what we would give a cow so I'm adding some local anaesthetic and a skin elasticiser so you will fill and stretch as you begin to lactate."

I tried to move away but there was nowhere to go. He grabbed me and tied me quickly to a chair then ripped off my blouse and my bra — "You wont be needing them any more" he chuckled, "They will never fit again" Then, "these are quite nice" he said holding my breasts and rubbing my nipples.

I have always had sensitive and puffy erect nipples, in fact it had been an embarrassment ever since I was about nine years old, having pert puffy nipples on my little pert nubbins of breasts, and now at fourteen I was about to find out what it was like to have bigger breasts too.

He held my left breast lifting the nipple slightly and I felt a slight sharp pinprick underneath then he paused. I began to realise that he was pressing the plunger on the needle but all I felt was a first tingle. He stepped back and I thought he had finished but he had left the needle in my breast! Slowly as the liquid diffused into my breast the site of the pinprick, and all sensation seemed to disappear I could feel the weight of my breast and a gentle warmth, nothing more. He took hold of my breast again, and whilst I could sense the touch of his fingers, all I could really feel was the weight of my breast. I sensed rather than felt the needle going in much further to the full depth of about three inches and I realised he was pulling on my nipple stretching it out from my body. Then the warmth seemed to spread into my whole breast. I could see that the volume of liquid was itself beginning to make my breast stretch and my nipple become much more puffy and stand out. At last he stopped and slowly pulled the needle out, all the time gently massaging the area that he had pushed the needle into. I was horrified he had put all the liquid into my left breast and it felt as if it was getting heavier. My nipple was extremely puffy sticking out more and more by the second. He walked over to the cupboard again and refilled the needle saying- "Have to get this one right, wouldn't do to have you lopsided would it!"

I couldn't move and he came back and quite gently repeated the injection into the other breast, then untied my bonds and left me in the chair, locking the door as he went out.

My breasts felt heavy and numb but not exactly unpleasant. My areolas went very erect, becoming puffier by the minute, the swelling seemed to be directly behind my nipples and also deep within my breasts. After what I guessed was about an hour he came back and examined me. I just didn't resist, in fact I almost found the breast "massage" pleasant. My boobs were by this time feeling very full and swollen, but were not drooping. They seemed to be very firm and pert but much bigger. He said "That is working better than expected, I don't think you will find it unpleasant from now on" and went back to the cupboard and filled another hypodermic.

I shrank away but he said, "No more in the tits, baby. This will help you relax" and quickly jabbed it into my butt. I felt a quick sting then pressure as he injected me and almost immediately I just felt dreamy and happy, quite contented.

"Good isn't it? He asked and I just mumbled "Yes" quietly and nodded, he then led me to the upper room and sat me on a couch. Everything seemed very dreamy and he fondled my boobs and gently sucked my nipples. I didn't resist at all, and again I found it quite pleasant. He then produced a small clear plastic tube, about the size of the syringe, it was attached to a sort of pump with a short length of tubing. He pushed it against my clitoris, saying "This will get you going babe" and switched on a the pump. I watched as my clit was sucked gently into the clear tube so that it swelled into a huge erect state. Then because of the relaxant I just leaned back and let time pass. After about twenty minutes he came in with another hypodermic, gently removed the tube and stuck the needle into my clit, gently pumping the contents in. I just watched dreamily fascinated as my clit went sort of numb and seemed to swell. He then injected my cunt lips until they swelled also then left again.

It must have been about an hour and a half later when he gently shook me and instantly I became awake. My breasts were huge, they stuck out from my body like a wet nurses. My nipples were very erect and my areola enormously puffy. When I tried to stand up it took a few seconds to get used to the jutting weight of my expanded chest, my centre of gravity had changed. "That has worked really well", he said, "Lets see if this does too" and he came towards me with a blue filled needle. I tried to escape but there was nowhere to go and he quickly stabbed my butt. I felt the familiar tingle and he asked me "Are you ready yet? I was determined not to give in this time. He just watched me and waited, after about five minutes he went out of the room and came back with a huge dog. He bent down and reached under the dog and began to jack it off saying, - "Just say when you are ready, you will be ready soon!" The dog was really huge and it's dick was at least 3 inches diameter and about 10 inches long getting fatter towards the middle then tapering slightly smaller to the base. The dog was patient but aroused. Its dick was peeping redly through the fur as it became more erect. He stopped jacking the dog and reached into his shirt pocket for another hypodermic, quite a small one.

"Don't let the size of this shot fool you baby" he said, taking the safety shield off the needle, "This will keep him hard for about seven hours then he'll fuck you insensible and you'll orgasm so many time you'll want more tomorrow!" then he quickly emptied it into the base of the dogs penis. I was trembling as the dogs dick began to throb and swell up, dripping onto the floor with pre-cum. I was terrified; it would split me in half!

He asked me again "Are you feeling ready yet? You will soon" as he reached into the cupboard and took out nipple cups like on a milking machine, with a nest of little tubes running from them. It was then that I realised that my breasts ached to be milked. My pussy was wet and the lips were becoming quite prominently swollen, and he laughed as he brushed his fingers down my pubes making me shudder. "You're nearly there girly" he said, "just another couple of minutes then you'll volunteer for Fury here."

I was determined not to succumb but my pussy was getting more swollen and wet by the minute. I just could not understand it. Last night the drug made me give in, but today I didn't want it but my pussy was beginning to feel as if IT did! My clit was swollen and standing outside my inner lips which were swollen and protruding. Blacky fingered me again and then sniffed his fingers, "You're nearly ready" he said. "Another couple of minutes and we'll see you kneeling for Fury" I just looked at him and begged "Please don't make me, I don't want to do it again." "You'll want to, believe me, look here, you're all swollen up, ready to pop and Fury can smell it!" I was horrified but aware that my pussy was hot, swollen and dripping. I had been a virgin the day before and now both my nipples and pussy were swelling up at the thought of being fucked again by a dog even though I did not want it to happen!

Blacky grabbed my breasts and gently massaged the areola and nipples; I felt a warm surge course through me my nipples just ached to be milked. Then he bent and sucked on my left nipple, taking the whole areola in and sucking longer & harder than I could imagine. He squeezed my breast and I felt a kind of electric shock, a release from my nipple. He grinned up at me, showing me his mouth and my incredibly puffed up and swollen nipple he said "Look here I got milk!" I was astounded his mouth was about a quarter full and my nipple was beginning to leak. "Oh no!" I said "That can't be?" but it was, the injections had worked and I was producing milk from my heavily engorged breasts. He stroked and squeezed making the milk flow. Fury got scent of the milk and came and lapped at his wet hand, all the time his prick was throbbing and dripping, massively erect and swollen as if to remind me what was in store for me. Blacky then rubbed my pussy lips with the back of his hand several times, it was like an electric shock, I groaned and shuddered, "AAH!" an involuntary moan left my lips. "See," Blacky said, "You're nearly there aren't you?" I shook my head but knew I was doomed to be fucked unconscious by the dog.

Blacky forced me to my knees and quite gently pushed the milkers suction cups over my nipples. They were quite large and took all of my puffy areola in as well as the nipples, which began to pulse gently when he went across the room and switched the pump on. "The more we suck, the more milk you'll produce." Said Blacky, as if by way of explanation he hefted both my breasts in his hands and squeezed them, I felt a sudden rush of excitement and my pussy seemed to spasm as I watched my milk streaming gently from the nipple cups into the collecting vessel.

I was enjoying being milked, and had a wanting feeling in my pussy, I wanted it filled now, the lips were swollen and felt wonderfully full and slightly numbed, I still didn't want to be fucked by the dog, but I wanted to be satisfied. I was soaking wet my pussy dripping on the floor.

Blacky saw this and brought Fury over to me, the dog sniffed at my rear and I could see his huge dick just throbbing, asking to be grasped. I was ready and said to "Blacky please, let me have him." "Hey now" he said, "not so quick I want you to beg for it." And went out of the room coming back shortly afterwards with a video camera on a tripod — he was going to film me with the dog, Fury!

"Noo" I said, "please don't film me" but I knew it was wasted as he set up the camera with a smirk. Then he said "When you're good and ready just look at the camera and ask for the dog!" I tried to resist as the camera filmed me. I found myself cradling my massively swollen breasts as I was steadily milked; I was going into a sort of trance enjoying the feeling as my sensitive swollen young breasts were milked for the first time, and by a machine. I was only just fourteen, I had lost my virginity to a dog only the day before and now I was going to ask to be fucked senseless by a bigger dog. I then reached out and held the dogs' huge heavy dick. It was slightly wet and sticky with precum lubrication. I wanted it now I couldn't help myself and just said "Put it in me, please."

Blacky laughed and said "Ask nicely in front of the camera", I was lost, I had no resistance I just looked at the camera and said "Quickly, put the dog on me let him fuck me senseless" and then "Oh God let me have him, I need it so bad." I was lost in a whirl of lust and need.

Blacky came behind me with the dog and said, "If you want it babe, you know what to do!" so looking at the camera I pulled the dogs' massive dick to my swollen lips and said "Fuck me good, Fury. I want you to pound my pussy to pulp"

The dog came behind me putting its paws on my back. I noticed then that its' paws were wrapped in thick socks so it would not scratch me, and it grabbed me round my waist quite tightly humping at me frantically. I could feel its' dick; bumping my thighs, my bum, and my pussy, but he was not making proper contact. My pussy lips seemed to swell even more as he bumped them, but he was not in the right place so I lifted my ass slightly till he kept bumping my pussy. Then I gently grasped his slimy dick and as I tried to guide it to me I marvelled at the width — I COULDN'T GET MY WHOLE HAND AROUND IT! I wondered how it could ever possibly fit inside me?

Then it parted my lower lips and began to enter, first only about an inch, spreading me wide. He kept humping and it gradually worked inside, I screamed "No, I've changed my mind, I don't want to do it, It's far to big it will split me" but Blacky just fondled my tits and said "Give it chance babe, you'll go for it in a minute"

I began to feel a warmth, a feeling of swelling in my stretched pussy, then I felt a building of tingling feelings as I became wetter. The dogs' dick went further inside me and stretched me more. No more could go in surely.

I reached down to my stretched pussy lips and felt how swollen & numb they were, my clit was immensely erect and swollen too, then it happened I felt a rush building up, an immense tingling rushing feeling and I growled in my throat. "Oh yes, push into me, MORE, MORE!"

Blacky grinned at me. "It's got to you now baby push back at him" and I did taking the dogs knob fully into me right past the middle where it began to get thinner towards the knot as I had an immense orgasm. Over and over I orgasmed, shouting at the camera "This is what I want, a dogs knob, all of it." Then "More, More, More till I faint, Fuck me insensible please, don't stop, and fuck me till I pass out." My orgasms continued as one long indescribably pleasant ecstatic burst, a starburst of never ending pleasure.

At some time after about an hour of fucking Blacky came to me with a glass vial, which he held under my nose saying "This popper will help you, it will really do the trick so you can take the knot. Breath deep when I say — NOW"

He then cracked the vial and I sniffed in deeply. At first I only smelled a slight acrid smell, then my head seemed to swell with a feeling of my pussy exploding and swelling massively I just pushed back at Fury the dog as he relentlessly continued to pound at my pussy. I felt a sort of snapping feeling as my cunt lips parted further and after two more thrusts by me I felt a popping feeling and my pussy lips felt stretched immensely as the whole knot passed into me. Gradually Fury slowed down and stopped. I didn't want him to, and kept jerking back at him I felt incredibly stretched but I wanted it. Then I felt something else, he was swelling even more! I thought I couldn't take any more but Blacky held the vial to my nose again and said "Sniff in deep baby" I did as I was told and felt my pussy lips tighten holding the dogs dick even tighter inside me. Fury yelped and I could feel him coming! Spurting his thin stream inside me, I just wanted him to fertilize me I wanted his puppies. I was in a sexual haze of wanting.

After a short time I felt Fury start humping again, but this time I had him all inside me and his knot stayed inside me as his dick which seemed to be about 6 inches around fucked in and out of me; the shaft seemed to pass through the knot with the knot sliding up and down his shaft whilst it was stuck inside me giving me tremendous pleasure as it tried to stretch my lips which seemed to be swelling more to stop him and his semen from getting out. He was literally pumping me up! The end of his doggy dick was bumping into my cervix trying to part it and enter my womb!

Blacky just said "This is gonna be one great video to send to your Momma!" But I didn't care what he said I was cumming again totally insane with pleasure, pushing back at the massive dog cock, my vagina stretched but pleasantly filled I wanted to die of orgasms. This went on for what seemed like days, my swollen breasts brushing the carpet adding to my pleasure with Blacky occasionally fondling them and squeezing the milk out into the nipple cups. I seemed to go into a trance of ecstasy pumping back at the dog, experiencing one long continuous orgasm, my swollen breasts rubbing on the carpet adding to the feelings of utter pleasure, as I abandoned myself to the massive pumping dog penis. Time went into a blur and I seemed to watch the milk collector slowly fill, my pussy to pop with tingling stars, my vagina relaxing to let the dog fertilise me as the tip of his dick parted my cervix and pumped my young fourteen year old womb to stretching with semen. All the time my pussy lips were clenching tight to stop him getting out, as he seemed to swell more and more. My whole being was my cunt, spasming wildly, uncontrollably and continuously in one never ending pleasure blast as my womb began to stretch noticeably with the huge load from Fury.

Later I seem to remember being lifted up, everything was a blur, I asked, "Where is he? Why has he stopped? I want that dogs dick, please don't stop." But I could not stand unaided and what seemed like gentle insistent hands led me to my bed where I cradled my massive swollen milk filled tits with one hand and my swollen wet dog sperm filled pussy with the other, and drifted into a pleasure filled sleep.

Many hours later I awoke, I was again in the dimly lit room and didn't know where I was, I didn't really remember anything in fact everything was hazy about the night before. I seemed to remember a strange sexual dream. I tried to get up thinking I was at home and I should get up to go to high school, when I felt my breasts flop and hang swollen in front of me. It was then I remembered vaguely what had happened. I had been injected to make my breasts grow and fill with milk and they were standing out in front of me swollen with milk and the nipples totally puffed up, distended with milk and the suction of the milking pump. I reached down and felt my pussy lips, they were immensely swollen and my vagina seemed quite slack it was leaking white fluid and I realised I was lying in a bed soaked with semen. In fact it was semen constantly leaking out of me.

The Black man I now remembered as "Blacky" came into the room. He said, "You slept well babe. The stuff I gave you to heighten your orgasms worked well, the dog fucked you for twelve hours, then you slept for another eighteen." He fondled my swollen breasts causing them to leak milk, and said "I had time to call your Mom, after I couriered the video to her, she was frightened for you, so I told her to meet me and to bring your twelve year old brother when she pays the ransom or she will never see you again." He brushed my swollen pussy lips, and said "I think she will like what I have in store for you and her brother" My pussy spasmed and I began to cry. I had a little involuntary pleasure thrill when he rubbed my swollen pussy lips but I was frightened, I didn't want to be aroused, I didn't want to be under his control, but I wanted to know what he meant.

"What do you mean?" I asked realising that my pussy was swelling and throbbing in response to his stimulus.

"Just you wait and see" he said "I'm sure your Momma will come to rescue you then we really will see some fun." I waited terrified and then a lot later I heard him go out, then come back about two hours later.

Shortly afterwards he came and fetched me taking me into the stable room where I saw my Mom bound over a padded bench like couch, with her body completely bare her breasts poking upwards and her curly pubic bush showing free. She was gagged and coming round from some kind of tranquilliser. My Young brother was tied and gagged; in a padded chair, he too was naked. I was led over to my Mum and her eyes widened with surprise when she saw my huge pendulous milk engorged tits and my swollen puffy nipples. Blacky fondled and squeezed them gently causing me to squirt milk on my Mom then onto my young brothers prick. My brother couldn't help himself; he began to get a hard on. Blacky laughed and went to the cupboard coming back with the small hypodermic, which he quickly emptied into my brothers' prick. My brother jerked involuntarily as his dick started to swell and jerk. Blacky grabbed my brothers' penis and gently jacked him off saying "He'll be like the dog soon, rock hard and ready to fuck for at least eight hours."

My brother had absolutely no idea what was happening to him, he didn't even know the facts of life. Blacky then got the large hypodermic and without any gentleness rammed it into each of my mothers' tits pumping them full of the hormone milk producer. My mother moaned as he did this and then moaned under the gag even more as he fondled her nipples making them become very erect.

He then led me to my brother and said "Go on jack him off, don't stop he'll like it" I was too frightened to refuse and grasped my brothers swelling dick; gently pulling his foreskin up and down like Blacky had taught me the day he kidnapped me. My brother began to squirm in pleasure so Blacky got another hypodermic and gave him several more shots up and down his penis, saying "That will make it numb and make it swell real good, he'll be like a horse in an hour and we'll get him to fuck his Mom." My Brother sighed and groaned and I could tell he was losing feeling in his swelling dick, as he didn't seem to be roused any more. Blacky took my brothers gag off and told him that shouting would not be any good. Then asked him how he felt? My brother said, "I don't know, I want my Mom, please don't hurt me." Blacky replied, "Don't worry boy you'll get your Mon soon enough, but first we need to promote your penis growth" Then Blacky injected my brothers' penis again with a very large hypodermic. It took about ten shots into the penis shaft in about as many minutes and I could see the shaft swelling with the injections, after which Blacky hooked up a 12 inch rigid plastic tube about 3 inches diameter to the milking machine and slid it over my brothers dick. I watched fascinated as it sucked my brothers dick up into the tube forcing it to swell, pulsing all the time.

Blacky then went to my mother and gave her a small injection in each nipple making them very puffy but numb, following which he milked her swelling tits. My Mum sighed as milk began to seep from her with the stimulus she was receiving. Blacky removed her gag too telling her that shouting was useless and she was going to have to do as she was told. My Mum calmly told him he would never get away with what he was doing and that she would not be his slave. Blacky just laughed and rubbed some cream into my Moms pussy lips then injected her pussy lips in several places making them swell immensely. He then left the room. I went to talk to my brother, but he was lost in a haze of ecstasy, as his hugely swollen penis swelled even more with the throbbing stimulated by the pumping. His dick was about eight inches long and fully filled the diameter of the tube. His mouth was slack and he just seemed "Not with us."

I went to try to free my Mom but could not loosen her bonds, they were very secure but not very tight, he had used special leather straps on Mom and my brother. My Mom & I talked an she learnt the whole story of what had happened to me, including the drugging, the hormone enlargement of my breasts and the tranquillising and incredible long stimulating fuck session I had with the dog. She could see that my pussy was swollen and used. In fact she said that she felt as if her pussy was in the same state even though she had not had sex since my Dad died about eight years before. I had notice that her pussy had swollen massively sticking out obscenely through her pubic hair, even more than mine had the day before, probably because of the injections Blacky had given her in the pussy lips. But as Mom said that her pussy lips were not numbed like mine were I was sure that she would not be having sex with the big dog like I did. I was right in a way!

Blacky re-entered the stable room with a stallion. It was a magnificent beast, which he led to my mother saying, "Meet your lover, this is Midnight he'll really get you off!" My mother gasped, "No never, I'll never do it, I could not take such a size it would kill me" Blacky shook his head "That's where you're dead wrong. Just think about it, if a baby's head can get out then it's a cinch that this horses dick can get in, you just have to get used to the length!"

With that he injected the horses dick and made me jack it off as it swelled up to full size of about eighteen inches. I felt all the feelings of the night before return, I liked the heavy swollen feel of the horses dick in my hand and I was fascinated to know if it really would fit in my Moms cunt and horrified about the prospect too. Blacky took the horse from me and led him to my Mom, rubbing the flared knob end of the penis up and down my Moms slit, saying, "You're not numb but your puffy lips will stretch because of the injection, however your vagina will just have to get used to it." With that he tried to get the horses dick into my Mom who looked terrified.

Blacky then said, "Come on girls help your Mom, suck her tits." I leant over my Moms head my own massive boobs swinging in her face and took her left nipple in my mouth, sucking on it very hard as the horse's dick began to push against her cunt lips. Mom let out a squeal as the flared head began to go in then slipped out again then went in and stayed in. The horse gave a jerk and whinnied pushing about another three inches in. I could see that my Moms pussy was immensely stretched; the horse's dick was at least 3 inches in diameter. The horse continued pounding in and out but not much more seemed to go in until my Mom let out a bit of a growl, at which Blacky said "Its getting to you isn't it?" My Mum didn't answer and the horse kept pounding relentlessly. After about fifteen minutes of this I swapped over and sucked on Moms right nipple, my Moms eyes had by this time rolled right back in her head and she seemed to be in a trance but sort of reacting to each thrust of the horses dick, her cunt lips seemed to be trying to clamp on the horse. Blacky said, "She's ready now" and freed my Mom from her bonds.

Mom made no response not trying to free herself, just letting the horse hump. Blacky gave me a vial telling me to break it under my Moms nose when he said and he got a cloth which he dripped some liquid on, the held it to the horses nose saying "Now, give it to your Mom." As the horse sniffed the scent of a mare in heat he thrust tremendously and I simultaneously broke the vial under my moms nose. The response was incredible. My Mom immediately thrust back at the horse & grasped the shaft of its penis pulling it towards herself and impaling herself even more. The massive horse dick smashed into her vagina, fully ten inches deep and all of four inches diameter. The puffy cunt lips like a massive collar on the neck-like shaft of the penis. The horse continued thrusting with my mother grunting in pleasure for about twenty minutes then Blacky gave me another vial and said "Fix her with this one" I did as I was told and watched my Mom spasm again thrusting her hips at the plunging horse so that about fifteen inches of horse cock went into her then out again and in again over and over again.

Blacky said, "He's passed the cervix, he's in her womb." I could see the bulge in Moms belly grow and subside with the thrusting horses member as the flared head was trapped in her womb, her puffy cunt lips almost touching the base of his shaft with each full thrust.

Blacky then took me to my brother and I could see that his prick was about twelve inches long and nearly 4 inches in diameter as he slid it out of the tube, he then gave my brother several shots in the shaft of his massively enlarged penis to "Fix" the enlargement. This he followed with another large shot into my brothers' scrotum, which made his scrotum swell up as his balls began to grow too, all the time my brother seemed to be docile and dreamy. I was fascinated, my twelve-year-old brother had a huge fat hanging dick that reached past his knees and balls like tennis balls. It hung swaying massively between his legs and my brother just stood there drooling in a stupefied kind of trance gently stroking and jacking himself off, but without any urgency. He just seemed to like the feeling. My Brother was led to my Mom. She was gasping and thrusting at the horse, saying "Yes, yes make me come, make me pregnant if you can, give me a foal of my own." As the horse relentlessly banged away at her cunt, my Mom was lost in a sexual bliss. I was horrified she had not had any drugs, no tranquillisers, and only been given the stimulants after she had started to come. She had taken the popper voluntarily both times I had cracked the vial. I was led to the chair my brother had sat in and hooked up to the milking machine. My brother was led to my Moms bench and he gently forced his massive dick into her mouth, she voluntarily began to suck him off sucking hard as she had difficulty getting his huge red knob end in past her lips.

Blacky filmed my Mom & my brother together with the fucking horse as my Mom cried out with little whelps of pleasure, she was cumming over and over. The Blacky brought in Fury and Lucifer. The dogs both rushed to me and made it quite clear what they wanted, sniffing at me and trying to push me onto my hands & knees. Eventually despite my resistance they succeeded and Lucifer mounted me. I tried to resist again but his erect dick stabbed at me again and again, eventually piercing between my still swollen pussy lips. I grunted as he slid into me and started pounding away, over and over again, whilst Fury stood at my head awaiting his turn with the bitch.

As I looked at my Mom & brother. I saw that my Mom was dreamily sucking at his huge swollen dick whilst the horse still thrust away at her cunt. It was as if she was in dreamland, as if the horse was trying to get his entire body inside her. Her mouth look totally stretched over my brothers' knob end, as if it was so big that it stuck inside her mouth, with the ridge of the knob end caught on the teeth.

I began to pant with Lucifer's pumping, my hands strayed to my breasts and I fondled my nipples as they hardened even more. I didn't want to but I was cumming again!

This went on for about another forty minutes with Lucifer knotting inside me. All the time I was unwillingly forced into orgasm after orgasm. Then Lucifer stopped moving as he pumped his sperm deep inside me again, before his large dick began to shrink and plopped out of my swollen pussy with a jerk. Immediately Fury took his place. First licking my dripping pussy lips then mounting me. I did not want any more, but was just too tired to resist. He easily penetrated my still stretched pussy banging away all the way in until after about 3 minutes I experienced another unwilling orgasm. As I orgasmed I relaxed then clenched my pussy repeatedly. At this Fury renewed his thrusting and his knot popped inside me. As soon as this happened I experienced the most tremendous vaginal stimulation and started to cum again and again whilst his thrusting prick swelled inside me preventing any release.

My Mom was dreamily watching us and just smiled loosely as my brothers dick fell out of her mouth to bang gently against his leg. Blacky immediately gave him a quick stab with the small hypodermic before again slipping the tube over his still semi erect and massive dick, sucking it well inside. He then closed a valve on the tube and removed the suction tube trapping my brothers' penis in the tube under slight constant vacuum before leading my brother from the couch to the chair where he just seemed to fall into a troubled slumber. His cock was gently jerking all the time making the tube bounce gently against his thighs. The horse cock was still servicing my Mom, it was still massively erect and hard under the special hormone injection that Blacky had put into the horses dick. I was not sure, but from the clock on the wall I reckoned that the horse had fucked Mom for about seven hours, forcing her to into cumming constantly from about 10 minutes after first penetration. She was just lost in a sea of forced pleasure, her puffy cunt lips swollen, and her thighs clenching repeatedly around the horses shaft. She was unwilling to resist now and just moved with each thrust sighing with pleasure. I was forced back to reality as Fury gave an immense thrust shooting his final load into me before standing still for about thirty more minutes whilst his massive knob began to shrink then fall out of me.

I was exhausted, as Blacky took me first over to my brother where I was forced into breast-feeding him in front of the camera whilst holding up the transparent plastic tube over his penis so the camera could film the swollen size of his penis and testicles.

The horse gave a final whinny and raised his tail then thrust again one last time into my Mom before he too shrank and fell out of her immense stretched cunt. It was so stretched that before the swollen lips closed up with repeated clenching (as if to catch another huge horse cock!) I could see that I could probably have got both arms inside her up to the wrists. Blacky said, "See I told you, a babies head is bigger than a horse cock! She'll have no trouble with horses from now on, but you will have to be trained to like it next"

Blacky then led me from the room and let me sleep.

The next day the door opened and Blacky again led me out. I didn't struggle, I didn't protest, I was resigned to my fate. Blacky had proved that he had complete control over all of us. He fondled my still swollen and milk-laden breasts as he led me back into the stable, leading me to the chair. I just sat there as he first led in my Mom. Then he brought in my brother still with the transparent tube over his dick. Suddenly I realised that it was a bigger tube, and slightly longer, my brothers dick was swollen immensely it seemed to be about fifteen inches or more like the Horses knob and the red plum end was about five inches in diameter, with his balls hanging massively beneath his groin. Mom just stood there she was also resigned to her fate, she did not protest or resist. My brother just seemed to be in a trance almost like a zombie. Blacky then fondled my Moms tits and made sure she was still lactating before moving over to my brother, releasing the valve on the tube and letting his massive dick slide free.

Blacky then made me rub a cream into my brothers dick before stabbing the base of it with the small needle. As he did this he said, "Lets see if he can stretch your Mum some more in front of the camera." At that he explained that my brother would not feel any pain in his massively stretched dick because, although the swelling was artificially caused it was now virtually permanent because of the constant vacuum over the last three days and the injections given. Also his testicles were improved in their sperm production capacity, so he would be very fertile and able to produce about fifty times more semen than normal for a fully-grown man. My brother at twelve basically had a bigger dick than most horses and was more virile but did not really understand what was going on. He may enjoy the feelings but still did not know the facts of life or what was going on. The cream seemed to have de-sensitised my brother's dick, which Blacky explained would stay hard for at least five hours to allow him to make my Mom pregnant.

On hearing this, my Mom shrank away, but Blacky just led her to the bedroom where he made her lie down before taking me and my brother in to her. He held up a vial and told my Mum "You know what this is don't you?" My Mum meekly nodded her head. He gave her the vial saying "You can use it yourself then." My Mom just lay back on the couch as Blacky gave her a small injection, which he explained would make her ovulate to take my brothers sperm. Mom didn't even resist as my brother was made to kneel over her prone body, his huge knob banging gently against her pussy lips as it throbbed. First my brother did nothing, then, as he became aware of his position and the feelings building within his body her pushed against Mom trying to part her pussy and gain entrance. The massive red knob was slick and wet with his dripping pre-cum and Moms juices but he seemed unable to get it inside, and then it went in about half way massively distending Moms lips, parting the hairs and beginning to enter. At this Blacky just said "Sniff it then bitch, and give him some too." my Mom broke the vial under my brothers nose, then she sniffed it herself. Immediately my brother put both his hands around his prick and tried to thrust. Under the influence of the popper Mom thrust back at him, manically trying to impale herself but it was too big it would not go in!

Blacky made them change places with my Mom kneeling above my brother as he lay on his back on the bed. His dick was standing stiffly and massively up beneath her swollen and slightly gaping pussy. I was sure it would never go in. Blacky came over with the cream which he made me rub on my Moms pussy lips to de-sensitise them, leaving her still with all the full feeling in her vaginal walls and clit, before he held a liquid soaked cloth over her mouth and nose.

After a few seconds my Mum seemed to relax totally, slumping down onto my brothers cock. At first nothing happened, then her cunt lips parted, to slowly accept the massive head which slipped in then stopped, leaving her sitting on top of my brother who was holding the shaft of his dick and thrusting up at her. Almost gently the prick began to slide inside. Mum slowly coming out of the part chloroformed state, looking in horror at the massive prick of her own son which was obviously beginning to stimulate her cunt. When about eight inches had got inside my Mom bent down and started to breast feed my brother, then she rolled them both over so my brother was on top again and she was beneath. All this time Blacky was filming, saying, "The Mexicans will love this, you'll go down a storm with them. I'll easily be able to sell you as a family to the sex circus shows." He then gave my Mom another vial, saying, "Here, share this and you'll enjoy yourselves for about five hours."

My Mom never protested, just taking the vial and snapping it under my brothers nose again before taking a big sniff herself. The effect was immediate, my brother began humping like a maniac opening his mouth and grunting as his dick began to totally invade the pushing pussy beneath him. I watched this scene for the full five hours, noticing that my brother repeatedly ejaculated into Mom, stiffening and thrusting really hard as he did so. Mom never stopped thrusting against him, eventually taking most of his huge dick between her swollen lips into her vagina. She started to orgasm after about four minutes of penetration and then didn't stop. Sperm was leaking out of her onto the bed and the dogs came in to lap it up after about two hours, but I was left to watch as my brother fertilised my Mom and made her pregnant, before he slipped out of her and stood dumbly beside her inert sated body his prick no longer erect but still well over 9 inches long, throbbing gently against his knee. All the time I watched as my moms pussy lips slowly resumed their former swollen closed state trapping the sperm inside her.

I realised that I had not been forced into sex as my Mom and brother were led away to sleep; Whereupon Blacky came in with a pony and gave it a shot to make it erect. Made me kneel on the bed and take the pony. I was terrified, but it entered me fairly easily thrusting forcefully for about four hours and giving me a lot of pleasure as I orgasmed. In fact I was quite disappointed when the drug wore off and the ponies penis softened before slipping out of me, leaving my own cunt to spasm repeatedly whilst the sperm dripped out. Then I was taken to bed.

The next day I was led out to watch my Mom fucking enthusiastically with my brother for several hours on end. I was also repeatedly mated with the dogs and the pony, often enjoying it very quickly and never failing to come repeatedly for about two hours at least. I noticed that my brother soon got the idea and went for my Moms pussy to fuck her as soon as he saw her each day, whilst mom never flinched or tried to stop him, allowing him to enter her quite readily. She too experienced orgasms more and more easily, often kneeling for the stallion, eager to allow it to fuck her as soon as it was brought in. Very soon it as obvious that Mom was pregnant, her belly began to swell and her pussy protruded more, the already puffy cunt lips becoming more pronouncedly swollen and their colour deepening as did her nipples which became permanently erect and swollen.

One day shortly after Moms pregnancy was confirmed by postal sample I was led into the stallion, given a quick relaxing injection and made to lie down on the couch. My pussy lips were briefly wiped with the cream and injected before the stallion just leaned over me and penetrated into my vagina. I was at first concerned that he would split me, but the ponies' attentions had loosened me up considerably. He quickly thrust most of the way into me so I could feel the flared end of his dick bumping my cervix. Blacky wasted no time and broke another vial under my nose as he got my brother to hold a cloth to the horses nose. The flared end just went straight past the obstruction of my tight clenching cervix & into my womb. It made me orgasm immediately and I experienced orgasms just like my Mom had. for about three hours until I past into a dreamy contented state. The horse fucked me for about six hours in total that first time, making me very satisfied. After that I regularly was made to accept all seven of the horses in the stable except for a huge Shire, which had a dick about two feet long.

One day Blacky came in, gave me a shot and led me to my brother who was prepped and ready to mate. My Mother was by this time very pregnant, and was only allowed to have sex with the large dogs; this was to let her be satisfied without much likelihood of harming the baby. She never resisted any more and obviously was totally prepared to have sex with almost any animal.

My Brother had been given a shot in his prick and also in his scrotum, his penis was massively erect, almost seeming about to burst with its' throbbing stiffness. I was led in and made to lie down and given a popper to hold by Blacky who said, "If it won't go in use that."

My brother started to thrust his massive fifteen-inch and four inch wide prick at me, but like when he first had my Mom it parted my pussy lips but would not stretch past them to let the bigger head penetrate my vagina. It began to hurt a bit and I whelped, just saying to Blacky "Please, help me to take it." Blacky just said, "Use the popper." So I broke it and sniffed it all, in three deep sniffs. Just like the first time with the dogs I felt a rush, then my cunt seemed to swell as my brother thrust again and again, deeper as my pussy clenched and opened like a mouth slowly taking all the width. As the wide head went in my pussy snapped closed around it holding my brother tightly as if to hold him inside me permanently. I orgasmed very soon after and lost all track of time, although my Mom who was watching as the dogs fucked her, said I was fucking my brother for about four hours, most of which time I was trying to empty my breasts into his sucking mouth.

The next day I had prolonged sex with my brother again, and this was repeated very day for about a month. It became totally normal, my brother and I wanting the same kind of release, totally enjoying the hedonistic pleasure of incest sex with his immensely enlarged genitals and my massively welcoming cunt. At the end of the month I was pronounced pregnant too and was given a special treat before I was too far gone to have "gross animal sex" as Blacky called it.

My brother, my Mom & I were taken into the stable room and I was given a popper to inhale before lying on the couch. My Mom and my brother were mutually masturbating, my Mom jacking off his enormous penis and him sucking her swollen pregnant milk filled breasts whilst they watched me with interest. Then the shire was brought in. I remember my Mom saying "No, please she's not even fifteen yet" but Blacky just grinned and rubbed my cunt with the cream as I lay dreamily content on the couch, before he gave the shire a shot in its' penis.

The shire quickly became aroused and was brought to me. I was in a dreamy state the popper had been a kind of date rape mixture, with a muscle relaxant. I tried to suck the stiffening flared cock head and then to jack it off in my hands, but my hands would not go round the shaft fully and I kept loosing grip on the massive slick shaft so that the prick kept bumping my chin and my nose as it throbbed to full size. It soon reached full size about four inches diameter and 24 inches long. My Mom giggled dreamily saying, "She'll never get all that in."

Blacky took hold and guided the big shires dick to my cunt. It bumped me once, twice, against the lips then got stuck as it tried to part my lips then it was in past my hugely swollen cunt lips. I had been loosened by all the sex with my brother's massive prick, which was actually wider than the shire! Blacky then passed me a small card with some powdered stuff on it and I sniffed it deep as the shire started to fuck me. I was in ecstasy again my head buzzed and my pussy felt as if it was singing in harmony. I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling as the shire continued to fuck me. I said to the camera "look at me, look at the huge horse fucking me. It's just great, I'm a pregnant fourteen year old being fucked insensible by a shire horse"

For about four hours the Horse reamed me out giving me countless orgasms then he whinnied and shot his massive load into me. Blacky had taken the precaution of putting a collar on the horses' dick shaft so it would not penetrate my cervix and cause an abortion. As a result I had no pain, just a feeling of being stretched to real fullness, and my cunt lips were swollen to a rubbery sensitiveness as he plopped out I said "More, more, please don't stop I'll do anything, anything at all" Blacky just said "It's up to you baby you know where the stuff is"

Hearing this I led my brother to the pumping machine, gave him several shots to numb his prick and fitted the biggest tube I could find over his prick. He very quickly became fully erect as his prick numbly swelled up and he sat down on the chair.

However, this was too slow for me. I wanted more action, and now not later, so I got a small needle and shot a larger than normal load into the base of the shires dick. It soon began to get hard again and throbbed massively beneath it's body, pulsing with power and dripping as before. I grabbed it quickly and began to wank it hard as it swelled even more than before. Then I quickly hopped up onto the mating bench and pulled it to me. He wasted no time and thrust against me quickly getting between my swollen fanny lips straight away. As he entered me, I sniffed up some more of the powder that I had taken from the cupboard. It hit me straight away and I was lost in a haze of pleasure as the shire thrust madly at me, determined to fertilise this randy new mare. I just didn't care I wanted him to make me pregnant; I was lost in lust, forgetting that I was in fact already pregnant. The horse thrust deeper and deeper then I realised I had forgotten the restrictive collar. The Shire banged up to my cervix several times and I didn't care. The powder had done its work well, I wanted him in my womb. Slowly as he pushed I held my cunt lips as wide as I could hoping he would go all the way in. His huge horsy dick was swelling enormously. His flared end was at least as big around as my brothers shaft now, with the penis shaft about four inches and absolutely rock hard. I grunted with pleasure willing him to fill me properly and then he did! First popping past my cervix then out again then further into me through the neck of my womb and into the birth chamber itself. Blacky was astounded when he came back and quickly gave me another relaxant shot to try to ensure that I was really relaxed, so the baby would not be harmed. He needn't have worried; I was enjoying the feeling, orgasming again and again. It was much better than ever before, I was totally filled and loving it as the massive horse punded into me over and over again popping in and out of my womb entrance caused my cervix to repeatedly spasm giving me tremendous orgasms. It was then that Blacky realised what I had done to my brother about three hours before. Three hours? It seemed that I had only had the shire between my thighs and in my womb for two minutes, but the clock told us different.

I looked over at my brother, his dick was now bigger than the shires and he was moaning in a stupefied state. Blacky made him sniff some popper and started to let the vacuum from the tube. Then he obviously thought better of it and closed the valve leaving my brothers dick trapped in the tube, before taking him out of the room to bed. I lost track of time and just let the massive horse cock plough me to ecstasy and on into insensibility.

I don't recall anything from shortly after my brother was taken to his room, and woke up naked and massively stretched in my room the next morning. Blacky had put me to bed about 6AM when the shire finally finished, exhausted after a marathon 10 hours fucking and pumping session. He had pumped gallons of sperm into my insensible but ecstatic body as I lay doped and happy, in an attempt to get me with foal.

I very unsteadily left my room to see my brother being led from the bedroom. His dick was still bigger than the shires. He would make a great attraction in the Mexican sex circuses. Blacky told me that any number of rich American tourist to Mexico would pay good money to see women fucked senseless by a dick that size, especially on a young boy. He was a real sexual freak. Blacky even said that some men would love to see their own wives drugged to a stupor with the date rape drug that made them forget and then fucked by a horse, so some would want to see my brother fuck them, especially as he was so young and might even get them pregnant. He knew some would want to keep videos of the event too!

I wanted to be the first to try him out, and grasped my brothers' dick as it nearly dragged on the ground, wanking it vigorously. Then I led him to the couch and tried to straddle him, all the time trying to breast feed him as I knew that he really got off on that. Slowly with considerable difficulty I got the end in, then rolling us both over, I mad ehim sniff a stimulant and a popper. He went absolutely wild pumping and shagging into me deeper and deeper but he was so wide now he could not get inside my cervix. I was totally sated, and he kept it up nearly all day repeatedly stopping after ejaculating, then returning to enter me again and to force his shaft into me re-impregnating me with massive amounts of sperm and making my pussy and whole body a jelly of ecstasy for about forty minutes at a stretch for seven hours. At last I was satisfied, my pussy was stretched so much I could have easily taken a champagne magnum.

We repeated this until I was too heavily pregnant to do it any more, after which I just had the dogs until Blacky came in one day and said he was taking us to Mexico. He had sold us as a family to a sex circus for $800,000 and there were women who wanted to try him out, with even more rich American men who wanted to see their wives and girlfriend drugged to take him or a horse in front of a camera. I was excited and happy about the prospect, but sorry to say goodbye to Blacky who had made all this possible for out family. We all tearfully said goodbye to Blacky, (the man who had made it possible) as we left. My Mom even sucked him off, and fucked him as a farewell present.

We were totally converted, and ready for our new life of total debauchery and new sex experiences with a new master. So we got into the big Limo sent by the Mexican and settled down to a happy journey, masturbating and fucking each other, on the way to new adventures. But... That is another story!